How to Know When Your Running Shoes are Worn Out

Plus Tips to Pick the Right Type of Shoe  Running for exercise requires very little equipment.  A reliable treadmill, a pair of good running shoes, and a healthy dose of motivation will keep you going mile after mile!  Shoes may seem like a simple thing, but they are still very important.  The wrong pair of […]

How to Kick Your Stroller Running Into High Gear

There’s No Reason Kids Should Hold You Back From Running For most of us, running is a lifestyle… not just an occasional hobby. So, when your life takes a sudden drastic turn – say, by having kids – there’s no reason your running lifestyle can’t continue.  Sure, kids take up a lot of time and […]

Why You Shouldn’t Work Out When You’re Angry

Surprising Research Results Reveal the Dangers of Exercise When Angry Have you ever felt like you needed to “blow off some steam” at the gym? Your day was frustrating, your boss was on your back, and the parking ticket on your car just threw you into a blind rage. So you headed to the gym, […]

Why The 5K Is The Best Race

Should You Start Training For A 5K Today? These days, it seems everyone is training for either a half marathon or full marathon. We see 13.1 and 26.2 stickers gracing the bumpers of cars on the highway. And social media is full of triumphant photos of your friends crossing finish lines – hands in the […]

Best Running Apps to Improve Your Performance

Running Apps to Take Your Treadmill Workouts to the Next Level There is absolutely no reason why your treadmill workout should be boring.  In fact, manufacturers are working hard (and spending lots of money) to design innovative programs to keep you motivated and performing at your very best. We’ve actually seen this first hand on […]

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