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In the era of COVID-19, your fitness routine has probably changed a lot. Your 15-minute drive to the gym has morphed into a 30-second walk to your living room. Your sweaty, loud, and energetic spin instructor is now behind a screen on your TV, tablet, or phone.

And your fitness center that had rows and rows of workout machines, barbells, and fitness equipment is now…a yoga mat and some dumbbells.

And since it looks like the virus is here for the long haul (or at least for another few months), you’ve realized that you need to step up your workout game. With the New Year approaching, right now you have another opportunity to change up your fitness plan, set new goals, and get back into shape.

But of course, you need the right equipment – and now is the time to invest in a quality treadmill. Continue reading


DASH Your Way to a Healthy Heart 

Believe it or not, you can help your heart in just 8 weeks.


Eat your fruits and veggies!

We talk a lot about exercise and the benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system. But what you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine compared data on individuals that followed a diet that included lots of fruits and vegetables, including those following a DASH diet, against a typical American diet. Continue reading

Ace Your Next Test With Your Running Shoes 

NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer

Looking for an in-home treadmill? Check out the NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer

Running is great for every system in your body — from head to toe. This isn’t news. But did you know that running could help you get ahead at work or school?

It’s true. Whether you’re cramming for a test, getting ready for a big presentation or preparing for a public speaking engagement, running could be your secret weapon for success.

We’ve talked in the past about exercise helping aging adults activate the memory centers in their brains. Then, there’s the importance of “flexing your brain” with exercise to keep it in top form for longer.

However, studies show that regardless of age, running can help you with memory retention when you’re preparing for an event that requires memorization. Continue reading

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