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Yowza Treadmill Review

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We have visited the Florida headquarters for Yowza Fitness on multiple occasions and continue to yowza-osprey-treadmillbe impressed by what they have to offer.  Although this is a smaller company, they are able to provide very high quality customer service, excellent quality machines, and innovative technologies.  A well known consumer ratings publication gives them 4.5 stars from 344 reviews.  This is an extremely impressive score that you will not see with any other company!

The manufacturer for Yowza Fitness is a Taiwanese company called GreenMaster.  They have been in the business for over 25 years and ship fitness equipment to over 47 countries. Yowza Fitness is their factory direct outlet in the U.S.

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During our recent trip to headquarters for Yowza Fitness, we were greeted by the CEO, Marc Cerceo.  He’s a very hands-on executive, which is something we rarely see in our visits.  He is directly involved with reviewing the equipment and making sure customers are satisfied with their products.  Marc took us on a tour of the operation to give us a full picture of what Yowza Fitness has to offer.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the core focused group of individuals that Yowza has to really serve you as a consumer.  We met several of the workers in the customer service department, the warehouse, and those in charge of the website design.  Each of them plays an important role in making sure the company is running smoothly.

Yowza FitnessThroughout our visit, we heard many incoming LiveChat requests from their website or customer service calls in real time.  We can personally attest that they were all answered quickly and with a very friendly manner.  They really do have great customer service.

Yowza is different than some of the bigger fitness equipment companies in that they have a tight, no “frills” approach to business.  They keep their operation costs down and focus on providing really great machines at factory direct prices.

What Distinguishes Yowza Fitness?

Yowza Treadmill ConsoleFactory Direct Prices — The company is selling direct and exclusively online.  Of course, there are a number of companies that also sell direct, but they also sell through retailers, so they are forced to inflate their prices in order not to undersell their resellers.  These other companies may be selling direct, but not at factory direct prices.  Yowza treadmills are priced minus the overhead costs of resellers

Quality Components — The reliability of the components really impacts the durability of the treadmill and future servicing.  The components in the Yowza treadmills have very good track record for parts including the motor, computer, belt, and deck.

Extended Warranty — Most of their treadmills come with an industry leading lifetime motor, 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty. This extensive coverage suggests these treadmills are both low maintenance and reliable.

The focus of the Yowza treadmills is to provide a solid machine at a value price.  You won’t find any frills like built-in TVs, audio coaching by celebrity fitness trainers, access to online journals, or video displays on the console.  The investment is in reliability and providing the user with the best walking, jogging, or running machine for the price.

Yowza Fitness Treadmills

Top Models

Delray Line of Treadmills

Folding Treadmills

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Yowza Treadmill Features

Transformer Deck Design — This feature can be found on their LidoOsprey, and Sebring models.  Transformer treadmills offer the solid and stable benefits of a non-folding treadmill in a treadmill that can fold. Most folding treadmills use a sub-frame that compromises the stability. With the Transformer models, the entire frame raises and lower, giving you a much more stable running surface than you will find on typical folding treadmills.  They also fold up incredibly small compared to some of the competition!

Motion Control – Our favorite feature on the Yowza machines is the Motion Control.  Sensors on the side handrails are positioned so you can simply wave your right hand to speed up the machine.  Wave your left hand to slow it down and wave both hands to stop the motion.  This is a great improvement over punching buttons mid-workout and can only be found on Yowza treadmills.

Intelligent Weight Management — The company realized that weight management is an overriding concern for individuals who buy fitness equipment. The Intelligent Weight Management feature allows you to manage your weight by defining your exercise routine based on your weight gain or loss. With your purchase, you receive a weight scale that communicates your weight and body mass stats to the treadmill. Press ‘Start’ and IWM will adjust your workout time, speed, and incline automatically to make you burn a pre-prescribed amount of calories based on your real-time data.

MyLiveLight – This app works in conjunction with the IWM system to help you track your workouts, goals, and nutrition.  You can register for a free account and see a virtual avatar running on your smart device screen during your run.  The features on the MyLiveLight system will help you keep better track of your fitness so you can see real progress towards your goals.  Read more about My Live Light here.

Simple Assembly — Several of the models require minimal assembly.  You can lift up the console, add a couple of screws, and be done.

Speakers and iPod Docking Station — Speakers in treadmills are becoming fairly common, but not all systems are the same.  Many machines have speakers that are basically an embarrassment.  We would rank the Yowza speaker systems as above average in quality and sound. The higher price models have iPod docking stations rather that MP3 plus-ins. The direct docking stations offer better sound quality.

Fitsound Music Streaming – Several of the machines are Bluetooth enabled so that you can play music wirelessly from your tablet or smart phone.  It is also possible to answer your phone directly on the console when you have an incoming call.

Swing Arm Shock Absorption — The majority of Yowza treadmills use their patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption. Rocker arms towards the front the deck act like hydraulics. With each step, you can see the deck give with the impact, reducing the shock to your body. As your foot moves down the deck you get a solid push-off towards the rear. In addition, there are a series of rubber grommets, called elastometers that run the length of the deck to further absorb the shock.

Our Review — Yowza Treadmills

Yowza treadmills are primarily about substance. Considering the track record for their comparable models in other countries, you are probably getting some of the most reliable machines in their category.   Their focus is on quality components and not a bunch of frills that most people won’t use.

In addition, Yowza Fitness is a true factory direct seller.  They don’t have to inflate their prices to match resellers.  With the company’s service and unique technologies, Yowza treadmills will match or surpass the competition in their price range.

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