Treadmill Mats Buying Guide


treadmill mats reviewsIf you are planning on buying a treadmill or already own one,an essential accessory is a treadmill mat.   They are relatively inexpensive and offer a number of benefits.  For example…

Treadmill mats protect your floor or carpeting from damage.  Particularly with carpeting they can minimize the effect of having permanent indentions in the material.  Many treadmills are over 200 lbs. and the combination of the weight and the impact from running can ruin your carpet or flooring.


Treadmill mats help to keep the immediate surface area clean.  I personally sweat profusely and without a mat under my exercise machine I would literally ruin the carpet underneath.

Treadmill mats reduce noise.  If you have your treadmill on a second level or you live in an apartment, a treadmill mat can reduce the vibrating noise that can be heard on the lower level.  Your neighbors below will appreciate it.  However, it can reduce the noise from room to room on the same level.

Treadmill mats can increase stability.  The cushioning of the mat can reduce rocking and will further absorb the impact of your walking or running.

Treadmill mats differ by size, thickness and material, and of course that affects the price.  You can get mats for under $30, but they can be very thin (1/4″)  and the material may not be that durable.  Between $40-$60 you are getting a mat that will do a better job accomplishing many of the benefits mentioned above.

treadmill mat guideTreadmill mats come in a variety of materials including PVC, bark rubber and high density form.  The bark rubber and form will do a better job of absorbing sound and shock.  In particular there is a brand called Wonder Mats that comes in interlocking foam panels and is 5/8″ thick.  The edges are trimmed to prevent tripping and to give the mat a finishing touch.

Most important when buying a mat is getting the right length.  There are mats as short as 48″, while a treadmill with an extended deck can easily be 72″ in length.

Buying a treadmill mat is a sound investment that will pay back in dividends.