10 Breakfast Foods to Keep You Focused at Work

The Right Breakfast Foods Can Make a World of Difference in Your Day Do you ever have those days when you just can’t seem to focus at work? Every task takes twice as long and you find your mind wandering endlessly? A treadmill desk can help you stay focused and keep your body moving throughout […]

15 Most Hilarious Treadmill Fails of All-Time!

Treadmill Tumbles:  You Won’t Believe the Recovery on #5… When you think of a treadmill, you think of exercise equipment that can help you melt away the pounds and live a longer, healthier life. You don’t think of it as a harbinger of doom and viral humiliation on the Internet. But for the 15 people […]

The Secret for How To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Tips to Set a Goal and STICK WITH IT! You’ve just made the commitment to take control of your health. The next great challenge is this; set an effective goal and actually stick with it!  It is easy to just say you’re going to do something, but much harder to actually follow through until the […]

Can You Really Get Arthritis From Running?

“Best Treadmill” Buy ratings are based on: Treadmill Quality Product Performance Innovative Features Customer Feedback Company Reputation Product Warranty The Physical and Mental Benefits of Life Long Running “How can you run that much? It’s just going to ruin your knees!!” The idea that running will ruin your joints and make you a cripple in old […]

A Look at Interactive Treadmill Technology

Which Brand Has the Best Interactive Treadmill Technology? In recent years, the treadmill market has seen an explosion of interactive technologies to enhance your workout experience. Features like online nutrition tracking, customized workouts, and virtual trail running have transformed a regular treadmill workout into a much more exciting and engaging experience. There are several types […]

Can Running Make You Happier With Life?

  Learn About the Emotional Benefits of Running If you are not currently following an exercise program,running may be your solution to boost a negative mood,gain of focus at work,and relieve general anxiety. Scientific research supports the notion that running – quite simply put – makes us happy! Let us share one story of a […]

Use Treadmills to Train for Ultra Marathons

She Just Finished Her 13th Ultra-Marathon at a Race Distance of 70 Miles! During the event,the 130 participants experienced high humidity,deep sections of mud, and pouring rain. Despite the obstacles, Kristen Mam finished under her nineteen-hour goal as the tenth place woman finisher. Many people would think she’s crazy…. For most, the thought of running […]

Avoiding Treadmill Injuries: 10 Tips for Maximum Safety

Learn How to Stay Safe on Your Treadmill Treadmills can be wonderful tools to help us stay active, slim down, and meet our fitness goals. They can also be the cause of twisted ankles, concussions, and even death. So what should you do so you are avoiding treadmill injuries in your daily workout? We consulted […]

Sole F80 vs. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

Below is a lengthy conversation I had with one of my readers and it deals with a common question, which is better the Sole F80 treadmill vs. the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill.  Both the Sole F80 and the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 are designed to handle walkers and runners.  The difference is that the Sole F80 […]

NordicTrack C990 Treadmill vs. LifeSpan 1200i

A reader asked my advise on buying one of two treadmills, the Nordictrack C990 vs. the LifeSpan 1200i. Here is the dialogue… Stumbled across your web site trying to find legitimate treadmill reviews. With a coupon code, the NT C990 can currently be had for only $899, and I was nearly sold on it until […]

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