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NordicTrack C 970 Pro Treadmill Review

Expert Rating:3.5 stars

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NordicTrack_C970proIf you like the NordicTrack C990, then you will LOVE the NordicTrack C970 Pro treadmill.  It offers several superior features over the other model at the same great price.  This machine is iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled so you can benefit from great workout tracking and Google map routes.  It also has a butt-busting 15% incline and a more powerful 3.25 CHP motor.  Overall, we would recommend this model over the C990 machine when priced at $999.

NordicTrack is part the parent company ICON Fitness who is also the manufacturer of ProForm treadmills.  Both of these companies are able to offer machines with much higher specs at a price that won’t make your wallet shrivel away.


The NordicTrack C970 is no longer for sale.  Instead, check out the NordicTrack C990. 

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NordicTrack C 970 Pro Treadmill Features…

3.25 Continuous Duty HP Motor — It is quite unusual to find a motor of this size in this price range, so you should snap it up!  It will provide smooth and consistent power for your workout.

iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled — The Nordictrack C970 Pro treadmill is Bluetooth enabled so it can communicate with your smart device without the need for a WiFi connection.  Since the release of iFit Live in 2012, it has changed the game with treadmill technology.  You will be able to download personalized workouts from celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels.  The progressive nature of these workouts helps you better reach your goals while tracking your progress through your online iFit account.

One of our favorite features of the iFit Live technology is the ability to use Google Maps to simulate exercise on trails around the world.  You can also program in a route through a familiar landscape and run the same hills and valleys from the warmth of your living room.  The incline will adjust to match the actual terrain.  The HD video library comes with views of some famous terrain around the world.  They were filmed by real people taking runs along the beach or on famous mountain trails.  Some of NordicTrack’s competitors have similar programs for free (while iFit requires a paid subscription), but they do not have the same capability with Google Maps.

15% Incline —This level of incline should give you a great workout when you choose to target your glute muscles.NordicTrack C 990 deck

FlexSelect Cushioning— The Nordictrack 970 Pro treadmill has a series of rubber grommets on the side that absorb the impact of your running stride.  This is helpful in protecting your joints and allowing for a more comfortable experience.  We like that these grommets are adjustable so can choose the firmness that is best for your body.

32 Installed Workout Programs — This number of preloaded workouts should certainly keep you interested.  You could do a different workout every day of the month without repeating!  Can’t beat that.

NordicTrack_C970pro_consoleConsole & Tablet Holder — The console of the NordicTrack C970 Pro has a 7″ backlit screen that clearly displays your speed, time, distance, and calories burned.  In addition, there is a tablet holder present so you safely store your devices while enjoying your favorite blogs and Netflix shows.

iPod Compatible Sounds System — There are two 2-inch speakers through which you can pump your favorite tunes.  NordicTrack has some of the better speakers that you’ll find on a piece of workout equipment.

Folding Treadmill — The SpaceSaver design allows you to fold up you treadmill when not in use.  Yes, this saves space!  It also allows you to clean under the machine a bit easier.  An EasyLift feature means you don’t need to be a muscle head to lift it up.

Two Console Fans— Not one, but TWO fans will help keep you cool during your workout.

Warranty — Lifetime Frame & Motor, 3 yrs Parts and 1 yr Labor coverage.

Overall Review – NordicTrack C 970 Pro Treadmill

Compared to the NordicTrack C990, the C970 Pro has a larger motor, a steeper incline, and very similar program capability.  Since both machines are listed at around $999, we would recommend the C970 Pro as a fantastic option.  This treadmill comes from a company that is able to offer more specs at a lower price than some of the competition.  The iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled technology alone makes this a great buy at $999.

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