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Spirit Fitness XT485 Treadmill Review

Expert Rating:4.5 stars

Solid, Durable Machines with Minimal Services Issues

Spirit has always built stable and durable treadmills.  In fact, I used to work for a company that private labeled them, and they were solid, durable machines with minimal service issues.

The Spirit XT485 treadmill is no exception!  It, too, appears to be a sturdy machine that holds up well against wear and tear.  So many treadmills are not really suitable for runners or multiple users.  However, the Spirit XT485 should is engineered to handle the rigors that coming with running.  In fact, a prominent consumer magazine rated this treadmill very high on its ergonomics, construction, and exercise range!

Note: The Sole F85 is a comparable model to the Spirit XT485 and is built by the same company. You can purchase the Sole F85 direct at

Features on the Spirit Fitness XT485

Aside from its heavy, solid construction, the Spirit XT485 treadmill has a lot to offer.  Sure, it may cost more than a number of treadmills on the market today, but it’s worth the price!

Here’s a look at some of the features on the Spirit XT485 model:

  • 20” x 60” treadbelt — A more than adequate enough running surface to accommodate taller users and sprinters.  Great for interval training!
  • 3.5 HP continuous duty motor — A good, strong motor that can handle runners and multiple users.  This motor should run effortlessly at steep inclines and high speeds.
  • 2.75” rear roller — The larger than normal roller means that more of the treadbelt surface rolls over it and has to bend less.  This reduces the wear and tear on the bearings, motor, and belt and can make for a smoother, quieter treadbelt.
  • Orthopedic belt — Although this is a nice feature in theory, you get minimal additional cushioning from it in reality.  Don’t expect the belt to feel like running on sand.
  • 268 lbs. assembled weight — The heavy weight of commercial grade structural steel makes for a sturdy, stable machine.
  • 425 lbs. user capacity — For best results, a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. is likely more realistic.
  • Folding deck with “Soft-Drop” assist—Makes setup easy and helps prevent the platform from falling too quickly, thus, reducing the chances of potential damage or injuries.

spirit-xt485 consoleAdditional features on the folding Spirit XT485 treadmill include a heart rate control, incline motor, cooling fans, speakers with MP3 dock, and speed/incline controls on the handlebars.

Spirit XT485 Treadmill Review

Dyaco, the company that builds Spirit treadmills, also builds Sole treadmills.  In my opinion, the Spirit XT485 is equivalent to the Sole F85.  In fact, they use many of the same components. (I’ve personally been on an F85, and it felt great!)

We gave the Sole F85 a “Best Buy” rating, because we think it’s one of the best treadmills you can buy, and it has an excellent service record!  So, to say that the Spirit XT485 is equivalent to the Sole F85 is saying that we think highly of the XT485, too!

Spirit model treadmills are primarily sold through fitness equipment specialty stores.  They’re definitely worth trying out!  Should you decide to purchase an XT485 treadmill, I think you’ll be quite satisfied with your decision.  This is a quality treadmill that should last through years of exercise enjoyment!

2 thoughts on “Spirit XT485”

  1. Louise

    I’m thinking about buying this model, but have heard the cushion is not as good as other treadmills and could be hard on the joints.

    Do you know this to be an issue with this machine?


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your question regarding the XT485. Spirit is manufactured by Dyaco which is the same company that builds Sole. The XT485 Spirit is a similar deck (almost identical) to the Sole F85 which we generally recommend for serious runners. It’s much more forgiving than running on solid ground or pavement, but it is a running deck and designed to take the abuse associated with running.

      If you have joint issues, I personally recommend against a treadmill altogether as the high impact will worsen your condition. You may want to consider an elliptical which can provide excellent cardio workouts, and greatly reduces your risk of damaging your joints.


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