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Landice L8 Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill Review

Expert Rating:5 stars!

Extra Long 63″ Treadbelt

The Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer treadmill is the upgrade from the L7 verion. In addition to having the quality and durability of and Landice treadmill, residential or commercial, the L8 has these features:

  • 20″ x 63″ extra long treadbelt. The length will accommodate tall users. It is also ideal for sprinting and interval training.
  • 4-Ply treadbelt. You’ll find most treadmills come with a 2-ply belt. They are more likely to wear out or stretch. The 4-Ply belt on the L8 Pro Sport Trainer offers twice the durability.
  • 4 HP continuous duty hp motor. This is a monster of a motor that will handle any abuse to give it.
  • 415 lb. treadmill weight. Not sure if there are any home treadmills that weight more. Regardless, this treadmill is solid as a rock.

Our Review – Landice L8 Pro Sports Trainer Review

For those that can afford it, the L8 Pro Sports Trainer will give you an exceptional workout. It is built for serious runners.

You can expect it to low maintenance and require little to no service.

The price is hefty, but the engineering and the quality of the components are second to none. Oh yeah, and the lifetime parts warranty is sweet!

L8 LTD Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill Highlights:

  • Powerful 4 HP continuous duty motor
  • .5 to 11 mph speed range
  • 15% grade elevation
  • VFX shock absorbtion system
  • 1″ thick reversable deck
  • 20″ x 63″ four-ply treadbelt
  • 3.5″ diameter, 22 lb steel rollers
  • 120 VAC electrical requirements
  • 500 lb user weight capacity
  • Dimesions: 32″ x 82″
  • Weight: 415 lbs

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