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True Z5.4 Treadmill Review

Brand:True Fitness
Expert Rating:5 stars!

True Treadmills Seem to Last Forever!

True Z5.4 treadmill review and ratingTrue Fitness is well-known for its high quality commercial treadmills that are found in many health clubs across the country.  True is also known for its incredible residential treadmills.  In both commercial and residential products, True is recognized for using only the finest components.

True treadmills seem to last forever.  Nevertheless, True treadmills are quite expensive.  You might say that buying a True model is like buying the “Porsche” of treadmills.  You get a really fabulous product…but, you pay a really big price for the privilege of owning this product.  Owners of True treadmills may become the envy of friends, relatives, and neighbors.

The True Z5.4 TreadmillFeatures

Among the unbelievably great residential treadmills by True is the Z5.4 model.  The high quality of True treadmills is reflected in the above average 10-year parts warranty that backs the Z5.4.

true z5.4 consoleOne of the unique aspects of the True Z5.4 treadmill is its 22” width treadbelt.  Most treadmills have a belt that is only 20” wide.  The downside of the treadbelt, however, is that it is only 54” long.  That length might be perfect for average-to-short individuals, but it may prove to be a little too short for taller people who have an extra long stride.

The special shock absorption on the deck of the Z5.4 significantly reduces stress on the back, hips, knees, and ankles…making workouts practically impact-free…sort of like walking on air!  Combine this comfortable deck with the state-of-the-art 3 hp DC motor, and you’ve got one of the quietest, smoothest treadmills around!

The Heart Rate Control allows you to set your targeted heart rate and then automatically adjusts the speed and incline, helping you to maintain that heart rate throughout your workout.  The HRC is compatible with the Polar telemetry belt.

Preprogrammed workouts add variety to your exercise sessions.  The programs include a manual program, a quick start program, hill intervals, speed intervals, weight loss, and cardio.  Each program is geared to help you reach your fitness goals.

The True Z5.4 treadmill doesn’t come with extra frills such as an iPod dock or speakers.  It doesn’t have a cooling fan in the console.  The focus on this machine is its incredible quality and dependability.

Our Review—True Z5.4 Treadmill

As with all True treadmills, the frame of the Z5.4 is constructed of strong, commercial grade steel.  All other components used in making this machine are of the finest quality.  It is a dependable, durable, stable, quiet treadmill that should last for many, many years.

Anyone who buys the True Z5.4 is going to own a top-of-the-line treadmill.  They are going to have few (if any) worries with this model, and the maintenance will be minimal.

Unfortunately, the price of the True Z5.4 is pretty high.  The expense will be a big issue for a lot of people.

For those of you who find the price of the Z5.4 a bit shocking and out of reach, the Sole TT8 could be a good alternative.  At about half the price of the Z5.4, the Sole TT8 is a really nice treadmill.

This Sole model has a treadbelt that is 22” wide and 60” long.  That’s 6 inches longer than the belt on the True Z5.4!  Users with an extra long stride would probably be more comfortable working out on the larger belt of the Sole TT8.  Also, the TT8 comes with a 2-year labor warranty, which means that Sole has confidence in the quality of this particular treadmill.

If money is no object, however, you certainly can’t go wrong with the True Z5.4 treadmill!

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