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Should You Start Training For A 5K Today?

These days, it seems everyone is training for either a half marathon or full marathon. We see 13.1 and 26.2 stickers gracing the bumpers of cars on the highway. And social media is full of triumphant photos of your friends crossing finish lines – hands in the air and smiling exhaustion painted on their faces.

It seems like the thing to do.  But maybe there’s a better race out there?

Now, don’t get us wrong here. The half marathon and marathon are great races to try.  It is extremely rewarding to achieve such a big goal.

But you don’t need to be working towards these particular distances just to earn membership to the cool kids running club.  In fact, the 5K – just 3.1 miles – has a lot of really great perks.

So, open your mind.  And let’s look at some of the reasons why your next race should be that little gem… a 5K.

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Sole Studio Review: Is It Worth It?

Since the eruption of technology use in our society in recent years, we have seen a steady decline of human health. cardiovascular disease preventionNow more than ever, cardiovascular diseases and other health related issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol are very prevalent. To combat this, experts in the fitness industry have started to use technology as a tool rather than a hindrance.

What does that look like? Incorporating fitness with technology. Of course, digital fitness technology is not anything new. Whether it be a tracking watch, an app or a program, most of us have probably used some type of technology to help us out with our fitness goals.

One of the most recent additions to the fitness technology world that has sparked consumer attention is the release of Studio from Sole Fitness.

In this article…

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Could You Run 100 Miles?

Imagine you’re in the Moroccan Sahara. You’re carrying all your supplies, and you’ve been running for 5 days straight. There are miles of sand in every direction, and yesterday, you had to run through a huge, windy sandstorm. It’s always humid, and it’s insanely hot – in fact, during the day, temperatures can get up to 120 degrees. You have one day left, and when you finish, you’ll have run a total of 155 miles.

While you might think that sounds like something from a horror survivor movie, it’s actually a legitimate running event that hundreds of people participate in each year. In fact, this particular race in the Moroccan Sahara is so popular that runners usually have to sign up two years in advance!

It’s called the Marathon des Sables and it’s known as “the toughest footrace on earth.” (1) The entrance fee is almost $700 (not including your plane ticket to Morocco). It’s just one of many insane races that are part of a newly popular running trend called ultrarunning. Continue reading

Running and Jogging are the Key to Lasting Mental Health

Are you sick of the pandemic yet?  Is it making you feel totally down in the dumps?

Mental health has been making headlines more and more the past couple of years – and now more than ever, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

According to one study, “COVID-19 has tripled the rate of depression in US adults.” (1) Before the pandemic, only 8.5% of adults reported symptoms of depression. Now, that number has increased to 27.8%.

This increase is huge – and it means that a huge number of people are facing mental health problems like depression and anxiety. The authors of the study noted that this time, with COVID-19, the “rise is much higher than after previous major traumatic events” like the 9/11 terrorist attack and the Ebola outbreaks. (1)

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Don’t Miss Out on Your Annual Turkey Trot or Christmas Canter

Thanksgiving is the most popular day for a race in America. Each year, over a million people sign up for Thanksgiving Day races across the country. In 2018, “more than 1.17 million runners registered to run, jog, trot or walk” in Turkey Trots all over the nation (1).

Image Source: NBC News

Perhaps you were one of them?

It’s no surprise either – thanksgiving is a great day to run. The colors of the leaves are changing, the fall temperature is nice and cool, and with everyone out of school and off from work, it’s a great family activity as well. Not to mention, the more you run in the morning, the more turkey you can eat in the afternoon!

But this year, with large gatherings cancelled because of the pandemic, races are changing. Instead of the traditional race with hundreds of runners and volunteers cheering you on, races are going virtual.

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Smart Tips to Keep Your Goals on Track 

RunnerDid you start January filled with shiny new resolutions to finally achieve your dream body?

But then, as the weeks slugged by you started to find excuses to cheat.  Your diet went off track.  That daily run on your treadmill suddenly took up too much time.  Your routine started to slacken, and one day, you realized it was the end of the first month and you’d already failed.

Yup… it’s a common problem.

We start out each New Year with optimistic health goals, but within weeks we’re back to our same old lazy ways.  Well, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore!

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions once and for all! Continue reading

Running Apps to Take Your Treadmill Workouts to the Next Level

There is absolutely no reason why your treadmill workout should be boring. 

In fact, manufacturers are working hard (and spending lots of money) to design innovative programs to keep you motivated and performing at your very best. We’ve actually seen this first hand on our visits to some of the top equipment company headquarters.

Many of the treadmills we’re seeing from top manufacturers like NordicTrack, Sole, Horizon, and ProForm have interactive technology built right into the consoles.  Programs like Bowflex’s RunSocial even allow you to run virtually with a friend half way around the world!

Now, just in case all of these programs aren’t quite enough… we’ve compiled this list of apps that will help take your treadmill workouts to the next level.  Download these programs onto your smart device and you’ll be drenched in sweat in no time flat!

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Walk Through Your Day In Comfort

If you are looking to make your fitness a part of your lifestyle, as opposed to an item on your to-do list, the TD80 Treadmill Desk from Sole may be just what you’re looking for.  Released in 2019, this model combines all of the quality construction and durability that we have come to expect from Sole and it won’t let you down in the comfort department either.

When it comes to treadmill desks we have to view things a little differently since you aren’t necessarily looking for all the same features as you would in a regular treadmill. The first thing is that we aren’t going to be seeing a giant Smart HD Touchscreen display, because it’s a workspace first and foremost. You also won’t be seeing top speeds of 12 mph and a 12% incline since that would be wasted performance.

