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Precor vs. True vs. Landice Treadmills

A question from a reader…

I am a hard core treadmill user.  Which would you suggest?  I do  a lot of inclines and long distance.  Some running   I have narrowed it to three treadmills: True, Landice and of course Precor. I appreciate any insight you give.


My response…


Any of these brand is ideal for a hard core runner.  Each has their own nuisances and advantages. For example, the Precor has the foot plant technology, that many runners feels gives a superior running experience.  While the Landice is the equivalent of a humvee.

All three brands also sell commercial models, so many of the components are commercial grade. The exception is the entry level treadmills that Precor and True sell under $2,000.

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You may also want to check out the Sole TT8 for a lower priced model.

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