Want Your Treadmill Before the Holidays?

Find Out Which Companies are Shipping the Fastest In the era of COVID-19, your fitness routine has probably changed a lot. Your 15-minute drive to the gym has morphed into a 30-second walk to your living room. Your sweaty, loud, and energetic spin instructor is now behind a screen on your TV, tablet, or phone. […]

8 Weeks to Better Heart Health

  DASH Your Way to a Healthy Heart  Believe it or not, you can help your heart in just 8 weeks. How? Eat your fruits and veggies! We talk a lot about exercise and the benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system. But what you put into your body is just as important as what […]

Assault Fitness AirRunner vs. NordicTrack Commercial Incline Treadmills

Is the AirRunner Worth the Price Tag? Assault Fitness AirRunner Based out of Southern California, Assault Fitness is a brand usually heard of in the CrossFit community. Assault Fitness is a division of a larger fitness equipment company that you may have heard of, LifeCORE Fitness.  In recent years, Assault Fitness has started to make […]

“Gotta Get My Steps”

Do Those 10,000 Steps Per Day Actually Do Any Good?  Do you find yourself checking your step count throughout the day?  It might be on your FitBit, Apple Watch, iPhone or any one of the other devices you strap to your body. As the hours go by, you take the stairs, walk the extra block, […]

Run Your Way To A Better Memory

Ace Your Next Test With Your Running Shoes  Running is great for every system in your body — from head to toe. This isn’t news. But did you know that running could help you get ahead at work or school? It’s true. Whether you’re cramming for a test, getting ready for a big presentation or […]

How Your Treadmill Can Change You on a Molecular Level

Change Your Molecules in Just 10 Minutes We have talked about all of the ways that exercise can change you for the better, from your cardiovascular system, to your emotional health and mental health. We can look at each different part of our body and see benefits and positive results.  Now, for the first time, […]

Is There a Wrong Way To Breathe?

How Your Breathing Affects Your Work Out Breathe in… breathe out… Most of us do this without thinking.  It’s a natural process for the body and doesn’t take conscious thought. We don’t have to tell you that if you stop breathing, things get ugly pretty quick… especially if you’re in the middle of a long […]

COVID Prompts Ultra-Marathoner to Set World Record on His At-Home Treadmill

Cancelled Race Wasn’t Going to Stop this Star Runner From Shining!  When most of us hop on our treadmill, we aren’t planning to set a world record. A personal best, or maybe just a butt-kicking session, yes. But an actual world record, probably not. Except that is exactly what Zach Bitter did. Now to be […]

How to Make Your Treadmill Into a Full-Body Workout

Treadmills Aren’t Just For Running Anymore  It’s easy to get in a rut… especially when it comes to working out. Come on now… we’ve all been there! And when you’re using a treadmill regularly, this rut can be even more mind-numbing.  You end up running, day in and day out.  Where’s the variety? But don’t […]

A New Spin on At-Home Fitness

ProForm is Changing How You Purchase Exercise Equipment Fitness equipment companies never ever want to be seen as boring.  Oh… the horror! That’s why we’re seeing one of the most interesting new takes on selling equipment with this latest offer from ProForm. ProForm is a brand that consistently releases quality at-home fitness equipment that you […]

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