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Yowza Delray Treadmill

Brand: Yowza Fitness
Expert Rating: 3.5 stars

A Budget Friendly Model With Yowza’s Patented Swing Arm Suspension

delray_01The Delray treadmill is the most “budget friendly” model in the Delray line from Yowza Fitness.  It includes the patented Swing Arm Suspension and comes from a company dedicated to strong customer service.

The Delray treadmill is manufactured by Yowza’s parent company,Green Master,located in Taiwan.  GreenMaster has been building great machines for over 25 years and allows Yowza to sell with a truly “factory direct” sales model.  The warranty on the Delray treadmill includes lifetime motor and frame, 3 years on parts, and 1 year on labor.  

Compared to the other treadmills in the line, the Yowza Fitness Delray treadmill has the smallest deck, smallest motor, and lowest price.  This machine was built with budget in mind and provides an option for folks that want a straight-forward machine, no fuss, and a sufficient workout.

Yowza Fitness is OUT OF BUSINESS.

We are still waiting to hear more information about this company but it seems they are no longer producing machines.  

 NOTE:  This is a good machine, but Yowza Fitness is having some serious company issues.  Instead, we’d recommend you check out the NordicTrack C1650.

Complete Delray Video Review by our Team Member

Yowza Delray - Treadmill Review

Yowza Fitness Delray Treadmill Features…

Deck and Shock Absorption Design — The Delray treadmill has Yowza’s patented Swing Arm Suspension that allows the entire deck to move up and down as it cushions the runner’s step.  While this suspension system is certainly adequate, it was not our favorite machine to run on compared to some of the other machines at Yowza.  Still, for the price, we can’t complain.

2.75 Continuous Duty HP Motor — This is a sufficient sized motor to handle walkers and runners.  There are certainly larger motors available from Yowza, but this size will run well without straining.

20? x 55? TreadBelt — This is not the longest deck you’ll see but should work well for most people.  If you are a taller individual, you might be more comfortable on a 60” or 63” deck available on the other Delray models.

Treadbelt – This treadmill has the thinnest belt of any of the machines in the Delray line at 1.6 mm.

Mediaport – There is a media port on the Delray treadmill with plenty of room for a smart tablet.  It comes with a cable to hook up your MP3 player.

Workout Programs — The Delray treadmill includes a nice variety of workout programs including fifteen programs and room for seven user profiles.  The programs include a heart rate control program that adjusts speed and incline to maintain optimal performance.delray_03

Heart Rate Control — A wireless heart rate chest strap is included with your Delray Machine to provide constant and accurate readings of your heart rate.

Console Design and Features — The console has an easy-to-read LCD display, quick press buttons for speed and incline, a safety clip, and two water bottle holders.  As with all of the Delray machines, the water bottle holders are a bit narrow and may not fit a larger bottle.

Warranty – The warranty on this machine includes lifetime on motor and frame, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor.

Our Review – Yowza Fitness Delray Treadmill

The Delray treadmill is a good machine for what it is – a budget friendly model.  The smaller deck size should work for most people but would be a concern for taller individuals.  Still, the Delray comes from a great company and that means a lot.  You can count on them to provide great customer service.

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