The Sole TD80 is made for walking and maintaining comfort and convenience, and it doesn’t disappoint in either respect.

The Sole TD80 Treadmill Desk has been discontinued.
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Sole TD80 Features

Quality Construction – The solid, heavy-duty construction of the TD80 means that you don’t need to be worried about a flimsy machine that can’t keep up. Sole puts the quality right out there saying the TD80 has a “bullet-proof frame and the highest grade welded steel construction”.

Its heavy-duty construction means the TD80 can easily support users up to 325 lbs. This is great because walking is a great way to start your fitness journey if you are overweight.

The 2.5 CHP motor supports speeds between 0.5-4 mph, which is really the most you would ever need. This is one area where Sole recognizes that you don’t need to pay for a huge motor that you aren’t going to use.

Quiet Use – Since you may be using your treadmill desk in an office environment, it is really important that you aren’t disturbing those around you. The flywheels and patented roller system on the TD80 provide a smooth, quiet use every time you turn it on. It won’t be distracting for you, and your coworkers will definitely appreciate the peace and quiet.

CushionFlex Whisper Deck – Impact on your joints is something to keep in mind whether you are training for a 5K or walking while you prepare for your afternoon meeting. The deck on the Sole TD80 is the same that you find on their other treadmills and it reduces impact on your body by up to 40%.

Spacious Workspace – The tread belt on the TD80 is quite large at 20” x 50” so you won’t feel cramped or like you need to be careful about falling off the back. In addition to being roomy for your lower body, the TD80 also provides the space that your upper body needs. The 47” x 31” desktop definitely allows you enough space for all the things you need to do your job effectively. Phone, laptop, paperwork…everything you need will be within reach.

LCD Console – Even though you don’t have a fancy HD Touchscreen that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to keep track of your stats. The LCD console that comes with the TD80 shows your time, speed, distance, calories and stride among other things.

The best part about the console is that it’s moveable, so you can attach it on the desktop wherever you want. It won’t ever be in the way when you’re focusing on more important things throughout the day.

Convenience – The TD80 is loaded with features that make it comfortable and convenient for you. You can easily adjust the height of the desktop with a simple lever and the toggle switches let you quickly and easily adjust your speed without interfering with your work. The three preset speeds mean that you can start and stop with a press of a button. That means you aren’t taking time away from your work to adjust a bunch of settings.

Quick folding capability is another great feature on the TD80. When you’re done for the day, or you have clients coming in for a meeting, you can fold it up and tuck it away to save space.

Warranty – Lifetime Frame, 5 year Motor, 2 year Parts & Labor

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Our Review — Sole TD80 Treadmill Desk

In the world of treadmill desks, Sole has really stepped up to the plate with the TD80. Sole has focused on quality, comfort and convenience, which are exactly what you should be looking for in a treadmill desk. The flashy add-ons, high max speeds and extra incline look great on paper, but how practical are they in the office?

This is exactly why the Sole TD80 is such a great option, it does the things you need really well without making you pay extra for things you won’t use.

The 2.5 CHP motor is going to be able to handle a long day of walking, so there’s no worry there. And the 4 mph top speed is probably the most you will realistically need. If you want to start doing speed drills in the afternoon, it’s probably best to leave the office anyway.

The patented roller system and cushioned deck are also great features. Not only do they mean smooth use for you with significantly less impact on your joints, it keeps your work environment quiet for those around you.

In terms of convenience, we have to talk about the oversized workspace. Other brands use the word over-sized, but the TD80 actually means it. The 47” x 31” desktop is much larger than you’ll find on other brands. And when your treadmill is meant to be used as a desk, it’s super important that it be able to function as a desk and the TD80 can do just that. Plus, when you need to stow it away from clients or coworkers you can quickly and easily fold the TD80 and tuck it away for later use.

Last but not least, the screen on the LCD may not be a fancy touchscreen but you can move it around wherever you want. This is a really smart feature from Sole. It keeps your stats visible without ever being in the way. You can watch your progress and feel good about the work that you’re doing without distracting from your job.

All in all, Sole has knocked it out of the park with the TD80. The heavy-duty construction paired with the comfort and convenience features make for a machine that really does have it all. Plus, it’s backed with a great warranty so you know they believe in their product.

If you are looking to make your fitness an important part of your everyday lifestyle, look no further than the Sole TD80.

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Should Pilates Be Part Of Your Routine?

There’s a lot more to Pilates than yoga pants, crazy machines and trendy studios.  In fact, if you’re a runner, you could be reaping some pretty great benefits by giving Pilates a try!

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Can You Keep Up With A Speed Racer Mo Farah…Even for a Short Time?

Mo Farah is a running phenom you won’t soon forget.

He can run a 5K in 13 minutes! Plus, Mo has dozens of first place finishes in World Championships, European Championships and Olympic gold medals. Mo Farah is certainly the one to beat. 

Obviously he’s astounding, but his blistering race pace is easy cruising for the British marathoner and Olympian.  Check out this video to see him in action. Then, check out the “Mo Farah Challenge” down below.

Making It Look Easy With 100+ Miles a Week

While Mo might make it look like a breeze when he sails across the finish line, this level of athletic power is a labor of love. It takes intense dedication and devotion to your craft to fine tune your body to this level of performance. Mo’s weekly workout schedule is a testament to that. He takes no days off and does two workouts every day except Sunday.  It’s no joke.

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