7 Ideas to Make Treadmill Workouts More Enjoyable

Spice Up Your Treadmill Time with These Fun Tips Did you know that treadmills were actually invented to be torture devices? They were designed as a method of punishment, to make prisoners suffer and sweat. Prisoners were forced to walk hours and hours without stopping. These early treadmills had a high death rate in the […]

How to Make Your Treadmill Into a Full-Body Workout

Treadmills Aren’t Just For Running Anymore  It’s easy to get in a rut… especially when it comes to working out. Come on now… we’ve all been there! And when you’re using a treadmill regularly, this rut can be even more mind-numbing.  You end up running, day in and day out.  Where’s the variety? But don’t […]

Great At-Home Treadmill Workouts

How to Stay Motivated and Moving While Staying At-Home  Sticking with a workout routine can be tough, especially when you have to do it from home… Every. Single. Day. The lure of the couch, the fridge and Netflix can be distracting and oh-so tempting. How is one supposed to resist the temptation to just chill […]

Why You Should Be Working Out At Lunch

How To Get The Most Out of Short 40 Minute Run Session Let’s face it. Working out in the morning can just be hard. It’s dark… your bed is comfy… and it’s just so easy to hit the snooze button. We’ve all been there. Maybe you tell yourself you’ll work out after work instead… But […]

Walking Workout for Treadmills

How To Walk Your Way To A Healthier You Temperatures are rising and summer seems within grasp. Maybe you’re thinking about stepping up our fitness game. Gym memberships, hundreds of crunches and running schedules may come to mind. But what if it could be easier…MUCH easier…like just walking to get in shape? Is that even […]

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