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NordicTrack x22i Incline Trainer Review

Expert Rating:5 stars!

The NordicTrack x22i Incline Trainer is ON SALE!


NordicTrack’s Most Popular Machine With a 22″ HD Touchscreen!

x22iThe Incline Trainers from NordicTrack are already extremely popular options for people looking for low-impact intense workouts.  The main advantage for an incline trainer over a regular treadmill is the extreme 40% incline that will help you burn more calories while just walking.  The x22i model takes everything you love about the other models and sticks on an enormous 22″ HD Touchscreen.

Our team has reviewed several Incline Trainers and we can vouch for the effectiveness of the workouts.  On top of our opinion, we know for a fact that NordicTrack employees view these machines as favorites.  The NordicTrack incline trainers are primarily for walking and help deliver effective workouts without subjecting your joints to excess stress and strain.  They can certainly handle running with a top speed of 12 mph.

Besides the intense incline workout, the NordicTrack x22i also comes with industry leading interactive technology in the form of iFit.  This program will help you set goals, track your progress, and let you work out in exciting virtual locations around the world.

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NordicTrack x22i Incline Trainer Features and Technology

x22i_console22″ Smart HD Touchscreen – This is the largest touchscreen we’ve ever seen on a treadmill.  At 22-inches, it provides a totally immersive experience.  Using the iFit Coach technology, you can view landscapes around the world while you work out.  GoogleMaps also lets you observe the street view if you choose a more familiar route.  The machine will sync to your route’s terrain with increases and decreases in incline percentage.  You can easily switch between your workout route and your stats with the easy swipe of a finger.

Dumbbells Included – The audio coaching for the x22i will include dumbbell workouts into your session both on and off the machine.  It comes with two adjustable dumbbells that can be easily switched from 2.5 to 12.5 lbs.  They can be stored directly on the stand.

4.25 Continuous Duty HP Motor – This is the same monster motor that is found on the X11i.  It will easily handle almost all users without straining.

22″ x 60″ Treadbelt – A 60″ belt is not uncommon in this price range, but you should take notice to the width.  This is an extra wide belt that will make your exercise service feel spacious.

x22i_inclineAbility to Incline and Decline – The x22i goes from -6% all the way up to 40% incline.  A decline feature is attractive because it lets you better simulate both up and down hills while you work out on virtual courses.  Plus, this helps you target additional muscles in your lower body.

iFit Live Enabled– We’ve mentioned a few of the features of iFit already.  This is the top feature available on all Icon Fitness products (Including ProForm and NordicTrack machines.)  iFit allows you to do the following:

  • Create custom workouts that are geared towards your personal goals.  Some of the workouts are led by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.  These progressive workouts span several weeks and help you see real results over time.
  • Your stats will be shared with your online iFit account so you can track your progress.  You can also enjoy other features in the online community such as participating in virtual challenges.
  • Use your iFit account to trace custom routes on GoogleMaps.  You will be able to view the street view of your course while you experience real time incline and decline.  Or, if you’d rather look at more exotic locations, you can use one of the filmed routes included with iFit.  Routes include famous landscapes and foreign cities.

Note: It should be noted that you will need to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy iFit.  This can be viewed as a good or bad thing.  You’re getting the machine for a lower price and can choose when and for how long you purchase the iFit features.  There are other brands that offer similar fitness tracking (without Google routes) but they cost more up front.

44 Installed Workouts – As with the X11i, this machine comes with 44 programs to keep the boredom out of exercising in place.

Warranty – The X22i has a great warranty: Lifetime Frame, Motor, and Deck, 6 years parts & electronics, 3 years labor.  A strong warranty is a good indicator of the quality of a machine.

Snap Assembly – This machine has “Out of the Box Assembly.”  We have not personally tried to assemble this machine, but it is encouraging that the company has taken this issue into consideration.

Other Features – Speakers, MP3 input, fan, grip heart rate monitor, wireless heart rate monitor and large 2.5″ rollers.  This machine does NOT include a tablet holder.

Our Review – NordicTrack x22i Incline Trainer

The X22i takes an already popular machine, the x11i, and adds an enormous 22″ HD Smart Touchscreen.  It also includes adjustable dumbbell weights that you can use during your iFit workouts.  We have been thoroughly impressed with the entire NordicTrack Incline Trainer line.  This newest model will provide an even more immersive experience.  Best of all, the Icon Fitness employees view the incline trainers as favorites.  Of all the options, this is the one that they prefer to use.  That says a lot.

You may also be interested in the NordicTrack x11i and x9i for similar quality and a lower price.

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Video recorded at NordicTrack corporate headquarters!  This shows the x11i Incline Trainer in action.

3 thoughts on “NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer”

  1. Matthew Shamblen

    This is the worst product I have ever owned!! Do not purchase this treadmill. Within two weeks of instillation the belt has to have been replaced, but still doesn’t stay on track during the I Fit workouts. The electrical components are extremely unpredictable as the touch screen works sometimes, and other times does not. Great concept, but a horrible application!


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