Getting the right treadmill for your body and budget!

Home exercise equipment machines, including treadmills, are available at Costco. But should you buy a treadmill at Costco? And if you buy a treadmill at Costco, how will you know you’re getting the best treadmill?

If these questions have occurred to you, read on. In this post, we’ve collected some insights and tips to help you find the best treadmill for your body and budget at Costco.

Costco Treadmill

This post is NOT a full review of individual treadmill models available at Costco. That’s because Costco’s inventory changes often. By the time we assess what’s available and make a recommendation, different models will be offered. Instead, this post discusses vital information and considerations about shopping at Costco so you can feel confident about whether or not Costco is the right place for you to purchase a treadmill. Continue reading

Are you a huge fan of VR games and you feel you can play for hours without noticing time passing by? 

Technology has made a major leap and VR headsets and controllers have taken us to another world that sometimes is quite difficult to differentiate from reality.

Best Treadmill for VRTreadmills like the ones from NordicTrack and Proform already offer some kind of a VR experience with iFit, where trainers from all around the world can take you through incredible landscapes while adjusting speed, incline and other features on your treadmill… being very far away.

Now, you can take that experience a step further and be fascinated by high-quality graphics that take your fitness journey to a whole new dimension.

Not getting enough exercise while playing a virtual reality game or getting bored by your fitness routine, can make you ditch your training sessions.

VR treadmills were born to solve these problems. These new technologies will allow you to walk, run, hop… even fly.

VR treadmills will take you to a whole new level of immersion. By using the best VR treadmills, you can stay healthy in a small space while walking around in the virtual world.

And even more! You can combine the VR omnidirectional treadmills with, for example, VR gloves for a life-changing, unforgettable experience.

These experiences always sound exciting but if you tend to get bored quickly, you can rapidly hop on a new adventure and revamp all the adrenaline of testing your body in a whole new environment.

But, before we deep dive on our 5 absolute favorite VR treadmills, let’s explain exactly what they are and how they work. Continue reading

Treadmill for Rehabilitation Purchasing a treadmill for rehabilitation is a great investment for anybody recovering from an injury, or simply looking to stay in shape with minimal impact. 

The best ones come with the added benefit of wide speed options, maximum comfort and folding frames, for easy storage and space saving.

Treadmills for rehabilitation are also the best recovery alternative given they allow you to improve your cardio health, cut excess calories, strengthen your muscles, recover from injuries, all from the comfort of your house.

When shopping for a rehabilitation treadmill, a feature to look for is the option of customizing your workouts and tracking essential information during workouts. This is important so that you can keep track of all the data that matters to you during your rehabilitation. 

These treadmills are an all-time workout option. Regardless of the weather, we can always train and recover ourselves from surgery or injury.

However, with a market that grows each and every day it’s not easy to decide which would be the ideal machine to help us get through our recovery period. And enjoy long-lasting results.

To make it easier for you and facilitate decision-making, we’ve listed seven top treadmills for rehabilitation we consider particularly impressive. Continue reading

Although you live in Las Vegas, you can feel like a tourist and stay active by exploring the great outdoor landscapes and trails, or walking around the city. But, the desert heat of Las Vegas can make it pretty difficult to workout outside… especially when it reaches the triple digits. 

Treadmill for Sale Las Vegas

We have created this guide so that you can exercise without ever needing to leave your home.

To kick things off, we have selected the best treadmills for sale in Las Vegas online, for you to have an intense, fantastic and fulfilling workout indoors. These treadmills will ensure that you can receive your treadmill right to your home and assemble without even breaking a sweat. (Let’s leave that to the workout). Plus, if you’d like to shop for your treadmill in person, we include a few of the best fitness stores to shop at in Las Vegas. 

At the end of this guide you can find some tips and products to have an incredible workout outdoors or indoors, while still being fresh and cool. 

Read on to find the best treadmill for sale in Las Vegas to be your perfect indoor escape:  Continue reading

The “Treadmill Under $2000” Price Point – Up Close and Personal

treadmill under 2000In this post we’re revealing our number 1 pick for best treadmill under $2000. But first we’ll define this price point and what you can expect from the treadmills you’ll find here—so you can decide if this is the right price range for you to find the best treadmill for your body and budget.

For the purposes of this post, we’re defining the price range “under $2000” as treadmill models priced between $1500 and $2000.

Many of the treadmills priced between $1500 and $2000 have commercial components and some even have the word “commercial” in their model name. While they may not be in the full commercial price range, which we typically think of as being above $2000, the treadmills between $1500 and $2000 are of higher quality and will offer a few more specs and features than those of lower price.

