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Sole F80 Treadmill Rating & Review

Brand: Sole Fitness
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

The Sole F80 Treadmill is On Sale!

Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by Brook Norris, Fitness Guru


Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by Brook Norris, Fitness Guru

An Industry Standard and A Best Buy!

*Note: GREAT DEAL! For a limited time, Sole is offering a 1-year membership to their interactive fitness technology Studio with the purchase of the F80 ($399 value.)

When we’re asked for a recommendation for a durable treadmill at a reasonable price, our go to model is the Sole F80. 

Testing at Sole Headquarters, Salt Lake City, UT.

We’ve had the opportunity to visit the Sole headquarters a couple of times and each time we were very impressed with the Sole staff and management’s commitment to building the best treadmills in their price range.

The Sole F80 Treadmill has gotten consistently solid reviews over the years since it is a very durable machine at a moderate price.

We are not the only resource to give the Sole F80 a “Best Buy” rating. A popular consumer magazine also gave the Sole F80 a “Best Buy” and rated an “Excellent” in all categories of construction, ease of use, user safety, ergonomics, and exercise range.

This most recent upgrade includes Bluetooth capability so you can track your workout stats on your smart device. A big plus in achieving your fitness goals.

For the money, the Sole F80 treadmill includes heart rate control, large 2.5″ rollers, powerful 3.5 HP motor, and a warranty for lifetime frame/motor/deck, 5 year electronics, and 2 year labor. The Sole F80 was also upgraded with an extra wide 22″ x 60″ treadbelt. Because of the durability of the Sole F80, it is very popular for runners looking for a moderate priced treadmill that can withstand abuse.

The Sole F80 is priced at $1,599.99. Sole is Currently Offering the Best Warranty Coverage for a Residential Treadmill: Lifetime Motor; 5-Year Parts and 2-Year Labor. $99 flat rate shipping. A great value!
 Shop For The Sole F80 Folding Treadmill at

*Shipping/Delivery Note: All Sole treadmills come with $99 flat rate standard delivery. For their standard delivery, the driver will back the truck up as far as they can (which is sometimes at the end of your driveway) and unload your treadmill box for you. Treadmills can often be awkward to move and typically require more than one person. Sole now offers Assembly Authority Delivery for $249.98. An Assembly Authority Tech will unload the treadmill to the designated room of your choice, assemble it, and demonstrate the functionality for you. This new delivery option is a great deal in our opinion.

Check out our Video Review of the Sole F80

Top Features on the Sole F80 Treadmill

sole f80 treadmill review and rating

At the Sole Headquarters.

Bluetooth Capability – One of our favorite features Sole recently added is Bluetooth capability so you can track your stats using your smart device. Download a free app from Sole Fitness and you’re ready to go!

Crowned 2.5″ Rollers – The crowned 2 1/2″ rollers are some of the largest you will find in this price range. In general, larger rollers are better, since they revolve less. The increased size results in less wear on the rollers, motor, belt and bearings. Since they are ‘crowned,’ the roller is slightly bigger in the center. This allows the belt to track better, reducing the need for adjustments and further increasing the longevity of the belt.

Cushion Flex Running Deck – We were impressed with the Cushion Flex running surface which, in a study, was shown to lessen impact by 40%. This is an upgrade from the Sole F63 and F65 treadmills. It does a better job of shock absorption and reducing the possibility of injuries and strains. It is also advertised as being quieter than other decks with a reversible deck that is wax lubricated.

Incline – The deck on the Sole F80 Treadmill inclines to a full 15% for those that like the intensity of hill training. Several treadmills in this price range only go up to 12%.

Built-In Speakers – The sounds system allows you to connect your iPod or phone and play music directly out of the machine. The sound system is adequate at best.

Folding Deck – The Sole F80 is a folding treadmill with a patented all gear rack & pinion system with the Safety Lock Deck. It is one of the more stable folding treadmills and has Easy Assist folding so that you can lower the deck slowly without it crashing to the ground. Many of Sole’s folding treadmills are used in  hotel chains for in-room workouts.

