Top 3 Best Detox Drinks for Summer

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2021)

When Was the Last Time You Did a Full Body Detox?

toxinsEvery day, you are exposed to toxins that enter your body and can cause serious problems. These toxins can come from environmental pollution (like the air you breathe), the water you drink, and unhealthy foods (especially processed foods and oily foods).

The good news is that your body is prepared to get rid of these toxins. Your body has a built-in natural detoxification system that filters and saves all the good nutrients you need to function and gets rid of all the bad ones.

However, if you’ve been eating a lot of junk food and are feeling it (and we all know that feeling), you can optimize your body’s detoxification system by doing a full body detox of your own. We’ve got three great detox drinks for you to try and other detox tips that will leave you feeling great and ready to take on the world this summer.

How Often Do You Need to Do a Detox?

It’s a good idea to do a full body cleanse or detox at least twice a year. That being said, some experts suggest doing one quarterly, or every three months. Why? Well, your red blood cells actually only live for about 3 months before your body makes new ones, so doing a detox every 3 months is a good idea.

Dr. Sandra Cabot, author of Heal Your Gut, says that “doing a Cleanse every 3 months keeps our most important blood cells healthier and capable of carrying more oxygen to our vital organs, which means increased energy levels, faster metabolism and easier weight control.” (1)

However, you shouldn’t rely on a detox every three months to cure all your health and fitness problems. It’s much more effective to form healthy habits and eat nutritious detoxifying foods every day.

Doing This Will Help Support Your Body’s Natural Detox Process

If you want to help maximize your body’s natural detoxification system, there’s five simple things that you can do.

First, drink more water.

Water is essential for all the cells in your body to work properly, and it plays a huge role in getting rid of waste in your body. That’s why it’s super important to drink a lot of water if you want to properly detox your body.

You’ve probably heard that 8 cups a day is what the average person needs to stay healthy. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, you actually need more! According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, “an adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men, and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women.” (2)

Second, get more sleep.

exerciseSleep allows your body to naturally re-charge, getting rid of toxins and reorganizing all the shelves inside your brain. In fact, when you sleep, your body can work on eliminating a protein called beta-amyloid. Why is that so important? Well, beta-amyloid is one of the contributing factors in Alzheimer’s disease, so that’s something you definitely don’t want building up in your brain. (3)

Third, exercise regularly.

Everyone knows that regular exercise is essential for good health. It’s a great way to reduce inflammation, which protects your body from disease and also helps your body’s systems (like your detoxification system) work properly. And, did you know that running even slows the aging process?

Fourth, cut back on the alcohol. 

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body’s detoxification system. And since more than 90% of alcohol is metabolized in your liver, excessive drinking can really damage that important organ. (3) So, don’t forget to minimize your alcohol intake – your body will thank you for it later.

And lastly, try fasting.

Going without food for a certain amount of time gives your body a break from digestion, and allows it to focus on repair and fortification. In fact, “fasting triggers the production of detoxification enzymes and helps cells clean out old material, which helps them stay healthy and function at their best.” (4)

The Best Detoxifying Foods for Your Body

A healthy diet is another huge factor in feeling and looking great. But it’s not just about eating any healthy food. Here are some specific foods that will help get your detoxification process kicked into high gear.

  • Cilantro – this vegetable boosts your body’s ability to get rid of heavy metals and chemicals (and it’s a tasty ingredient to add to tacos, salsas, salads, and more!)
  • Garlic – eating foods rich in sulfur – like garlic – helps your body’s glutathione (an antioxidant that’s a major player in detoxification) work better
  • Asparagus – the amino acids and minerals in asparagus can actually protect liver cells against toxins
  • Beets ­– not only are they an incredible superfood, beets also have betalains, which help fix and regenerate liver cells
  • Turmeric – this powerful spice is full of curcumin, which works as a powerful anti-inflammatory in your liver

Focusing on foods like these that are rich in antioxidants and high in prebiotics helps keep your digestive system healthy and can help your body detox properly. (5)

Three Amazing Detox Drinks to Try Today

best detox drinksHere’s three amazing detox drinks to try today to boost body’s detoxification system. They’re easy to make, delicious, and great for your body.

  1. The Toxin Beeter Blend

Add a few pre-cooked beets, a handful of frozen bananas, a little lemon juice and one slice of lemon, and a couple strawberries to a blender and blend it all up.

The strawberries add a sweet flavor, the bananas actually reduce bloating, the beets are great for detoxification (and so much more!) and the lemon juice adds a little kick as well.

  1. The Turmeric Elixer from Trial and Eater

For this one, you’ll need 1 cup warm water, 1/2 lemon, 1 tablespoon maple syrup (or honey), 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  

This one might not be the most delicious, but it does help with detoxification and can even give you a little boost of energy. It’s a great one to have in the morning to start your day right. (6)

  1. Detox Water

Detox waters are a fun and flavorful way to help your body in the detox process. For this one, all you need is to add lime and lemon slices, ginger, orange slices, cucumber, and mint to some ice water. It’s a delicious blend and it’ll help your get rid of toxins. (7)

Try these awesome detox drinks today to start your full-body detox and get your body ready for summer!


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