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Horizon Treadmill T303 Review

Brand: Horizon
Expert Rating: 4.5 stars

The Horizon Treadmill T303 is On Sale!

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by Site Admin


Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by Site Admin

Don’t Let “Budget Machine” Fool You!

Horizon T101

There are so many options our there for at-home exercise and we seem to live in the time of “more is more”, which can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s so nice to see a new budget treadmill option from Horizon that can still pack a punch.

We recently traveled to the Horizon Fitness headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. We wanted to check out their equipment in person. The T303 is the newest addition to Horizon’s budget line of treadmills, but don’t be fooled. “Budget” doesn’t mean that you sacrifice performance or quality when it comes to Horizon, it just leaves your wallet happier.

Horizon is part of the Johnson Fitness family and that means your can count on the utmost quality when you purchase one of their products. Each Horizon machine contains a Johnson Drive System Motor. This motor uses larger magnets to run at a lower RPM, resulting in a quieter, cooler system. This guarantees a longer life for your machine and more workouts for you.

The motor isn’t the only piece of this machine made to last. The tread belt on every machine has been tested to be maintenance free for up to 21,000 miles. Since they produce the parts themselves, Horizon ensures you get the most use out of your machine, with the least amount of maintenance.

The Horizon T303 is in stock for $1,099, or pay just $31/month with financing. Free standard delivery. 
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The Horizon Treadmill T303 Features

3.0 CHP Motor – This is a substantial motor for an entry-level treadmill. Whether you want to walk, jog or run, you’ll be able to do it on the T303. To find a motor of this size on a treadmill with a price tag of $1,099 is impressive and quite out of the ordinary. This is the benefit of a company making its own parts. They can afford to provide performance and power at a lower cost.

This is also great for those of you that are starting out on your fitness journey, but want a machine that will be able to grow with you. This is a great price point for a beginner, but it has the performance features to keep up with you as you make leaps and bounds of progress.

0-15% Incline – This is another area where we see a substantial performance feature for a machine in this category. A 15% incline is big even for a far more expensive machine. If you are a fan of hill days, or HIIT workouts, this treadmill will give you a run for your money.

Plus, just like the motor, this is an area where your machine will be able to grow with you as you get faster and stronger.

0.5-12 MPH – A top speed of 12 MPH rivals what you will find on any other machine. Challenging speed drills and HIIT workouts will be easily attainable and your machine won’t ever slow you down.

Horizon Deck3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning – Horizon’s 3-zone cushioning helps you maintain your proper stride and protects your joints at the same time. The front portion of the deck has more cushioning to decrease wear and tear on your joint when your foot strikes. The rear of the deck is more firm to allow for your foot to push off with more force and stability.

20” x 60” Tread Belt – Fear not tall runners and those with a long stride. The 60” long tread belt on the T303 means that you will always have enough space to stretch your legs and run your best every time.

Backlit LCD Window & 3 LED Windows – This is where we see a difference between Horizon and many other treadmill companies. Horizon doesn’t provide the big, bright HD Touchscreens that we are seeing everywhere. However, the combo of LCD & LED windows means that you can track your workout stats as you go and not miss a beat.

As an alternative option… if you’re a person that loves the idea of the interactive training and personalized routes that iFit — available on NordicTrack and Proform — has to offer, you can sign up for the monthly subscription service. If you choose to do so, you will need to provide your own device to take advantage. You can use the multi-position tablet holder to ensure you don’t miss a thing during your sessions.

Comfort Features – The T303 isn’t just about performance, it’s full of comfort features in addition to the tablet holder. Bluetooth speakers, cooling fan and custom interval keys ensure your workout is exactly what you need.

See a comparison chart of all Horizon Treadmills here.

Our Review: The Horizon Treadmill T303

Brad reviewing the Horizon T101 at company headquarters.

Brad reviewing the Horizon treadmills at company headquarters.

The T303 is a very welcome surprise as the newest addition to the Horizon T-Series. It joins the Horizon T101 and T202 treadmills. Still considered part of their entry-level machines, the T303 offers performance features that make it anything but entry-level. In fact, much of what the T303 offers rivals its much more expensive competitors. With a regular price tag of $1,099, the T303 is packed full of impressive features that you may not expect to find.