Programs – The Sole F80 treadmill has six preset programs, two customized workout programs, and two heart rate programs. This provides a variety of challenges for both the novice and the elite athlete. However, the number of programs they provide in comparison to the competition is on the low end.

f80-sole-treadmill_consoleSpeed & Incline Control – There are speed and incline controls on the arm rests. Having the controls on the arm rests makes for simple adjustments in contrast to awkwardly having to reach over to the console. This is especially true if you are running.

Console –  The console is one of the better designs we’ve seen. The 9″ white backlit LCD display is visually appealing and the console also includes a cooling fan. Controls are present for speed, incline, time, distance, calories burned, pulse and pace displayed simultaneously. There is no need to scroll for information. There a 1/4 mile track and a peak and valley graph so you can visualize your progress.

Message Board – A scrolling alphanumeric message board is present to help guide you through set up for the machine.  This feature is designed to help users avoid frustration when they are trying to operate the console.  Overall, we felt the layout of the console was very intuitive. You don’t need a programming degree to activate programs or make adjustments.

Click Here to See a Comparison Chart of All Sole Fitness Models

Our Sole F80 Treadmill Review

There are a number of factors that resulted in the Sole F80 treadmill receiving our Best Buy award:

  • Bluetooth capability works with a FREE smart device app so you can track your workout stats. For a folding treadmill, it is very stable. At 250 lbs, you get a very solid feel.
  • The best warranty at this price range, including lifetime motor/frame/deck, 5-year electronics/parts, and 2-year service warranty.
  • An impressive track record with hotel chains. If it holds up in a commercial environment, think what it will do in your home.
  • Excellent components and features, including the 2 1/2″ rollers, 3.5 HP motor, 22″x 60″ tread belt, and wireless heart rate control.

The combination of price, quality, and features makes this an excellent buy.

It should be noted since reviewing both Sole Treadmills and Ellipticals, we have received only one email from a customer asking where to get a minor mechanical problem fixed. More impressive is the fact that we have never had a complaint regarding customer service, except for units bought through Dick’s, which does their own service. It appears Sole does an excellent job standing behind their products.

A closing note. One of our team members was at a fitness equipment store that did not carry Sole, but stocked competitive brands. In talking to the store manager, he said if he had a choice of a treadmill at $1,500, he would go with the Sole F80.

The F80 will adequately accommodate both joggers and runners. Serious runners should also consider the Sole F85. Review

Based on a variety of reliable sources, rated the F80 “Best mid-range folding treadmill.” They mentioned it has comparable features found in more expensive models.

Customer Sole F80 Reviews

I purchased a Sole F80 for our home at the beginning of the year. I am an avid runner (25 miles per week) and my wife likes to run and walk daily. In addition, we have two 14 year old children who are also active in sports. We are very pleased with all aspects of our treadmill purchase. We looked closely at the inexpensive treadmills at Sears and decided on the Sole F80 because of the high reviews.

It is used daily in our home and currently lives in the corner of our family room. It is easy for my wife to move the F80 in to position and lower the deck and after use, put the F80 back. At 190 lbs, I was concerned with the construction of the F80 and found it to be very well made and very stable during use even with my weight and speeds. I currently am training at 8 – 8.5 mph.

Recommendation – Highly recommended and excellent value!

“My wife and I have used our new sole treadmill for a few months now, and can say it has met every need that we have. This treadmill is very sturdy and super quiet. It has a pretty good speaker system on it too. It should last for many years. Much safer than running up and down a busy highway. Well built product/worth every penny.”

“I bought this treadmill online without even trying it in stores. This had me a little worried because I wanted a nice and stable treadmill since I like to run. Well, I was NOT disappointed in this treadmill. It is by far better than any treadmill I have used anywhere (including gyms)… Over all, this is a WONDERFUL machine, if you don’t buy it its your loss.”

Go to for further details.

*Our Sole F80 Treadmill Review is based on personally testing the equipment, in addition to feedback from company officials, customers and sales professionals. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. Changes in options, features, warranties and prices can change without notice.

30 thoughts on “Sole F80”

    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Jorge,
      We rarely see the Sole F80 Fall below the current price. Not sure of your time frame to purchase, but generally around Thanksgiving holiday specials they may reduce it $50 and $100. That’s the largest discount we’ve seen in several years so the current pricing is a good value.


    2. William Docca

      I would like to buy this treadmill and have it installed in a second floor bedroom and set up by your people on delivery how effective has this been?


