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Horizon Treadmill T101 Review

Brand: Horizon
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

The Horizon Treadmill T101 is On Sale!


“Best Value Buy Treadmill” on the Planet…seriously!

Horizon T-101-4 Treadmill Review

The Horizon Treadmill T101 is the #1 selling fitness treadmill with approximately ½ million units sold. It typically sells for around $800 We recently visited the headquarters of Horizon Fitness in Madison Wisconsin in order to give our readers the best insight on one the most popular brand of fitness equipment. In particular we wanted to check out their Horizon T101 treadmill because our impression was this is one of the best values for under $1,000.

What makes the T101 an attractive offer for a budget treadmill is the fact that it has a reputation for being very low maintenance. It also received a number of “Very Good” ratings in several categories by a prominent consumer magazine, including Ergonomics, Construction, Exercise Range, and User Safety.

The T101 is also well constructed, as are all Horizon Fitness products. Be aware that the Horizon treadmill T101 is primarily designed for walking, although it should withstand the abuse of moderate jogging.

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The Horizon Treadmill T101 Features

There are two features that we particularly like about the T101…

  1. High Quality Motor:  The 2.5 continuous duty HP motor is built by the manufacturer specifically for the Horizon treadmill T101. This is not an off-the-shelf motor bought by a third party. In fact, all of the product parts from Horizon Fitness models are designed specifically for their machines to provide seamless integration and less maintenance issues. This motor runs smoothly and very quietly with a peak performance at a lower RPM.
  2. Straight Forward Design:  We also really liked the ease with which this straight-forward machine can be operated. The folks at Horizon Fitness advertise a 30-minute assembly. This is a big advantage over other models.  We’ve set-up many treadmills and it can often take hours of frustration.  With the T101, you can be set up and ready to go in a half-hour.  Then, you can spend more of your time actually using the machine. Once using the treadmill, speed and incline can be adjusted with a single touch using their quick select keys.

Other features on the Horizon T101 Treadmill:

20” x 55” running surface – Adequate for users of average height or less.

Up to 10% incline – Engaging the power incline is a great way to target different muscles and to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Horizon DeckThree-Zone Variable Response Cushioning System – Horizon designed their treadmills like a “running shoe”. What this means for the user is that you’ll be able to exercise longer, with less impact. Cushioning is softer in the impact zone and firmer in the push-off zone, so every stride is comfortable. 

Bluetooth Connectivity – You can now wirelessly connect your favorite device to the T101’s integrated speaker system and listen to your favorite playlist while you work out.  This means you can watch Netflix and listen to the audio through your treadmill speakers.  Pretty cool!

Integrated tablet holder and USB charger – If entertainment while you sweat is a must, then the T101 now has you covered. Use the integrated tablet holder in combination with the rapid-charge USB port to keep your video going as long as you are.

Backlit LCD display – Monitor your progress on the easy-to-read display window.

30 workout programs – The program variety is sufficient to keep you motivated and challenged. The programs focus on different goals like distance training, interval training and calorie burn.

Speed capacity up to 10 mph –  Adjustable with typical arrow keys or quick select keys for easy use during your workout.

Contact heart rate monitor – Allows you to monitor your heart rate during exercise to determine whether you need to slow down or pick up the pace.

Cooling fan in the console –  Provides a moderate relief when you’re working up a good sweat.

Music connection so you can plug in your iPod and listen to music directly from the treadmill’s speakers.

Folds for easy storage – Great feature for saving space when the treadmill is not in use. The Feather Light Folding makes it easy to raise and lower. When lowered, the machine descends slowly and in a controlled manner to avoid accidental injury.

2.5 HP continuous duty motor –  Sufficient for walking and light jogging.  This may seem like a very small motor when you compare it to the monster horsepowers available from other brands.  Remember, Horizon builds all of its own components, so this Johnson Drive motor is able to run efficiently at a lower RPM, require less fans (quieter overall) and require less maintenance.  Short story – don’t dismiss this machine just because of the lower horsepower.

Warranties –  Lifetime on frame and motor; One year on parts, cushioning, and labor.

The Horizon T101 has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. 

See a comparison chart of all Horizon Treadmills here.

Our Review: The Horizon Treadmill T101

Brad reviewing the Horizon T101 at company headquarters.

Brad reviewing the Horizon T101 at company headquarters.