The 3.0 CHP motor is going to provide enough power to keep up whether you are a walker, jogger or runner. Combining that with the 15% incline and 12 MPH top speed means that you can do speed drills, HIIT sessions and hill workouts to your heart’s content.

By putting these kind of features on an “entry-level” machine, Horizon has built a machine that can grow with you each step of the way on your fitness journey. The price makes it more accessible to those who don’t need to spend money on a commercial grade machine. However, as your needs grow, the T303 will be able to keep up with you so there’s no need to worry about having to upgrade.

As with most Horizon machines, we don’t see the large HD Touchscreens that are becoming the norm. The lifetime frame and motor warranty are a definite upgrade from other brands, however, this is exactly what we expect from Horizon. Because they make their own parts, Horizon can assure that you are getting amazing quality.

All in all, the T303 hits it out of the park. In terms of performance and quality at a great price, the T303 has it all.

To learn more about the Horizon T303 treadmill, check out

40 thoughts on “Horizon Treadmill T303”

  1. Dawne Clark

    I have a Horizon T30 that I’ve owned since it was new in 2004. Recently, while walking at 3.0mph, the treadmill malfunctioned, suddenly accelerating and threw me from the machine. I sustained injuries to both knees. Are you confident that Horizon’ s new machines won’t have this same potential issue? I read that Horizon had to recall 5900 treadmills in 2002-03 as 15 people were injured in the same way. Thank you for your thoughts.


    1. Brook Norris

      Dawne, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. It appears as if Horizon experienced electronic control panel malfunction in that batch of treadmills and recalled them. I have not personally heard of this happening in any recent models at all, and they do offer a lifetime frame and motor warranty which speaks to their quality. I hope this helps.


  2. Tami Edwards

    Can you run in the T303 or should I have gone up to the 7.0? The treadmill will be used by 4 petiole and will be run on 6 times a week and walked on 8 times a week .


  3. Marilyn Brown

    We just purchased a new Horizon T303 Treadmill. We are excited about having this new treadmill. Another updated posting will come in a couple of months. We are 2 young sisters in our 60’s that are trying our best to stay healthy, active and continue to age gracefully. We bought the treadmill together to help us both to be able to continue to enjoy good workouts and buying it together helps us to afford buying the treadmill. The T303 fits our needs and wants in a treadmill this time around. Previously we had purchase the Proform 550 about 20 years ago from Sears. It has done an great job over the years minus the fact that the belt needs maintenance.


  4. Gabriela

    My roommate and I are looking for a treadmill to share. She is more of a runner, not very high speed, and I more of a long distance walker and light jogger. Being that our budget is tight, we are torn between the T-303 and the Sole F63. Which of those two would you recommend?


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Gabriela. Either are great choices. Sole is known for the durability of their machines, so for double-user use and occasional running I would suggest the F63. Hope this helps


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Sharon. They are pretty much identical machines. The T303 is the top-notch treadmill in Horizon’s T series, while the 7.0 AT is the entry-level machine in their AT series. Either is a great option.


    2. Elaine

      I have been researching this and the T303 has an incline max of 12% and the 7.0 has an incline max of 15%, the 7.0 is about 60 lbs heavier and 2 inches wider. I have a tiny house and I am 5’2″ 120 lbs so I need a sturdy good machine for daily runs that doesn’t take up too much space and that is why I am going with the T303 now had I had more space aI would have gone for the 7.0. Hope this helps!


  5. Scott

    Thanks for your review. I’m interested in the Horizon T303 or other treadmills of similar price. I’m 6’3”, 235 lb and may run 2-3X/week and 4 miles per run. I’m concerned with long term durability with my size. Any comments or suggestions?


