Want Your Treadmill Before the Holidays?

Find Out Which Companies are Shipping the Fastest In the era of COVID-19, your fitness routine has probably changed a lot. Your 15-minute drive to the gym has morphed into a 30-second walk to your living room. Your sweaty, loud, and energetic spin instructor is now behind a screen on your TV, tablet, or phone. […]

8 Weeks to Better Heart Health

  DASH Your Way to a Healthy Heart  Believe it or not, you can help your heart in just 8 weeks. How? Eat your fruits and veggies! We talk a lot about exercise and the benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system. But what you put into your body is just as important as what […]

Run Your Way To A Better Memory

Ace Your Next Test With Your Running Shoes  Running is great for every system in your body — from head to toe. This isn’t news. But did you know that running could help you get ahead at work or school? It’s true. Whether you’re cramming for a test, getting ready for a big presentation or […]

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