Question Regarding NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

A question from a reader on the durability of the NordicTrack X9i  Incline Trainer and NordicTrack customer service.

The following is a note from one of our readers:

Thank you for all of the great information on your website. I like what you have to say about the Nordic Track x9i Incline Trainer. I tried one at Sears and I did like it.

1.  First, my question has to do with its reliability and level of service from Nordic Track and/or Sears. Do you think this is an issue to be concerned with and possible a reason to not buy one? Or do you think reliability and service should be fine?It seems like the reviews from the Sears site are about 50-50, with most complaints being about the reliability of the trainer and service from Sears. I have read the same about dealing directly with NordicTrack.

2.  Another question is “head room clearance”. Do you have any insight on how much extra room is needed for the NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer? I checked with NordicTrack and they said add about 20 inches to your height. But at the Sears store the deck of incline trainer was at 27 inches when at 40 degrees. I realize I will not be standing “straight up” while walking or running at 40 degrees!  This would have to go in my basement and I have just 18 inches above my head to the exposed joist above. I could place the training “between” two joists and be careful !!!!!

3.  One more question, since an incline workout is quite taxing on the body, how many times per week would you suggest using it at 30 to 40 incline?

Thank you so much for your help.  ~Bernie

Our Team Member Response on the NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer:


I can’t give you definitive answers to all these questions, but hopefully I can give you some insight.

NordicTrack Durability and Customer Service

Icon, which owns Nordictrack, does have occasional customer service issues.  I’ve had several people contact me with problems with getting proper service, and in all situations I was able to get the issue resolved.  The problem with NordicTrack is that they sell so many products in comparison to their competition that they obviously have a larger number of customers with problems, but percentage wise their machines are comparable in durability.  And during the holidays they get swamped with service issues and inquiries.  I may give an edge to maybe Sole Treadmills in durability, but not much of an edge. I will say that I have a NordicTrack treadmill, and in the year I owned it I have not had any issues.

Head Clearance on the NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer

Regarding the clearance, that I cannot advise you on.  I would lean towards caution and suggest you may have a clearance problem.

Workout Frequency on the x9i

How many times a week would I suggest exercising at a 30%-40% incline?  That would be based on your ability to handle that kind of exertion.  I know I could not last long at that kind of extreme incline.  I run on my treadmill at 3% at 5.8 mph, and switch to a 10% walk at 3.8 mph.  After about 50 minutes I am beat, but I’m an old fart.  I live on top a ridge and have steep trail, probably 40%, along my property.  Walking up and down this hill is a good alternative to the treadmill.  It takes about 4 minutes, and I am choking for air by the time I get to the top. However, I hiked to the top of Mt. Whitney years ago and some guy passed me that ran to the top.  So you would know better than me on what you can handle.

I hope this gives you some insight.
Fred  |