Sole TT8 Treadmill

Brand: Sole Fitness
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

The Sole TT8 Treadmill is On Sale!


New and Improved – Built for Light Commercial Use,
Imagine What it Will do in Your Home

GREAT DEAL! For a limited time, Sole is offering a FREE 90 day trial membership to their interactive fitness technology Studio with the purchase of any Sole elliptical. 

When we were at the Sole headquarters we were particularly interested in testing what may be one of the most durable residential treadmills on the market. 

Testing at Sole Headquarters, Salt Lake City, UT.

It actually is also available for lite commercial use, yet cost less than $3,000.  It is probably an overkill for residential use, but if you got the money and want the best, this machine rocks. 

If you are looking for a heavy duty treadmill with power to spare and an extra 22″ wide belt, the Sole Fitness TT8 is an excellent choice. This treadmill is designed for serious users. In addition to selling it for residential use, they offer the TT8 for light commercial sales, which means it is engineered to withstand the abuse of either runners or multiple users.

A further indication of the quality of the Sole TT8 is the recent review from a prominent consumer magazine. The TT8 received an “Excellent” rating in the categories of Ergonomics, Construction, and Exercise Range. The newest model has Bluetooth capability so you can track  your workout stats using a free smart app.

The Most Durable Residential Treadmill on the market is currently reduced to $2,499 with a 30 day money back guarantee!

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*Shipping/Delivery Note: All Sole treadmills come with free curbside delivery. For this standard delivery, the driver will back the truck up as far as they can (which is sometimes at the end of your driveway) and unload your box for you. Treadmills can often be awkward to move and typically require more than one person. Sole now offers Assembly Authority Delivery for $299. An Assembly Authority Tech will unload the treadmill to the designated room of your choice, assemble it, and demonstrate the functionality for you. This new delivery option is a great deal in our opinion.

Check out our Team Member Video Review of the Sole TT8

Sole TT8 Treadmill Features

  • f85-sole-treadmill_console Bluetooth compatible – This newest 2016 model has Bluetooth capability so you can track your workout stats using the free app from Sole Fitness. The machine will also work with other compatible fitness apps.
  • Incline and Decline – Running both up and down hills on your treadmill will provide a more realistic workout to develop your leg muscles.  Plus, it’s pretty fun!  Not many machines have a decline so this feature is worth taking notice.
  • 10.1″ TFT LCD Display – This easy to read display allows you to track your workout stats.  It’s clear and easy to manipulate.
  • 4.0 continuous duty HP motor. With a motor this size you will always have power to spare. This monster of a motor is ideal for sprinting and interval training. It has two fans to keep it running cool.
  • 3″ rollers. As we’ve mentioned in other reviews, larger rollers are always better. These are the largest treadmill rollers you will find at any price range. Larger rollers reduce wear and extend the life of the rollers, motor, bearings, and belt.
  • 1″ reversible deck, meaning your can turn over the deck to extend the life.
  • Heavy duty 2-ply treadbelt, designed for a commercial setting.
  • The Sole TT8 Treadmill weighs in at a hefty 322 lbs., guaranteeing a solid and stable feel.
  • Residential Warranty – Lifetime frame, motor, and deck, 5 year parts and 2 year labor.

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Our Review — Sole TT8 Treadmill

When we were at the Sole corporate headquarters we asked who buys the Sole TT8? The response was, “People who want our very best running machine.” Often, it is individuals who gave up their health club membership and are looking for a comparable machine to the one they used in the club. It is also buyers who need a treadmill for a light commercial setting that can withstand hours of daily use and multiple users. The Sole TT8 is warranted for both residential and commercial settings, which says something about the durability of this machine.

Furthermore, the strong endorsement by a leading consumer magazine is evidence that the TT8 is one of the best values in its price range.  The technology advancements on this newest 2016 model are a great addition.  Now, you can keep track of your fitness stats so you can make better progress towards your goals.

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Sole TT8 Treadmill Customer Review

I love my treadmill. I burn calories off and look great, feel great and I even sleep better at night and my stress and depression is going away. I don’t even take medication anymore for two months now for my depression. The treadmill has been my biggest answer not only to fitness, but health mentally and physically. You can’t go wrong with a treadmill…it’s your life that gets better without meds in my case.

Aldo R.
Disabled Veteran