For a budget treadmill, the Horizon T101 is a great value. We would rate it one of the best values at the <$900 price point, although any treadmill at this price range has some limitations. In fact, it received our “Best Buy” award in this pricing category against the competition.  Horizon has excellent customer service and the company’s vertical integration means they make their own extremely reliable parts.  We have personally been on this machine and – for the price – nobody can beat it.

It falls in the budget treadmill category, since it isn’t as stable as a heavier, more expensive model.  In general, it is not built for the abuse that comes from running and heavier individuals.

(Pay special attention to the 300 lbs. maximum user weight capacity!  In fact, it’s probably better to keep the maximum user weight down around 230 pounds with this particular unit.)

While mostly low maintenance, the belt on this treadmill is still going to need lubrication every 150 miles or so.

The T101 does come with a few convenient features, including the LCD display, the MP3 docking station with speakers, and the power incline.  The speakers add a nice touch, allowing you to listen to inspiring music as you burn the calories.

The cooling fans are also an added extra. It directs the cool air right at your core.

Although the Horizon T101 treadmill comes with a heart rate monitor, you have to grab onto the contact sensors to have your heart rate read.  This can be awkward for some individuals to do while they are exercising, and the readings are not as accurate as wireless heart rate monitors can provide.  If you are looking for a more sophisticated option for heart rate monitoring, consider one of the other Horizon models with an included Polar Wireless Receiver.

Realize the Horizon T101 is a mid-range budget treadmill. It is not heavy duty and not as durable as more expensive models. If you can afford it, consider a model in the $1,000 price range like the Horizon T202, or Horizon T303. They are more stable and durable with better warranties. But if your budget is limited, then the Horizon T101 is one of the best values at the <$900 price range. 

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Customer Reviews of the Horizon T101

Received this treadmill 2 days ago. Very easy to assemble. Quality construction. Very quiet motor. Heavy, but easy to roll to desired location.

I was very pleased with my purchase. I had researched treadmills quite a bit before deciding on the Horizon T101-04. Most of my research stated that this was a good value for the price point and I would have to agree. The unit is sturdy, smooth and quiet. I weigh 230 lbs and the T101-04 didn’t have any issues. You will need 2 people to move the box. Assembling it was straight forward, 3 basic steps took about an 45 minutes to an hour.

I researched alot of different treadmills, but this one seemed to the best for the money and I wasn’t dissappointed. great treadmill and for the price range you can’t beat it.

66 thoughts on “Horizon Treadmill T101”

  1. Lori-Dawn Krueger

    I absolutely love this treadmill. I have only found two things I would change; it doesn’t store your weight or workout, and you must re-enter them for each use, and the fans directional fins are a solid piece, I am 5′ tall, and the air goes over my head. Other than that, it’s pros all the way.


    1. Charles J. Murphy

      You might want to try taping a small piece of cardboard to the top of the fan to act as a flap and redirect the air to a lower level. I think this should work fine. If the flap goes up to high, simply put additional layers of cardboard until it directs the air flow to your face. I hope this helps.


  2. Tracey

    With the speed setting’s are they available in increments off digit. Example, am I able to set a speed of 4.6 or is it only in speeds of 4, then 5 etc. Hope this is clear.


  3. Tom Huynh

    I have Horizon treadmill model LS6720T have a issue when I turn on the power it show message LUBE BELT I don’t know what does it mean.Can you tell me what is wrong? Thank you very much.


        1. Site Admin

          Hi Chris, yes lubricating your treadmill is pretty easy! There are plenty of video tutorials on Youtube for reference. You can purchase treadmill lube from most sporting goods stores, or Amazon.


  4. Peggie

    I am looking for cushioning, as impact is also very important to me as well as a smoother longer stride along with price. Working on treadmills should Not harm our joints, so cushioning and a smooth impact is paramount. Will this T101 be able to eliminate this issue, the review does not mention anything about deck cushioning?? Please advise, and thank you!


  5. Rainer Lucks

    Bought the T101 some 6 weeks ago.
    It works fine, only that i noticed a week or so later the km distance randomly alternating back and forth between heart rate monitor and km display.
    Suspecting a faulty display, i got on to Intersport in Port Pirie who thought similar and processed for possible repairs or display replacement. Within a week i had a call from a technician. He suspected an interference causing this from something near by as it also had wifi for wifi heart rate monitor. He was correct. It turned out to be from my mobile phone’s wifi that was linked to the T101. I disconnected it from my mobile phone and all was fine after.
    I think this important to share. If may happen to others who may think there is some thing wrong as i did.


