Used Treadmill Ratings and Reviews

Important Considerations When Buying a Used Treadmill

There are a couple of considerations when purchasing a used treadmill.

First:  There are all levels of “used”.

Some used treadmills may be virtually new. The purchaser had good intentions, but soon after buying the treadmill it became an expensive clothes hanger. So, get a feel of how used the machine actually is. On some machines there are gauges that track actual miles.

Second:  There is a vast difference between a used budget and premium treadmill.

For example, a used Welso treadmill is almost worthless, while a used Landice treadmill could still be performing for years.

Third:  Be cautious if you’re buying a used treadmill online.

If you are buying a used treadmill through eBay be particularly cautious. You do not have any way to verify the actual condition until you take delivery. We have encountered scam artists who attempt to sell bogus fitness equipment on the Internet. Verify the seller and do not send checks.

Fourth:  Be aware that in most cases the warranty on a treadmill will not extend to the secondary buyer.

Therefore, even a minor repair can make the treadmill useless since repairing a treadmill can be very costly.

Should You Buy a Used Treadmill?

There are some excellent values with used treadmills, since so many people purchase them and never use them. Be cautious, and know what you are buying.

Below is a list of treadmills that are no longer manufactured. You may find the model you are considering buying. Also, check out the ratings and reviews on the new models. Many of these are currently circulating as used treadmills.

Speaking of new treadmills, do not rule out buying a new treadmill. In general, every year the overall quality of treadmills improves, and you tend to get more for less with advancements in technology and manufacturing.

(Note: The prices listed were typically what the treadmills were selling for brand new.)

Budget Treadmills $200 to $1,000

As noted above, be particularly cautious buying treadmills in the category. Especially treadmills priced below $500. Most of these treadmills use budget components. Many came with 90-day parts and labor warranties, which say something about their durability.

Used Proform Treadmills
ProForm CrossWalk Performance $499
ProForm Crosswalk 385x $499
Used Smooth Fitness Treadmills
Smooth 5.45 $999
Smooth 5.25 $999
Smooth 5.15 $999
Used NordicTrack Treadmills
NordicTrack C 1800 $799
NordicTrack A2350 $599
NordicTrack A2550 $799
NordicTrack T5 zi $599
NordicTrack T7si $799
NordicTrack A2750 $999
NordicTrack T9ci $999
NordicTrack X3 Incline Traineri $999
Used Weslo Treadmills
Weslo Cadence C22 $199
Weslo Cadence 340 CS $299
Weslo Cadence C32 $299
Weslo Cadence C42 $329
Weslo Cadence C62 $449
Used Image Treadmills
Image 10.4QL $987
Image 10.0 $386
Image 16.0 Q $488
Image 19.0 Q $598
Image 23.0 Q $792
Image 995 SEL $694
Used Horizon Fitness Treadmills
Horizon Fitness T82 $799
Horizon Fitness T83 $999
Horizon Fitness T500 $799
Used Epic Treadmills
Epic T60 $899


Mid-Range Treadmills $1,000 to $2,000

Used treadmills in this price range are more durable and if you get a model that is still in good condition, you may get several years of usage out of it. It depends on the quality of the brand and the particular model.

Used Smooth Treadmills
Smooth 6.25 $1,499
Smooth 9.25 $1,999 Smooth Treadmill rating
Used NordicTrack Treadmills
NordicTrack Elite 7500 $1499
NordicTrack E4400 $1899
NordicTrack Apex 6000 $1299
NordicTrack Apex 6500 $1699
NordicTrack 7000 R $1499
NordicTrack Elite 2900 $1499
NordicTrack C1250 $1299
NordicTrack 2800 $1199
Used Horizon Fitness Treadmills
Horizon Fitness T73 $1,159
Horizon Fitness T84 $1,299
Horizon Fitness RCT 7.6 $1,300
Horizon Fitness T1200 $1,300
Horizon Fitness PST6 $1,300
Used BowFlex TreadClimber
BowFlex TC1000 TreadClimber $1,599
BowFlex TC3000 TreadClimber $1,899
Used Reebok Treadmill Review & Ratings
Reebok Vista $1,299
Used Diamondback Treadmills
Diamondback 500Tm $1,569
Diamondback 600Tm $1,899
Used Keys Treadmills
Keys 8800 $1,899
Used Trimline Treadmills
Trimline t305 $1,099
Trimline t315 $1,299

Quality Treadmills $2,000 +

Treadmills in this category are considerable more durably and are built to withstand rigorous use. Some models in the upper price range are commercial grade for the home.

Used NordicTrack Treadmills
NordicTrack 8600 $4195
NordicTrack Incline 8600 $4695
Used Smooth Treadmills
Smooth 9.25X $2,399
Smooth 9.45 st $1,999 Five star sole treadmill review
Used Spirit Treadmill
Spirit SR247 $2,095
Used Diamondback Treadmills
Diamondback 700Tm $2,069
Used BowFlex TreadClimber
BowFlex TC5000 TreadClimber $2,299
Used Star Trac Treadmills
Star Trac Sport $3,995 Five star sole treadmill review
Star Trac Pro $5,995 Five star sole treadmill review
Star Trac Pro S $5,295 Five star sole treadmill review
Used Epic Treadmills
Epic T40 $3,299