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Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill

Brand: Life Fitness
Expert Rating: 3 stars

The Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill is on sale!


A Folding Treadmill with Quality Construction

f1-smart-treadmill-lThe LifeFitness F1 Smart Treadmill is an entry level machine from Life Fitness.  The company is known for their high-quality products and durability.  Many of their machines can cost a pretty penny, but you can be sure you’re getting a product that is worth the money.

Life Fitness is well known in the exercise industry for creating a full range of equipment pieces.  They have been building great treadmills for 45 years.  This brand is highly rated for ergonomic design so you can be sure that the machine has been engineered to take into account your body’s motion.  This design will minimize stress on your knees and joints.

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The Life Fitness typically sells for around $2,199.
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  Our Alternative Recommendation: Vision T-80 Treadmill.

Features on the F1 Smart Treadmill

The Life Fitness F1 Smart treadmill is a compact machine that is great for small homes.  It folds and locks into place for easier storage.  The F1 comes with a wireless telemetry heart rate monitoring system and a quick start feature.  The deck has FlexDeck shock absorption and 20×55″ area.  The F1 sports a 2.5 HP Continuous duty motor with a 10-year warranty.

Things We Like:

  • The ergonomics and quality construction on this machine are in a league of their own.  Life Fitness focuses on building GREAT machines without many bells and whistles.
  • This machine has a quick start feature that remembers  your preferred speeds for walk, jog, and run speeds.  It also remembers your preferred incline positions.
  • With Life Fitness, you can select the level of warranty that you’d like.  A longer warranty will cost you a bit more, but provide peace of mind.  Choose between a 3 year extended warranty for $150 or a 5 year extended warranty for $250.  Not many other companies do this.
  • The F1 Smart Treadmill is compatible with many popular fitness apps.  It also connects easily to your MP3 player.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • For this price, we would expect the machine to have a bit more horsepower on the motor.  Life Fitness compares well to boutique brand Vision Fitness.  Vision has the TF-40 folding treadmill with a 3.0 CHP motor and more tech features.
  • We were a bit disappointed to see only a 10 year warranty on the motor.  Other companies offer a Lifetime warranty on their motors.
  • The tech features on this machine aren’t very innovative.  It connects to popular fitness apps, but we wish it had more virtual running course tech.

Life Fitness overall will not have as many bells and whistles as other companies like ProForm and NordicTrack.  They focus on making very high quality machines with excellent ergonomics.  In fact, several of their treadmills have received excellent ratings from a popular consumer magazine for construction, ergonomics and ease of use.

If you are LESS concerned about fancy technology and interactive features…

And VERY concerned about an high quality ergonomic machine that will work well with your body…

Then Life Fitness is perfect for you!

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