      1. Brook Norris

        Hi William, we do not provide delivery or set up. Sole offers free curbside delivery, to have it set up in your second floor bedroom would be an additional $239. Hope this helps!


        1. John Bitner

          Brook –
          Is it possible to arrange for someone to move the treadmill (new purchase) from my garage to the basement then set it up?


          1. Site Admin

            Hi John! I’m not 100% sure on that one. I would contact Sole customer support directly and ask them. I would think so but don’t want to tell you yes if that is not the case.

  1. mark cleary

    I am a real runner and my need for a treadmill is to avoid bad weather and as I get older harder to run in dark. I had a Sole F73 I bought in 2008 and basically wore it out after 8 years. I bought the F80 in May of 2016 and have about 2400 miles on the machine. These do what they say and can take a beating. I do regular maintenance and can even work on my treadmill myself I have those skills.

    Ok the speed is accurate I have check it and recheck it at times. Easy to do this is a bike computer and putting the wheel on the treadmill. My bike computer is dead accurate to within a ferw feet in a mile. You can also check speed by measuring the belt and counting the revolutions. My way is easier.

    I never use the preprogramed stuff at all I set the thing in manual and adjust according to what I what to do. Normally in the winter I run 30-50 miles a week on this at about 10 minute miles I am slow. Never had a problem with the belt tracking or motor. I did need a new right speed control since I use it all the time manually it was replaced under warranty. Now I am going to replace the belt again under warranty. It is working fine but now they suggested I change because it is getting worn on the running surface wearing down outside rubber. More of a saftly caution that anything else.

    The preformance it great althought it changes speed slower than most treadmills.. I actually like that at my age of 57 I don’t need to be wiping out. One thing I have to do on all my treadmills is crazy but I sweat huge amounts. The floor and the counsole get full of sweat, including the side rails. This will corrode the electronics pretty fast and I don’t know why others do not have this situation. What i do is cover the entire console with plastic see through sheeting and it protects the entire console. I have open for the key to be inserted and to make speed adjustments but the rest is covered. This saves me completely having to clean the treadmill daily top to bottom. I just wipe down the front area by the start and stop and saves time.

    Many may think this is crazy but I know what I am taking about and as a real runner who gets a real workout I know this is a problem. Finally the heart monitor really does not work that great it did on my old treadmill but this one seems finicky. Again I don’t care I have my own heartrate monitor I use for when running outside. Sole is great with service under warranty and I do think this is a good treadmill. Most people are interested in many features I am not as long as I can control the speed and incline. I am not a person who can listen to music or watch TV while I am on a treadmill. I have to be focused as my balance is not the best I can get my feet tangled easy if I do not concentrate on running smooth. I have some dystonia at times. Real runners go out to run usually a set type workout and know what they want to do.

    Typically I start the treadmill at 5 mph and go up till I am running at about 6 mph. I then vary the speed at times going up to 7 and then drop down and even at times go to a fast walk if it is a long interval. At times I will run 1/2 mile work outs in a series of repeats. 10 years ago I could jump and run on the treadmill much better but as now I am cautious as a few times have take a fall but the safety chord stopped the treadmill when pulled. I even have to change the clip on safety chord to a safety pin as the clip on part that is the spring rusted out ( sweat.)

    This has been a long and I hope helful review. If you are a real runner than I think you might understand. I would any day rather be outside but if you like to run ever day then that is not always possible. I tend not to get board as I make a game out of workouts depending on what I what to accomplish.


  2. Bill Ross

    Thanks for your extensive review, Mark. I am considering either the Sole80 or the Nordic Track 1750 so this review was VERY helpful with the details!


  3. Debbie

    I thought read you deliver and do assembly through a 3rd party is that correct? Above in a answer it say no.

    Thank you


  4. Maria

    My husband and I are deciding between the sole f80, nordictrack 1750, or spirit xt485. He weighs 225 and runs 5 miles/week. I currently run around 10 miles/week and am working my way up to a half marathon. We run mostly outdoors April-Nov. I like the tech on the nordictrack but want to make sure we get a reliable treadmill. I appreciate your feedback.



