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Vision Fitness T40 Treadmill Review

Brand: Vision Fitness
Expert Rating: 4.5 stars

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Designed to Take the Abuse of Runners

Vision-T40-treadmillThe Vision Fitness T40 is the non-folding version of the TF40 treadmill.  It is designed to take the abuse of runners,in addition to offering features that will motivate you in achieving your fitness goals.  If you have no need for a folding treadmill, then the T40 can save you $200 over the comparable TF40 folding treadmill. One of our team members owns a folding treadmill and admits to never using the folding mechanism.  In addition to paying extra for that feature, the folding mechanism slightly compromises the stability of the machine.  Check out the T40 and TF40 to see which is the best option for you!

Overall, what makes the Vision Fitness T40 treadmill appealing is the engineering and components that go into making this one of the most durable residential treadmills on the market.  That durability comes from utilizing features and components found on their commercial treadmills.

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Vision Fitness T40 Treadmill Features

When you buy the Vision Fitness T40 treadmill, you are given the choice of three consoles — Classic, Elegant+ and Touch+. This is one of the only fitness equipment companies in the industry that allows you to choose a console based on your fitness needs. You pay for what you require, rather than paying for unwanted options. Vision_Consoles

  • Touch+ – Along with ViaFit, Virtual Active, Sprint8, and wireless heart rate monitoring, this option also includes a workout calendar. This makes it easier than ever to keep track of your workout data. Your iPod or iPhone is compatible with this console, so you can control your playlist directly on the impressive 15.6” high-definition touch screen and output to the built-in speakers.
  • Elegant+ – This 10” touch screen display features ViaFit, a WiFi connectivity system. You can also benefit from the Sprint 8 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which allows you to see fantastic results with only three 20-minute workouts a week. Finally, this option comes with wireless heart rate monitoring, a variety of programs, and the ability to run with two Virtual Active courses.
  • Classic Console – If all you want is to change up the speed and incline on your Vision Fitness T40 treadmill, you can get a Classic display. This option is great if you want a quick-and-easy way to start your workout, view your stats, and adjust your settings.

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ViaFit – The Vision Fitness T40 with the Elegant+ and Touch+ consoles are ViaFit compatible.  They have Wi-Fi capabilities that allows you to upload your stats to your personalizeViaFit Tracking Appd online ViaFit account. This gives you the ability to track your progress towards your fitness goals. Studies show that those individuals that track their fitness progress are more likely to achieve their fitness goals.  In addition, with the ViaFit account, you can define fitness goals like calories burned, total exercise time, total distance, and number of workouts. ViaFit also allows you to import fitness and nutritional stats from other popular apps, giving you a central resource to track data from numerous apps. It is the ability to combine all your fitness, health and nutritional data into one resource that makes ViaFit appealing. Unlike other manufacturers that charge for this feature, this technology is standard with the enhanced consoles.

Virtual Active & Passport – Each of these console options has the ability to connect to Passport, a box that allows you to see a virtual course on your TV. Although the Passport is sold separately, users with the Elegant+ and Touch+ can view virtual courses directly on their machine display using the Virtual Active feature. As you run through the rolling hills of exotic locations, your machine will adjust incline to match the course and the progress of the video will match your treadmill speed. – See more about Vision Fitness Here.

Infinity Deck – There are two aspects of the Infinity Deck on the T40 that make it very appealing. First, it is virtually maintenance free. The treadbelt has wax woven into the fiber, which insures the wax does not wear out. In addition, they use a double dose of wax on the deck, thus reducing friction and wear and tear on the belt. Second, the Vision Fitness T40 treadmill has one of the most forgiving shock absorption systems in the industry. Rather than using cheap rubber grommets found on most residential treadmills, they use elastometers that are similar to the rubber bumpers used on rail cars. The deck is engineered to be similar to a reverse running shoe. There is more shock absorption towards the front of the deck where you impact the deck, and less towards the rear where you want a solid lift off. The results are shock absorption that significantly reduces the impact for all level of users.

Johnson Drive System – What makes Vision Fitness treadmills and the T40 drive system unique is that the components are actually built by the parent company, Johnson Fitness. That translates into an integrated system unlike any other in the industry. Practically all fitness equipment companies use third party components to build their machines, components that were not originally designed for the machine. In particular, the Vision Fitness T40 treadmill has a high output, low RPM motor that runs quietly and efficiently. The digital drive is designed to instantly respond to the push and pull of the belt, thus reducing lags and surges.  This makes the motion more consistent, which minimizes stress to your joints.

Heavy Unit Weight – The Vision Fitness T40 treadmill weights a hefty 276 lbs.  The combination of being a non-folding treadmill with commercial grade weight makes this machine as solid as they get.  In fact, the treadmill is warranted for users up to 400 lbs.

Warranty – You get above average coverage, which reflects on the durability and low maintenance of the

T40.Motor – Lifetime (Typical)

Cushioning System – Lifetime (Typically it is 5-years)

Parts – 7-years (Typically it is 5-years).

Labor – 2-years (Typical)

Vision Fitness T40 Treadmill Review

  • The Vision Fitness T40 treadmill is designed for the discerning user.  And being discerning you will pay a bit more.  But for your money you are getting…
  • Commercial quality for the home
  • Commercial durability and low maintenance
  • Low impact workout
  • Choice of interactive consoles that include virtual workouts and fitness goal tracking

You will find cheaper treadmills that will make similar promises of commercial grade quality for the home, but they are not in the same category of the Vision Fitness T40.  The Vision T40 has the feel of the treadmills you find at health clubs, while offering some of the most innovative interactivity in the industry.  The total package gives you a rewarding workout and the incentive to attain your fitness goals.

Overall, this is one of the best home treadmills on the market.

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