Curved Treadmills vs. Traditional Treadmills

What’s the Best Fit for You? By now, you’ve probably heard about curved treadmills. There’s been a lot of hype in the past few months about their amazing benefits and how awesome they are for HIIT workouts. Now, there’s more and more new types of treadmills on the market. And it seems like there’s more […]

What is Ultrarunning and Why Is It So Popular?

Could You Run 100 Miles? Imagine you’re in the Moroccan Sahara. You’re carrying all your supplies, and you’ve been running for 5 days straight. There are miles of sand in every direction, and yesterday, you had to run through a huge, windy sandstorm. It’s always humid, and it’s insanely hot – in fact, during the […]

Can You Lose Weight with TikTok?

Using Trending Fitness Videos on Social Media to Lose Weight You’ve seen the siren song TikTok dance…watched thousands of remakes of Shakira’s “Girl Like Me” dance…and smiled at hundreds of Taylor Swift “Love Story” TikToks. Since TikTok was the “most downloaded non-game app” worldwide in 2020, it’s no surprise that these trendy videos made their […]

2021 Is Your Year to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Don’t Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolutions Just Yet A few years ago, in 2016, I set the goal to do push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups every day, for a whole year. I started doing just 5 push-ups and sit-ups, and just 2 or 3 pull-ups every day for the first couple weeks. Then, slowly, […]

Running Slows the Aging Process

Run Your Way to a Younger Feeling You  Have you ever seen people who have clearly run all their life?  They show up to a race with silver hair, lean muscles, and all the confidence in the world.  Then, they take off like a rocket and seem to maintain their pace like they were channeling […]

“Gotta Get My Steps”

Do Those 10,000 Steps Per Day Actually Do Any Good?  Do you find yourself checking your step count throughout the day?  It might be on your FitBit, Apple Watch, iPhone or any one of the other devices you strap to your body. As the hours go by, you take the stairs, walk the extra block, […]

A New Spin on At-Home Fitness

ProForm is Changing How You Purchase Exercise Equipment Fitness equipment companies never ever want to be seen as boring.  Oh… the horror! That’s why we’re seeing one of the most interesting new takes on selling equipment with this latest offer from ProForm. ProForm is a brand that consistently releases quality at-home fitness equipment that you […]

Coronavirus Drives Record Online Sales of Fitness Equipment

No Gym? No Public Gatherings? No Problem! Okay, let’s just acknowledge the elephant in the room… the world is crazy right now with this pandemic situation. And unless you have a fancy home gym in your garage, it can be a little challenging for some of us to get in a proper sweat session. Normally, […]

You Haven’t Washed Your Gym Clothes in HOW Long?

Survey Says Men Often Go to Gym in Unwashed Clothing… It’s been a long day at work.  Your boss was a pain and the office intern messed up your lunch order.  You are exhausted. All you want to do is punch through a satisfying workout at the gym and head home for some well-deserved relaxation! […]

Your Treadmill Is Having a Major Moment

The New “It” Machine Isn’t Actually New In the ever-changing world of personal fitness it can seem like you are constantly being bombarded with newer, better, faster-working exercise routines and equipment. But what if newer didn’t necessarily mean better? What if you didn’t need to be buying a fancy new machine with cables and crazy […]

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