  6. Tracey

    Hi, is there opportunity to plug in a pair of ear buds or headphones so that I don’t disturb anyone while I’m listening to tunes or using iPad while using the treadmill?
    Thank you.


      1. Stacy

        Just got mine today. Will I have the option to turn OFF any Bluetooth or WiFi if not needed (I actually don’t want it on)? I am trying to cut back on these things in my house and noticed another comment above about the Wifi having run interference with something else in the house and thereby giving an error code on the heart rate monitor – so I thought I’d ask. Thanks.


  7. Jayne maclean

    Having an issue with my t101. I just get into a”rhythm” and machine/ belt slows down for a second, making me me feel like i will fall. It is little more than one year old and i love it but am afraid to get back on. Ouling it has not helped. Please respond


  8. Elska watts

    Hi! Just got my horizon 101 treadmill yay! I was wondering – do I lubricate the belt before use or do I wait the 150 miles/notification?


  9. Jamie Brooks

    I just got mine yesterday. SO excited to use it. Do i have to lubricate it first or is the lubricant included to use after the first 150 miles? Thanks.


  10. John

    Very interested in the T101, but just read your descriptions and it sates it’s mostly designed for walking. I run two to three times weekly for 2 to 3 miles per run. Average mile is in the 10 minute range. Is this the right fit? Let me know – thanks!


  11. Mary Katsanevas

    Hello. I have been reading about your T101 model for walking. I am in the beginning stages of osteoporosis so want a mild form of exercise. Can you give me a rundown of your price range? I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thank you.


  12. Sherry McCaslin

    I went to walk today and when I pushed the start button it put dots across the reading bar. How is it reset?


  13. Kate Gwenn

    Hi, I just got my T101 delivered and while putting it together had trouble unfolding it. It is stuck in the folded position, and there doesn’t seem to be any specific instruction in the manual for how to unfold it. How do I lower the deck back down from its folded position?


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Kate. To unfold your treadmill, firmly grasp the back end of the treadmill. Press down on the foot lock latch with your foot until the lock latch disengages. Hope this helps!


  14. Pam butcher

    Hi had my T101 for a month
    Was walking today and after 25 minutes in, I noticed a burning smell coming from motor???
    Only 1 month old
    Suggestions or should I return??


  15. Sid

    Have been looking at T101, I jog couple times a week and walk regularly. Is T101 good fit for me? I Does this offers good cushioning while jogging and walking?


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Sid! Cushioning is great on their treadmills, Horizon offers 3-zone variable response cushioning on their machines. However, if you’re looking to jog I would suggest upgrading to the Horizon T202. It has a slightly more powerful motor. I hope this helps!


  16. Joe perkowski

    Question earlier about 6’3” walker/ jogger. Answered that T101 may not be best for running. How about just walking on T101 for 6’3”, looking for using when weather doesn’t allow outside walking, or cold winter days!! Also, reading comments that should lube before 1st use??? So, new machine doesn’t come set up, lubewise! Also, does lube come with treadmill?? Thanks, want a value treadmill for days when weather doesn’t cooperate. Thanks, joe p


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Joe! The T101 is definitely more suited for walking. Most manufacturers do recommend lubricating your treadmill before it’s first use. I am really not sure if it comes with lube or not and don’t want to tell you wrong on this. If not, you can purchase it fairly inexpensive at most places.


  17. Rashne

    Hi– I was interested in using this for running. I am 5 ft tall and run about 3 miles a day at 10-11 min miles. Can this Horizon Treadmill T101 accommodate this? It seems to be advertised as a walking machine…

    Also– is it foldable.

    Finally– what is the height / lift of the treadmill from the ground up– I am storing it in the basement ,,, and want to make sure the low ceiling with allow my spouse ( 6ft) to use it.



    1. Site Admin

      Hi Rashne. The Horizon T101 is definitely made for primarily running. I would suggest something with a stronger motor for what you’re describing. What’s your budget?


  18. Alisha

    Hi there! How do I pair my device to the Bluetooth on the treadmill. I do not see a pairing button on the treadmill. Thanks!


  19. Cid

    Hi, I have been researching the best treadmill for me and it looks like for someone who jogs a horse power of 2.5 is sufficient. The t101 has that amount of horse power. Would that be okay for me? I jog 3-4 times a week for about 40-50 minutes. Thanks for your help.


  20. Ellen

    How suitable is the T101 for a nearly daily 30 to 45 minute walk at 3.5 to 4.5 mph? About how many years could I reasonably expect it to work before needing to be replaced?


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