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How Three Team USA Athletes Train to Win

The long-awaited 2020 Summer Olympics are scheduled to finally start on Friday, July 23, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. When the Olympics were postponed last year due to the pandemic, athletes across the world who were training to compete were devastated. Now, after a long wait and another year of grueling training, the competition will be better than ever.

US olympicsIt’s no wonder we, as spectators, wait anxiously for the Olympics games every four years – watching the world’s best athletes compete is exciting, memorable, and inspiring. And behind every flawless gymnastic performance, game-winning goal, and lightning quick 200m freestyle are years and years and hours and hours of practice.

Olympic athletes have some of the most intense and demanding training schedules of any type of sports competitor. And while most of us probably couldn’t even survive one of their typical days, looking at their health and fitness routines is always awe-inspiring. And, it can motivate us to step it up a little bit in our own training programs as well. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Shoeless Running

A few weeks ago, my sister and I took a trip to the coast for a few days. We woke up the first morning and my sister asked if I wanted to go for a run. Running in new places is always an extra motivator for me, so I quickly said yes – I imagined running alongside the ocean and listening to the waves at sunrise…but as I went through my suitcase looking for my running shoes – I realized that I had forgotten to pack them.

But, determined to make that idealistic beach run come true, I decided that I would just run without shoes – after all, we were going to run on the beach, not through the mountains – how hard could it be?

So, we walked down to the beach – me in my sandals, and my sister in her $120 Asics running shoes. I kicked off my sandals and we started running. Besides running around in the grass at the park or playing soccer on the beach, I had never actually gone on a run barefoot. And there I was, running barefoot on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves, and feeling the cold sand under my toes. It felt great!

Until the day after, when I was so sore, I could barely walk. I think it was the combination of running barefoot for the first time, running with my sister (who’s a Speedy McGee), and running on the sand. That being said, I did enjoy running barefoot on the beach, and did it a couple more times on that trip.running barefoot

You’ve probably heard about barefoot running before – maybe you’ve even tried it yourself. Barefoot running has been around for millions of years, actually. The concept became more well-known in 2009, when Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book, Born to Run became popular. The book argued that running shoes actually caused injury, and that, as humans, we are genetically engineered to run long distances. (1)  Continue reading

How to Run in the Winter Without Freezing to Death

You might have thought that the apocalyptic year 2020 was over, but January 2021 welcomed us with a polar vortex. Spring is coming, but it’s not quite here yet.  Parts of the country are still seeing frigid temperatures.

Running During the Polar Vortex

cold tempsBut, it’s 2021, and you’re determined to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions this year. And nothing is going to stop you, not even a polar vortex. Obviously, the cold winter months aren’t a problem if you run inside on your treadmill. But, if you like to run outside and get some fresh air, it’s best to be prepared.

And running in low temperatures calls for extra prep time. Anthony J. Yeung from Esquire says “temperatures in the 30s and below tend to lock up your body and turn your extremities into icicles, causing stiff joints and tightened muscles, so cold weather running requires special preparation.” (3)

So, if you do decide to brave the cold and run outside during these cold winter months, here’s five helpful tips to help you prepare for running in the cold. Continue reading

How to Stay Motivated and Moving While Staying At-Home 

Sticking with a workout routine can be tough, especially when you have to do it from home…

Every. Single. Day.

The lure of the couch, the fridge and Netflix can be distracting and oh-so tempting. How is one supposed to resist the temptation to just chill out?

Switching up your at-home workouts is a great way to keep yourself engaged and motivated. There’s a lot more you can do on a treadmill than simply run a certain distance or for a certain amount of time.

To save you from having to put together a fun and diverse workout schedule, we’ve done it for you.

Keep reading for a variety of workouts that includes twisting, climbing and facing the gauntlet!

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Smart Tips to Keep Your Goals on Track 

RunnerDid you start January filled with shiny new resolutions to finally achieve your dream body?

But then, as the weeks slugged by you started to find excuses to cheat.  Your diet went off track.  That daily run on your treadmill suddenly took up too much time.  Your routine started to slacken, and one day, you realized it was the end of the first month and you’d already failed.

Yup… it’s a common problem.

We start out each New Year with optimistic health goals, but within weeks we’re back to our same old lazy ways.  Well, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore!

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions once and for all! Continue reading

How To Get The Most Out of Short 40 Minute Run Session

Let’s face it. Working out in the morning can just be hard.

It’s dark… your bed is comfy… and it’s just so easy to hit the snooze button.

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you tell yourself you’ll work out after work instead…

But then life happens and you have errands to run and dinner plans get made.

So you tell yourself you’ll work out the next morning…

But then. But then. But then!

It’s a vicious cycle.

Lucky for you, there’s a perfect little pocket of time right in the middle of your day that may just be the solution to your problem.

Maybe your lunch break is the time you should use for your workout.

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Plus Tips to Pick the Right Type of Shoe 

Running for exercise requires very little equipment.  A reliable treadmill, a pair of good running shoes, and a healthy dose of motivation will keep you going mile after mile! 

Shoes may seem like a simple thing, but they are still very important.  The wrong pair of running sneakers – or ones that are worn out – can cause a wide range of problems and injuries.

Your running shoes do a lot more than cushion your feet from a rough trail or your treadmill’s surface.  They provide the entire foundation and support system to keep your body moving in perfect rhythm.

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There’s No Reason Kids Should Hold You Back From Running

Cynthia Arnold running a marathon with her three children in a stroller.

For most of us, running is a lifestyle… not just an occasional hobby.

So, when your life takes a sudden drastic turn – say, by having kids – there’s no reason your running lifestyle can’t continue. 

Sure, kids take up a lot of time and energy. But that doesn’t mean you have to curb your love of running. If you need a little extra inspiration to start running with your kids in tow, just take a look at famed stroller-runner Cynthia Arnold.

As a new mother, Cynthia may just be the motivation you need to train for your next run… stroller running and all!

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Surprising Research Results Reveal the Dangers of Exercise When Angry

Have you ever felt like you needed to “blow off some steam” at the gym?

Your day was frustrating, your boss was on your back, and the parking ticket on your car just threw you into a blind rage.

So you headed to the gym, full of anger, and decided to pump some iron, beat on a punching bag, or run on the treadmill until you drop.

Yup… we’ve all been there.

It’s common for people to use exercise as a way to cope with anger.  But a recent study shows this might not be the best idea.

It can actually put your health at great risk.  How?  Well, let’s dive into the research…

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Should You Start Training For A 5K Today?

These days, it seems everyone is training for either a half marathon or full marathon. We see 13.1 and 26.2 stickers gracing the bumpers of cars on the highway. And social media is full of triumphant photos of your friends crossing finish lines – hands in the air and smiling exhaustion painted on their faces.

It seems like the thing to do.  But maybe there’s a better race out there?

Now, don’t get us wrong here. The half marathon and marathon are great races to try.  It is extremely rewarding to achieve such a big goal.

But you don’t need to be working towards these particular distances just to earn membership to the cool kids running club.  In fact, the 5K – just 3.1 miles – has a lot of really great perks.

So, open your mind.  And let’s look at some of the reasons why your next race should be that little gem… a 5K.

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