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HealthRider H55t Treadmill

Expert Rating:2.5 stars

A Mid-Quality Machine from HealthRider

HealthRider is a brand that varies widely in quality.  Some of their top machines are nice enough that we’d actually recommend them.  On the other hand, some of their lower machines like the H50 Crosswalk are big pieces of junk.

This HealthRider H55t falls somewhere on the the mid to upper end of that spectrum.  It’s not fantastic, but it receives a fair amount of positive reviews from customers.  In general, we’d whole-hearted recommend other budget brands like the Horizon T101 or ProForm over this model, but it’s not a terrible option.

Note: We recommend the Horizon T101 as a better option.

Features on the HealthRider H55t Treadmill:

  • H55t treadmillSpaceSaver Design – This machine is designed to fold up when not in use. It has an EZ assist mechanism, but many users still found it to be a bit heavy to lift into a folding position.
  • 20×55” Tread belt – This size deck will work for many users. We do caution anyone who’s tall to look into a 60” machine instead.
  • 300 lb Weight Limit – Company’s tend to overestimate this value so we’d put the weight limit at closer to 250 lbs if you don’t want to over-tax the machine.
  • 2.25 CHP motor – This is not a super powerful motor so you should probably only plan on doing walking and light jogging with this machine. It does have a 25 year motor warranty which is a HUGE improvement on other HealthRider warranties.  The 1 year parts warranty is also ok.

Our Review of the HealthRider H55t Treadmill

Many users that we’ve follow say that they are actually pretty happy with this machine.  It’s not a super sturdy or well-made machine but it seems to get the job done for many users.  The $700 price tag is too high for the quality of the machine.  We would certainly recommend other brands in this price range over this option.

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