About Us

Brad Heath
CEO and Owner
Brad is a fitness fanatic with a manufacturing and engineering background.  He has a unique insight on the design and engineering of treadmills and is very familiar with the different brands from personal travels. In fact, over the last few years he has been to NordicTrack, ProForm, Yowza, Horizon, and Vision Fitness headquarters. Brad is a senior contributor to the fitness team and oversees all operations. When he isn’t managing his businesses, Brad enjoys hanging at the beach with his five kids in NC.
Brook Norris
Lead Contributor and Fitness Enthusiast 
Brook is our lead contributor who had to learn the importance of health and fitness at a young age. At just the age of 20, Brook was almost 100 lbs. overweight and was told by her doctor that she had high blood pressure and needed to make a change. Then, Brook began researching literature and professional training help to make nutrition and health a priority. She knows what it takes to lose weight in a healthy way, and also keep the weight off by maintaining a balance with food and exercise. She has participated in several fitness challenges including 5K races, and has tested many treadmills throughout the years. Brook is the lead contributor for our content and also holds a Business degree with a focus in internet marketing. *Fun fact: Brook is also Brad’s daughter!

Rachael Leigh
Fitness Expert
Rachael firmly believes that everyone can use proper fitness and nutrition to become the “best version of themselves.”  In addition to reviewing machines, Rachael is a skilled graphic designer and writer who is vital to our operation. She oversees website graphics, page content, video editing, and writes the regular blog articles. (You may notice her in most of the treadmill video reviews.) She is an avid marathon runner and fitness junkie, providing our readers with particular insight from a user’s perspective on buying a treadmill. Rachael has visited Yowza, Horizon, and Vision Fitness headquarters and has interviewed top representatives from Bowflex. In addition to running, Rachael is a competitive fencer, nutrition nut, and a long time equestrian.
Fred Waters
Senior Adviser
Fred is the previous business owner and has over 19 years in the fitness equipment industry.  He was previously the Vice President of marketing at a fitness company before becoming a full time respected reviewer of fitness equipment. He is recognized among most manufacturers as a leading authority in fitness equipment.
Matt Summers
Lead Developer
Matt is our lead programmer and developer so if something isn’t functioning properly, yup, you can blame Matt!  He rarely surfaces in the daytime but it’s been rumored he enjoys camping.