Staircase Replaced By a Treadmill, Dancing, and Other Ways to Find Exercise in Unexpected Places

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2019)

Could You Run Up a Treadmill Everytime You Wanted to Go Upstairs?

If you’ve never heard of Colin Furze, you probably aren’t alone. Colin, a YouTube inventor, has designed and created some pretty amazing things in the past, from the longest motorbike to the fastest mobility scooter.

So what happened when Colin set his mind to the task of upping at-home fitness?

We get the Staircase Treadmill of course!

Colin used a ten foot long treadmill belt, attached to a wooden frame with rollers on each end to make a larger version of the tread belt on any normal treadmill. The Staircase Treadmill is powered by a wheelchair motor, two car batteries and offers four speeds up to 8 miles an hour.

As the name implies, Colin then laid his treadmill over the existing staircase in his home. If you’ve ever seen the Travelator on American Gladiator…that’s exactly what you should be picturing.

Solid Theory, But Does it Work?

The idea is that you always have to go up and down the stairs in your home. Whether you’re going to bed, going to the bathroom, or changing your clothes.

So why not get in some extra exercise when you’re doing something that you have to do anyway? You don’t need to schedule time or go out of your way, the stairs are already a part of your life! The machine even has four difficulty settings so you can choose how hard you want the climb to be.

When we watched the video of Colin putting the Staircase Treadmill into action, there’s no doubt that it’s effective for adding some exercise to your day. He even brings in fitness guru, Joe Wick, who has to agree that the invention does what it promises.

Colin’s kids even get in on the Staircase Treadmill…not so much for exercise, but it’s a fun way to get down the stairs too!

Check out the Staircase Treadmill in action:

At-Home Fitness Fun

Maybe you have a treadmill at home, but after seeing the Staircase Treadmill you are finding your regular treadmill a little plain. You don’t need to replace your stairs to get adventurous on the treadmill.

Dancing is a great cardio workout that provides a full-body workout, and it doesn’t have to be done on the floor.

We’re talking about treadmill dancing and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It may not be a common things at your local gym, but more and more treadmill dancing videos are popping up around the internet.

Like the Staircase Treadmill, the theory is solid for upping your exercise game and there’s no doubt it looks like fun.

Think it sounds crazy, check out Marcus Dorsey, Treadmill Dancer Extraordinaire and self-proclaimed “terrible dancer”!

If you’re still skeptical, Marcus appeared on TV to talk about how he dropped two sizes by taking his moves to the treadmill, but his journey wasn’t without its share of bumps and bruises. Keep in mind that this may not be for everyone and you need to be really honest with yourself about what you’re capable of.

Marcus isn’t the only one documenting his skills. If you’ve decided that treadmill dancing is your new calling, see if you could keep up with Carson Dean. (Don’t miss his crazy flip near the end!)

What Else Can You Do for Maximum Results?

While definitely effective, we all have to admit that the Staircase Treadmill may not be the most practical item to install on your home. That being said, the idea of adding exercise into your daily routine can be tackled far more easily, without in-home installation or dancing prowess required.

Sitting for long periods of time is very unhealthy, but many of us spend most of our day sitting at a desk to pay the bills. Here are some easy ways to add a little extra exercise into your everyday:

Walk or ride your bike to work – If you live close enough to work to walk or ride your bike, it’s an excellent way to get in your exercise…and it’s great for the environment too. You’ll be healthy and green at the same time.

Take the stairs – Whether it’s one flight of five, ditch the elevator and use those legs to climb your way up. Here’s a simple “stair test” for physical fitness.

Park your car farther away from the door – When you’re out running errands, park at the back of the parking lot. Even a little bit of extra distance will add up as you pop from place to place.

Make active plans – Dinner and a movie may be a classic date night plan, but you’re sitting the entire time. Go for a walk at the park or play Frisbee golf. The athletic talent needed isn’t important, you’ll be out and moving and having fun while you do it.

Dance it out – When you’re at home doing all of the boring tasks that just have to get done, turn on some music and have some fun. Dance like nobody’s watching and burn calories while you tackle your to-do list.

You don’t need a gym membership or extra hours in the day to keep your mind and body healthy. You just need to be aware of it and start taking baby steps. Although if you find that you are the world’s next great fitness inventor or treadmill dancer, make sure to share those talents with the rest of us.

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