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Sole feature matrix comparison

Check out a chart of all Sole Treadmill models below.  Also, see our full profile of Sole Fitness here.

Model – Link to ReviewSole F63Sole F80Sole S77Sole F85Sole TT8
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Recommended UsageWalking, JoggingWalking, Jogging, RunningWalking, Jogging, RunningWalking, Jogging, RunningLight Commercial Grade
Motor3.0 CHP3.5 CHP4.0 CHP4.0 CHP4.0 CHP
Treadbelt20″ x 60″22″ x 60″22″ x 60″22″ x 60″22″ x 60″
Workout Programs10 (2-Custom, 2-HRC)10 (2-Custom, 2-HRC)10 (2-Custom, 2-HRC)10 (2-Custom, 2-HRC)10 (1-Custom, 2-HRC, 1-Fit Test)
Display6.5″ Blue Back Lit LCD7.5″ Blue Back Lit LCD9″ Blue Back Lit LCD9″ Blue Back Lit LCD9″ Blue Back Lit LCD
Incline15% Incline15% Incline15% Incline15% Incline15% Incline
Speed0.5-12 MPH0.5-12 MPH0.5-12 MPH0.5-12 MPH0.5-12 MPH
FoldingHydraulic FoldingHydraulic FoldingNon-FoldingHydraulic FoldingNon-Folding
Suggested Weight Limit300 lbs.375 lbs.400 lbs.400 lbs.400 lbs.
Recommended Weight Limit245 lbs.300 lbs.325 lbs.325 lbs.350 lbs.
Heart Rate Monitor/ControlHeartrate Monitor OnlyHRC/w wireless beltHRC/w wireless beltHRC/w wireless beltHRC
WarrantyLifetime Motor, 3-yr Parts, 1-yr LaborLifetime Motor, 5-yr parts, 2-yr LaborLifetime motor, 5-yr. Parts, 2-yr. LaborLifetime Motor, 5-yr Parts & 2-LaborLifetime Motor & 5-Parts, 2-yr Labor (Residential)
Unit Weight253 lbs.265 lbs.265 lbs.265 lbs.299 lbs.