Sports Practice Water Break:  Why Is It So Important?

drinking-water-1326780-639x454If you are on a sports team, you’ve likely heard your coach yell, “Now take a break and go get a drink of water!”  Why do you think he makes such a big deal about this?  The reason is simple…water is REALLY important!

Nearly 2/3rds of your body is made up of water.  It helps transport nutrients into your cells and aids in digestion, circulation, and waste removal.  More importantly for you during your practice, it helps regulate your body temperature so you don’t overheat on the sports field.  It also reduces fatigue and helps your body recover after a tough workout.

Read more about the importance of water in this article.  Then answer the review questions below:

  1. Explain how water helps the brain function and keeps it protected from injury.
  2. If you donate 500mL of blood to the blood bank, roughly how much water did you lose?
  3. What are two ways that water helps regulate body temperature during exercise?
  4. A student on the football team has to stop practice because he doesn’t feel well. Even though it’s a hot day and he has been running around, his skin is dry, he feels cold, and he feels dizzy.  What is likely happening and why?
  5. A soccer team travels to Puerto Rico for a special invitational tournament. They enjoy the tropical climate but notice that they are sweating much more than they do in their Texas  Why?
  6. A girl in Pennsylvania has a condition called anhidrosis. All of the coaches are aware of her condition and are told by the school nurse to watch her closely at cross country practice.  Why are they so worried about her?
  7. True or False – Drinking enough water can make you perform better during a game?
  8. What are the six action steps you should take to drink enough water?
  9. If your father is feeling thirsty while watching your baseball game, is a thermos of coffee a good way for him to rehydrate? Why or why not?
  10. What is special about sports drinks and why can they be helpful to drink during a game?

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