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NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer Review

Expert Rating:5 stars!

The NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer is ON SALE!


Low Impact, Intense Calorie Burn & Loaded with Interactive and Motivational Features

x11i_2017modelNordicTrack’s focus with the X11i Incline Trainer was to create a machine that would burn serious calories and they succeeded. The machine’s unique design is combined with leading edge interactive technology that will motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Our team had the opportunity to review the x11i Incline Trainer when on a visit to the Icon Fitness corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah. This machine definitely made our tester break into a major sweat!

The NordicTrack Incline Trainers are primarily walking machines due to their steep incline, although the 60″ treadbelt will accommodate runners. This machine is a favorite with hikers because it allows them to simulate walking up hills and mountains. The ability to get an intense cardio workout while just walking makes these machines especially popular. You can burn calories like a runner, but without the stress and strain to your joints.

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NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer Features and Technology

4.25 Continuous Duty HP Motor – This is a monster of a motor.  It matches what you’d find on a commercial grade treadmill. Unless you are excessively overweight, this motor will run effortlessly at the highest inclines.

22″ x 60″ Treadbelt – In addition to a lengthy 60″ belt, you also get an extra wide 22″ width, giving you an extra comfort zone when you walk or run.

Ability to Incline and Decline – The x11i inclines to 40 degrees and declines to -6 degrees, giving you the sensation of hiking up and down mountains. In the process, you are able to target numerous lower body muscles.

10″ Full Color Touch Screen Android Browser -These interactive screens give you vibrant feedback on your exercise stats. In addition, you can access the Internet, read your email, or surf your favorite sites. The newest model has a 10″ Smart HD touchscreen.

iFit Live Compatible – iFit Live is another Icon Fitness exclusive. This feature allows you to communicate with the web via a WiFi connection. Through your personalized account you can…

  • Create customer workout routines focused on specific fitness goals. These workouts cover several weeks, are progressive, and include audio coaching. Your stats are uploaded to your iFit account where you can track your progress.
  • Trace routes on Google Maps. The NordicTrack x11i will simulate the terrain with the incline and decline feature. Then, watch your progress on Google Maps with the Android Browser.
  • Access videos of famous landscapes and city-scapes. You can walk famous trails and once again your x11i will simulate the terrain. The video syncs with the speed of the machine.

Note: There is an additional charge for this feature.

44 Installed Workouts – There are a wide selection of pre-installed workout routines that control the speed and incline of the X11i Incline Trainer. Program examples include calorie burn, interval training, speed training, and intensity goals.x11i_comparison

Warranty – The X11i has one of the best warranties in the industry.

  • Lifetime motor, frame, and deck
  • 6 years parts and electronics
  • 3 years labor

This coverage speaks volumes on the durability of this machine.

Snap Assembly – We have not assembled this machine, but NordicTrack states, “Get your machine from out-of-the-box to ready-to-workout sooner. Simple process takes less than half the assembly time of regular treadmills.” Having assembled our share of treadmills, cutting the time in half is a plus.

Stable and Solid – We are not sure what the weight of this machine is, but we couldn’t budge it during testing. We would highly recommend you get at least the inside delivery and not the standard delivery to the curb, which is standard with all fitness equipment companies.

Other Features – Speakers, MP3 input, fan, table holder, grip heart rate monitor, wireless heart rate monitor and large 2.5″ rollers.

Our Review – NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer

We were thoroughly impressed when we tested the x11i. It is a heavy duty fitness machine that is built to take a beating. In addition, it comes with interactive features that are designed to motivate and keep you on track towards your fitness goals. Probably the best endorsement is the fact that this is the machine of choice for Icon Fitness employees. They can choose from numerous treadmills and elliptical trainer, and their choice is an Incline Trainer. End of story.

You may also be interested in the NordicTrack x7i and x9i for similar quality and a lower price.

Customer Review of the NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer

I’m a little over six weeks into ownership, and I love this machine. It is heads and shoulders above the TRUE treadmill it replaced. Ordering was easy, delivery was within a week, and the white glove service worked great. The workouts are tremendous, whether you want to do cardio or burn fat or both. I’ve had to call support once, and the connection was fast (no being on hold forever), I spoke with a human, and the fix is being shipped as I type. Can’t say enough good things about the experience, and for a 60-something year old, that’s not bad.

Go to to learn more!

Video recorded at NordicTrack corporate headquarters!

26 thoughts on “NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer”

  1. David DiPlacido

    Can you please provide me with the weight of the X11i Incline Trainer? Also, I am 6 feet tall. Can you tell me how high of a ceiling I would need to take advantage of the 40 degree incline feature?
    Thank you!


  2. administrator Post author

    Hi David,

    The NordicTrack X11i is a beast regarding weight….it comes in around 350 lbs so you will want to make sure when your machine is delivered you are prepared to move it around with a hand truck, or opt for the professional move in, set up feature.

    For the height of the machine, you will need to add 15″ for the tallest user… if you are 72″ tall, you will need a ceiling height of 87″ for proper clearance during use.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.



    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for your question on the NordicTrack X11i concerning the weight and ease or difficulty of rolling it around. Weight of the machine is around 350 lbs and it would be difficult to roll around. It does have rollers on one end which helps, and of course if you have a hard floor it would be much easier in comparison to carpet.

      However, It’s “possible” for one person to roll it around but my 5’2″ tall wife would really struggle. It would be helpful if you have two people.

      Let me know if you have additional questions,


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for your question regarding a used NordicTrack X11i. I will throw out this disclaimer as used equipment really isn’t my expertise so you may want to consult with someone that specializes in used Fitness Equipment.

