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Image 17.5 S treadmill Review

Expert Rating:2.5 stars

Made for Walking ONLY

Image 17.5 S Treadmill ReviewThe Icon Image 17.5 S treadmill is a low-end model treadmill.  You can find it for under $500, which is an affordable price for a tread machine.  Remember, however, that you get what you pay for!

The Image 17.5 S treadmill is made for walking only…no matter what you may be told!  It has only a 5-year motor warranty, a 1-year frame warranty, and a 90-day parts and labor warranty.  Those warranties pretty much tell you not to expect too much from this machine.

Note: The Image 17.5 S is no longer available for sale.  This brand comes from Icon Fitness, which also makes ProForm and NordicTrack.  NordicTrack offers higher end models that are an excellent value. ProForm offers similar priced treadmills that offer more value. Check out the ProForm 520 ZN, ZT6, and Performance 400i.

The frame on the Image 17.5 S is lightweight and not very sturdy.  Workouts (even at a slow pace) won’t be all that smooth, as a result.  The motor is a 2.75 HP drive motor that is rated as only a 1.5 continuous HP motor…certainly not powerful enough for running or regular jogging.  The parts used in the manufacture of this treadmill are cheap (thus, only a 90-day warranty) and more likely to break down after a short period of time.

For an inexpensive treadmill, there are some nice features on the Icon Image 17.5 S treadmill.  Just be aware that those nice features are not of the greatest quality, so they may not work as well as similar features on higher end models.  They definitely won’t last as long!

Specific features that come on the Image 17.5 S treadmill include:

  • Image 17.5 S ConsoleUp to 10% incline – Even though this treadmill isn’t good for running, the incline feature makes it possible to work at a higher intensity level.
  • Folding – For households with limited space, a folding treadmill often works best.  When the machine isn’t in use, it can be easily folded for storage.
  • Six workout programs – There are 4 weight loss programs and 2 distance programs.  This treadmill is promoted as good to train for running marathons.  However, the motor and the frame simply are not going to hold up very long, if this machine is used for running.
  • 18” x 52” active surface – The active surface is adequate for walking, but not much else. You may feel confined with the 18″ width.
  • Step counter – For users who want to know how many steps they have taken during an exercise session, the step counter is a handy feature.
  • Cooling fan – Fans have become popular features on many brands of fitness equipment.  They’re nice for keeping you cooler and more comfortable during workouts.
  • Heart rate monitor – Sensors are built into the handle grips to help you keep track of your heart rate, so you’ll know whether you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

Our Review – The Icon Fitness Image 17.5 S Treadmill

For a treadmill in its price category, the Icon Image 17.5 S machine has some decent features.  If you can’t afford to pay more, this one might suffice for awhile.  Don’t expect it to last indefinitely or to be as efficient and smooth as an more expensive model.  Also, plan to use it for walking only.

The user weight limit stated for this treadmill is 275 pounds.  That’s pushing it somewhat, I think.  Anyone over 230 pounds might want to consider a stronger, sturdier treadmill than the Image 17.5 S model.

If you’re a runner, you will not be satisfied with this particular treadmill.  The motor may drag.  The treadbelt may squeal.  The frame will most certainly be wobbly.  You won’t get a smooth, quiet workout, and all that pounding will cause the Image 17.5 S treadmill to wear out rather quickly.

For those of you who really want a treadmill but are limited on funds, you might also check out some ProForm treadmills.  ProForm models are also made by Icon and may be a little better quality.

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