Walking Workout for Treadmills

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2019)

How To Walk Your Way To A Healthier You

Temperatures are rising and summer seems within grasp. Maybe you’re thinking about stepping up our fitness game. Gym memberships, hundreds of crunches and running schedules may come to mind.

But what if it could be easier…MUCH easier…like just walking to get in shape? Is that even possible?

Yup, sure is! You can create a healthier version of “you” in one month simply by putting one foot in front of the other. Here’s how to do it…

The How and Why Behind The Walking Workout

One of the major benefits of a walking-based fitness plan is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need fancy equipment or an instructor-led class. While you can always just head outside and get your Vitamin D while you up your fitness, using a treadmill allows you to vary your workout and get even greater benefits.

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Stephanie Mansour, personal trainer and wellness coach with over a decade of experience under her belt, has put together a one-month walking workout regimen to help you take the first step forward.

“Plus, since walking is a great way to increase circulation, improve mobility and burn calories, you’ll feel your body growing stronger with each workout and set yourself up to attack your fitness goals this year,” says Stephanie.

The plan rotates between four different workouts throughout the month to keep things from getting stagnant.

Workout 1: The Slow Walk

First off, you want to find your pace. This is going to be a pace that you can keep up for 15 minutes. Try out a speed between 2.5 and 3.5 mph. What’s comfortable will depend on your stride length and even your day-to-day energy level. So your speed may not be the same every day. Once you find the right speed, just walk for 15 minutes and you’re done!

Workout 2: The Need For Speed

Next up, pick your “sprint walk” speed. Your sprint walk is going to be the pace that is tough once you hit the one minute mark. You are going to be pumping your arms and really moving. This is an interval workout, so channel you inner speed-walking champ and get started.

3 minutes at your slow walk pace (warm-up)

1 minute sprint pace

1 minute slow walk pace

1 minute sprint pace

(Continue to alternate each minute for a total of 15 minutes.)

Workout 3: The Climb

Now it’s time to move on to hills. This workout is a double whammy, integrating both cardio and strength training. Using the incline is going to really work your leg muscles, so you’ll definitely feel the burn.

To find the right incline for you, start at zero and work your way up one level at a time. Once you find the level that makes it a challenge, you’re ready to go.

3 minutes @ slow walk pace (warm-up)

1 minute at your climb level

1 minute slow walk pace

1 minute climb level

(Continue to alternate each minute for a total of 15 minutes.)

Workout 4: Recovery Day!

Even though you are walking, you still need to give your body a rest. On recovery days try some active recovery. Foam rolling and yoga are great options. Movement is your friend.

These four workouts will get you on the right track to reach your fitness goals. With an easy-to-follow monthly schedule that takes all the guess work out of things, there’s nothing stopping you.

More Reasons To Walk

We’ve mentioned heart health and working your muscles, but walking offers other health benefits as well.

Studies have shown a quick 10-minute walk after a meal can help control blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes. But it’s not just those with diabetes who can benefit from a post-meal walk.

Walking aids in digestion for everyone and helps regulate blood sugar for all. Plus, relieves that “over-full” feeling that inevitably leads to the dreaded food coma.

Which Treadmill Is For You?

There are several treadmills that we can suggest for your new walking workout regimen. If you are a serious runner, you need to ensure that your treadmill can keep up with your performance level. If you’re a serious walker, ANY treadmill can work for you.

That being said, there are a few treadmills with special features that put them a step above the rest.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer Series – The incline trainer machines offer exactly what the name implies: an extreme incline. NordicTrack serves up an impressive 40% incline to really get your muscles firing and your heart pumping on those climb days. With this degree of incline you really don’t need to be doing any more than walking, which is exactly what they are designed for.

NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer
NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer. Read our full review here.

In addition, you can take advantage of the -6% decline. Just like walking uphill works a wide variety of muscle groups, walking downhill will have your working a whole new set.

With the Commercial X11i, Commercial X22i and the Commercial X32i to choose from, you can be sure to find exactly what you need to up your walking game.

Bowflex Treadclimber Series – The Treadclimber series from Bowflex is a machine built specifically for walking. Built to function as a treadmill, stair stepper, elliptical hybrid, this machine utilizes two tread belts so that you essentially have a mini treadmill for each foot. You are also working at an incline that will mimic the natural motion of your stride.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200. Read our full review here.

Depending on the amount of bells and whistles that you’re looking for you can choose from the TC100 or the TC200.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk – If you are looking to incorporate your workout into your everyday while avoiding the health risks associated with sitting, a treadmill desk may be something to consider. You can walk your way toward better health while fielding emails, managing your life, and checking items off your to-do list.

Some models, like the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum model, even offer an incline so that you can boost your benefits throughout the day.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum. Read our full review here.

Whether you are logging your 15-minute walking workout or strolling your days away at the office, the benefits of walking are undeniable. Start your workout regimen off on the right foot and walk your way to better health.


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