      With that said, you may want to consider the following. Is the equipment being sold by a private seller, or a fitness store? If it’s an individual, and the machine has been “sitting” without being used very, very little….then I would say it may be worth the investment. Of course they weigh 350 lbs so trying to figure out how to disassemble, move it, and re-assemble may not be a fun task.

      If the equipment has been heavily used, personally I would pass on it. The last thing you want to do is drop $800 on a piece of equipment and then have it break….you could quickly end up with $1,500 in an $800 machine.

      Hope this helps….

      Be Healthy!


  3. Shelley

    Hi Brad,
    I looked at the used x11i that I had asked you about and fell in love with it. However, you are right. There is no way I can possibly move it. I tried to pick it up and it was ridiculous. Plus it’s huge! Now I am looking for a comparable smaller model (or at least something liveable with.) Do you think the Nordictrack C990 is a good machine for running approximately 35 or 40 miles per week?


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Shelley,
      The NordicTrack C990 is one of the heaviest you will find below the $1,000 price point. Generally, heavier machines result in more stability when it comes to running.


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Shan,

      If you take a look at the video Fred and I did, we had it cranked up to 25% incline and a moderate speed…..if you go to a full 40% with speed, it will definitely challenge you cardio wise. However, I think trying to “run” at such a steep incline may be awkward, but “doable”. Definitely use the disconnect lanyard as i feel with trying to run at 40% incline there is a good change you may fall. (you don’t want to injure yourself).


  4. Peter

    I’m considering a new machine and have neighbors downstairs. I’m also 6″ 5′. Can you tell me if the engine is on the loud side and if the bar with the controls would be convenient for a taller person?



    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your question regarding user height on the NordicTrack X11i. If you take a look at the video Fred and I did at NordicTrack, you will notice starting out when the deck is flat (no incline) the top handles are shoulder to chin height for Fred. Fred is around 5’10”.

      During the video we raise the machine to 25% incline and the controls are then around chest height for Fred (very convenient). NordicTrack built this machine for a variety of users….at 6’5″ tall and the incline cranked up to a full 40%, the bars will be below chest level for you but should still be within a safe, comfortable reach.

      As to the motor, the noise level on this machine wasn’t noticeably louder/or quieter than the others we test. You can hear the faint hum of the motor but the majority of the noise comes from the belt turning (it’s a quiet machine).

      Let me know if you have additional questions.



  5. Mari

    Hi Fred-
    First, thank you so much for your extremely informative treadmill reviews—you have helped us with making decisions in the past regarding other treadmill purchases and so, once again, we confidently turn to you as we consider purchasing this NordicTrack incline treadmill!
    Our big question is about the numerous scathing customer service complaints that NordicTrack has been receiving recently on a consumer reviews site—what have you heard in regards to their warranty service (icky or worth it) and if we should purchase the extra years of maintenance?
    Also, what are your thoughts on the ifit coach plus software package that they are bundling with the machine now? Good stuff or not? Thanks in advance for your honest advice!! Keep up the awesome reviews!!


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Mari,

      Thanks for your question and I am happy to hear my reviews have been helpful in times past. To address your specific question regarding NordicTrack customer service, I have personally visited their facility numerous times and witnessed the rows of customer service reps they have in their in house call center and can attest to their efforts. In fact, I reach out to customer service frequently with specific questions and they are always prompt in their responses to me and my team.

      I too have read some of the negative experiences with Nordic but I think most of it relates to economies of scale. Last year Icon (the parent company of Nordic) sold approximately 1.3 billion in fitness equipment. At an average ticket of $1,500 that equals approximately 867,000 individual customers in one year alone. Wow that’s a lot of people. You can bet there were problems with that amount of volume. If 1% of those customers have a problem that’s over 8,000 service issues, but it also means there are over 850,000 happy customers.

      In today’s society it’s unfortunate we mostly see only “negative” or “complaints” and rarely the positive. As the old saying goes “one unhappy customer will tell ten people but one satisfied customer may tell one”. It’s true….an unhappy customer will take the time to voice their frustration on ten different media platforms and it’s only amplified with the internet.

      So what I mean by “economies of scale” is the shear volume of sales from Icon and a 1% failure rate can trigger thousands of service items. In comparison to other fitness brands, the same failure rate may only result in a few hundred issues.

      I think in any company there is always room for improvement and I’m sure Nordic could improve. But for the most part based on what I have seen, I think the do a decent job handling the majority of problems that arise.

      Regarding your question of ifit live or ifit coach, it really comes down to what you require for motivation. It’s definitely an impressive piece of software and something you may want to try, although not required.


      1. Mari

        Once again, you have come through and put things into great perspective for us with your honest feedback:-) We are going to take the leap and purchase it, but only if we can unbundle the iFit since we don’t need the extra motivation~ what can we say, we are old farts who love to exercise 🙂 Keep up the awesomeness!!!!


  6. Dave Thompson

    Hello, I am purchasing the x11i and want to purchase the appropriate matt. Just want to vrify the dimensions before I purchase the matt.


  7. administrator Post author

    Hi Dave,
    According to NordicTrack, the footprint dimensions of the X11i Incline Trainer are 71.6″ L X 39.6″ W X 70.2″ Height. Letme know if you have additional questions, I am here to help.



  8. darin

    I am lookng at the X11i and 22i, What is the difference driving the user weight rating? I weigh 330 and it looks like the 11i will have to be the one for me, but i really don’t see what the differences are mechanically.


  9. administrator Post author

    Hi Darin,

    The X11i is rated at a 350 lb user weight and the X22i is rated for only 300 lbs. There is a slight difference in the structural framework which accounts for the higher weight rating on the X11i. The other difference is the larger screen on the X22i and but for the pricing difference, the X11i is a better value in my opinion.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.


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