  5. Kristin Putnam

    My husband and I have purchased a couple of different treadmills in the last four years. One a pro form (used) that wore out after about a years use (it worked beyond the money paid), another we purchased from Dicks and after one month of both of us running it died. We had it serviced and after three days it died again.

    After reading I realized that we need something made for heavy use. My husband is a big guy, he walks and runs 1-2 miles 3-4 times a week. He weighs 250 and although I am not heavy I run everyday 2.5-3 miles and walk a little too. My pace goes anywhere from 8-9.5 minute mile.
    We both exercise outdoors some but in the fall and spring not as much because of allergies and asthma. In the winter we are mostly indoors because of weather.

    We need something that is reliable and can stand the abuse.

    What would you recommend? I was looking at the Sole models and the Nordictrack 1750.


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Kristin! You are right, it does sound like you need something for heavy duty use. I wouldn’t recommend the NordicTrack 1750 for your case, because I don’t think the motor would stand up to that continuous use over time. I would probably recommend the Sole F85. Here’s our full review on it:
      It has a large deck, 4.0 CHP motor (the best you’ll find on the market), and a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck. I hope this helps! Best of luck.


  6. David D.

    I am 57 and weigh 280 now. I am out of shape, but used to jog every day 10-12 years ago, and weighed a lot less. I want to get a treadmill for walking and maybe some light jogging down the road. Can’t decide if the Sole F63 or F80 would be better fir me.


  7. Saundra Wilson

    I am a 70 year old female, 125 lbs, who has been fairly active thru out my adulthood, having exercised off and on. I tend to get lax during the winter. I have been searching for a treadmill that is good quality and would last. I came across this site and after reading reviews, thought maybe you could advise me of one that would be a good fit for me. I was considering the Sole F80, but after reading the reviews, I’m wondering if it might be overkill for me. I only walk (no jogging/running) on average of 5-6 days a week. Please advise. Thank you!


  8. Mary

    I have always owned a treadmill, just broke after 15 years. Looking for a good recommendation on a treadmill, I use the incline a lot so I walk very fast & I am constantly changing incline. I use it approximately 6 days a week. I liked the Sole treadmills from what I’ve read about them. I don’t know if I should get the F 65 or the F 80 I didn’t really want to spend more than 1500 but I want a good sturdy treadmill that will last for as long as my previous one. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Mary! Either treadmill would be a great option for fast/incline walking. There is a 2 month delay on the F63 right now, so if you’re wanting a treadmill sooner I would suggest the F80 as there is no delay on it currently. Hope this helps you.


  9. Kirsten

    Would you suggest the Sole F80 for interval training or the equivalent Horizon treadmill? I’m looking for a treadmill that can go from a fast speed to a slower speed pretty quick and want to keep my budget from not going much higher than $1500.


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Kirsten! I would suggest the Sole F80. Both machines are capable of using them for HIIT training, but the Sole F80 has a better warranty to keep up 🙂 Hope this helps.


  10. Joanna

    I’m interested in the F80. I run daily, approximately 55 miles a week. I’m a small female (120lbs). I’m not interested in bells and whistles. I just want a sturdy, reliable treadmill that can withstand a lot of mileage. i also prefer a machine that is quieter and smooth. Any suggestions? I’ve had several True treadmills in the past and have been unhappy with them, so I’m looking for a machine that’s made better. Thank you!


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Joanna! Sole is the perfect brand if you’re not looking for all the extras. Their machines are known for their durability. Typically I would suggest upgrading to the F85 for the stronger motor with the mileage you’re putting in, but at your weight the F80 should be more than sufficient for you. I hope this helps.


  11. Ric Giese

    Hi, am 72 yr old male, who has had bypass and stent procedures done in the past 10 years. I am currently enrolled in a cardiac rehab program so I have heart monitoring done 3 times per week. I am looking for a treadmill to continue my cardiac work year round. Im anticipate walking or slow jog, but not running and expect to do 3-4 miles per day, 4/5 days per week. I have been looking at Sole F65, Sole F80 and Proform Smart Pro 2000. I am trying to determine if I need to spend extra dollars to move up to the F80 model. Are there other models I should look at? (Budget is $1300 – $1600)


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Ric, for what you’re describing I think the Sole F65 model would be more than sufficient for you. It’s a really durable machine and will have no issues with handling lots of walking miles. Hope this helps.


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