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Scott! The T303 actually has a large deck area for the price. It’s 60″ long, which is longer than we see on most so your height shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing I would be concerned about is the motor. It’s a 3.0 CHP motor, which may not hold up as long as you’d like with your regular running. Have you considered the Sole F85? It has a 22 x 60″ treadbelt and 4.0 CHP motor. here’s our review:


  6. Cecilia Berganza

    Not a review, but a question about T303 which we looking to buy for 3 users, (1) teen that likes to run a few times a week. & the other 2 are more like fast walkers on a daily basis. Our existing proform 530.
    Wondering if you would recommend T303 for us?


  7. Jeremy

    I just got the T303 and had my first run this morning. While my Garmin watch tracked a 3 mile run, the treamill itself only registered 2.1 miles. I tried googling a solution, but my machine does not provide the “calibration” or “eng” mode which would re calibrate the speed/distance. I tried calling customer service, but after 10 minutes on hold for the next available representative, the auto voice said they are no longer staffing to take phone calls and hung up. So now I’ve tried emailing and hoping for a response. Do you have any other advice on how to fix or contact someone for help?


  8. Candyce DeBlasiis

    I walk 5 times a week at 4.0 mph for about 45 mins and am starting to jog/run. With a goal of becoming a regular runner. I am tossed between this and the Sole F80…suggestions?


  9. Brian

    I am torn between purchasing the T303, 7.0 AT, and Sole F63… It will primarily be for my wife who walk to light jog on it 3 plus days/week, and my kids another 3 to 4 days/week using the incline, light jogging to running. Which one has bigger rollers and a better belt?

    Bottom line which treadmill do you believe would be best for under a $1000… One of these, or is there another one that would be better for us?

    Thank you…


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Brian. Thanks for reaching out. While those 3 machines are “fairly” similar, I would have to recommend the Sole F63. What we see time and time again with Sole is the durability of their equipment and it sounds like you guys will be putting it to some heavy use! I hope this helps you.


  10. George Cardone

    I am looking at the horizon 303 and the lifespan 3000i. I am 75 years old and I will use the machine daily. Which is the better machine.


  11. William Alcock

    I’m 260 pounds out of shape need a walk to jog treadmill. I’ve been an exercise enthusiastic person in the past having participated in crossfit and running 5 miles plus. I need something strong and sturdy.


  12. Beste

    I am 5’6 weigh 150 pounds, run 4-5 times a week ranging 30-45 min. Which treadmill would you suggest? I have a 5.0T treadmill it has 2.0 hp motor and it’s about to die, so in need of another one. Suggest?


  13. sebastien pelletier

    My wife and I want to get our first treadmill and I’m very hesitant between the t303 horizon and the at7.0 horizon.
    We run about 2 or 3 times a week and we have a budget of around +/- 1000


  14. Betty Huff

    I just received my T303…and like the sisters above I am in my 60s and trying to get my health on track. I love it so far and just hope it can handle the daily walks, jogs, and possible short runs of my husband and I. I will update my review later after I’ve spent a bit more time on it. But so far I love everything about it.


  15. Michael DeVito

    Ive been researching treadmills and I see the T303 get very good ratings… is compared to many of the treadmils mentioned in the above threads…63, preform, etc.

    my wife and i (maybe the kids) will use primarily for brisk walking. I am by no means a runner…..more of a jogger…at like 5-6mph speed for 45 min max.

    If this is the only “running” and the rest for walking… you recommend the T303 or one of the others.

    Not looking to spend much more than $1K. Thanks so much!


  16. Martin Gallas

    Yes indeed. Our technician recommended lubricating the belt once a month. The machine is supposed to show when lubrication is needed, but after using the T303 for 8 months it has not signaled us so lube it ourselves monthly. It is very, very important to do the lubrication or the motor and /or computer board will fail.


  17. Jill

    Hi! I was hoping you could give me some guidance. My Livestrong Pro1 just went to heaven after 10 years and now I need a replacement. I was looking at the T303 or one of the Sole models and am confused as which one to get. We run (5-9 mph) probably about 25-35 miles per week and use it for steady jogs and interval training. Based on that do you think the Horizon T303, Sole F63 or Sole F80 would be best? I do not want a lot of bells and whistles, just a reliable and basic treadmill that will last. Thanks for your help!


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