How to Buy a Treadmill Online in 2023

Finding and buying the best treadmill is a complex task that can seem overwhelming without guidance. The principles, ideas, steps, and tips in this post comprise your complete guide to buying a treadmill online with confidence.  These are the building blocks of a comprehensive personal plan for buying the best treadmill for your body and […]

Best Treadmills for Low Ceilings

Low ceilings? No problem. The odds are, if you’re searching for a good treadmill for low ceilings, your ceiling height is around 7 foot.  Here are a few things that you should know when deciding which treadmill is the best option for your low ceilings, so that you’ll be able to walk, jog, or run […]

3 Best Treadmills for Outdoor Use

Utilizing a home treadmill for outdoor use will give you the perks of exercising outside, while giving you a safe and comfortable place to workout without having to leave your home. Keeping your treadmill outdoors requires a little more preparation and upkeep than keeping it inside your home gym, the benefits can be well worth […]

Top 6 Quiet (Yet Powerful) Treadmills for Upstairs Apartments

How to Wake Up the Healthiest Version of Yourself (Not Your Neighbors) A treadmill is a great option to incorporate exercise, improve your cardiovascular health, and become a fitter version of yourself. However, many things get in the way of us heading to the gym on a daily basis. The weather, busy schedules, kiddos… Whatever […]

Best Heavy-Duty Treadmills for 2023

A heavy-duty treadmill for your home is a big need for a lot of people. Consumers are looking for an option to run indoors for many reasons. Whether it’s due to weather conditions, having to stay home with your kids, work responsibilities, or just the fact that you hate working out in a crowded gym, […]

The 6 Best Treadmills for Cushioning in 2023

Many people are hesitant about using treadmills because of the misconception that they are hard on the joints. A lot of people think that exercising on a treadmill can lead to joint strain, or ankle, shin, and knee pain.  This is not entirely untrue. Yes, a few treadmill machines and brands can aggravate your joints […]

Best Treadmill for Zwift in 2023

What is Zwift? If you’ve never used Zwift before, you’re missing out! Zwift technology is a running game app that is designed to make your workout fun. With Zwift connected to your treadmill, you can do programmed workouts, race against other Zwifters, explore virtual scenic routes, do virtual meetups with your community, all from the comfort […]

Best Flat Treadmill Options in 2023

Less than 25% of Americans engage in the minimum physical activity recommended by the American Heart Association guidelines. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get started and stay active. Treadmills are a great way to exercise if you aren’t able to head to the gym. However, treadmills can be bulky and take up a lot […]

4 Best Treadmills for Bad Knees in 2023

Knees can hurt for many reasons. Being overweight, injuries, natural aging, or it could be just lack of exercise and movement. Bad knees can serve as a signal for your body to start exercising. Moving your knees consistently can strengthen them, reduce pain and stiffness, and help maintain your balance and prevent falls. The fear […]

The Best Treadmills for Overweight People in 2023

Let’s face it. Even though we’re in 2023, fat-shaming is a real thing. Many people who are overweight or on the heavier side have a fear of working out in public places.  An in-home treadmill with a high weight limit can get you on your journey to a healthier version of yourself, without having to worry […]

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