What’s different about the machines in the under $2000 category? Typically, treadmills in the neighborhood of $2000 are in the sweet spot for serious runners, offering specs and features athletes in training need for home use, while still being available at a value price.

Treadmills in this price range tend to be sturdy and able to withstand hard frequent use. They also offer abundant extra features to keep you interested, motivated, and entertained, so your workouts stay consistent.

Continue reading

Living in New York City has a special something that we all love.

But sometimes outside isn’t an option if the weather isn’t on our side, or we just want to be jammin’ to the latest more trendy bop from our comfy apartment… and we need a treadmill in our own space. 

That’s why we made a detailed list with the most functional, on sale, compact, and foldable treadmills to buy online directly from the manufacturer so you can get running in no time.

Or, if you’d rather look for a “treadmill for sale near me” and have some real-life experience picking your next treadmill for sale in NYC… at the end of this article you’ll find our top 3 stores you can go visit in-person.

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In this post we’re revealing our number 1 pick for best treadmill under $1500. But first we’ll define this price point and what you can expect from the treadmills you’ll find here—so you can decide if this is the right price range for you to find the best treadmill for your body and budget.

The “Under $1500” Price point – up close and personal

treadmill under 1500When we’re discussing treadmills under $1500, in this post, we’re referring to a category that includes treadmills priced between $1000 and $1500. 

In this price range you’ll have a wide array of choices, and you’ll see machines with more features or “bells and whistles” than in the lower priced categories.

Treadmills that are priced around $1,500 offer sufficient quality and features that they really can’t be considered part of the “budget” or “entry level” categories anymore. As such, we like to think of $1,500 as a mid-range price point that bridges the gap between the “entry level” or “budget” models and the higher-end, or commercial grade, treadmills.

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Consumers are now more savvy than ever when it comes to getting the best deal. With such an immense availability of reviews online and retailers to pick from. 

best walmart treadmillThat’s why, after lurking on Walmart for their hottest treadmills, we made this quick-reference guide with the Top 5 best Walmart treadmills you can choose from, with confidence.

We picked Walmart because it’s one of the most popular places to purchase affordable treadmills online. 

We weigh up all the essential features for you, from belt width to warranties intended to give you peace of mind while you exercise and get fitter than ever.

As you’ll see, when you consider the brands included in this list —from the point of purchase to getting machine repairs in the future—buying from a third-party retailer such as Walmart may be just the perfect fit for you. Continue reading

Readers of review sites like this one are usually interested in the number 1 picks of subject experts.

In this post, we’ll summarize our Review Team’s top picks for treadmills under $1000. And we’ll reveal which model is our absolute favorite in this category this year and why.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the price-point category known as “best treadmill under $1000” so you’ll have a better idea of what you can get for your money. 

The “Under $1000” price point — up close and personal

what is the best treadmill under $1,000?Treadmills in this lower price range offer the promise of getting in shape on a budget.

What the machines in this range do not typically offer is quality, durability, or long-term manufacturer warranties that speak to the longevity of the product.

It’s vitally important to understand that you get what you pay for with treadmills. That’s because even an inexpensive treadmill is still an investment. And you want it to be the best treadmill possible for your wants and needs. 

If you’re looking for a treadmill under $1000, you’re likely budget conscious, which ironically means that a bad decision—a treadmill that does not meet your needs—could hit you especially hard.  It’s easy to purchase the wrong treadmill when you’re shopping in the under $1000 category, because there are so many treadmills in this category that are, quite frankly, junk.

Therefore, we want to caution you that it’s not a good idea to see how low you can go on the sticker price when you’re shopping for a home treadmill. While there are deals to be had out there in the marketplace, being too much of a penny-pincher when shopping for a treadmill won’t lead you anywhere good, in our experience. Continue reading

There are 3 things you need to be brutally honest about when you buy a home treadmill…

best home treadmillYour body. Your Budget. Your lifestyle. The more honest you can be about these 3 things, the more satisfied you’ll be with your purchase when buying a home treadmill.

In this post, we’re sharing a brief list of self-reflective questions for your body, your budget, and your lifestyle or living situation. These questions are designed to help you build a foundation for clear thinking and good decision making.

Start by collecting your thoughts around the basic questions in this post first. Ideally, before you start comparing treadmill models. Your honest answers to these basic pre-purchase questions will make your search for the right treadmill more efficient (if not fun and hassle-free). Honestly getting down to basics will increase your chances of finding and purchasing the ideal treadmill.  Continue reading

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