3 Tools For Your Treadmill Walking Workout

Jogging or running on a treadmill is a great way to lose fat, boost cardio and get a good workout from the comfort of your own home. But coming from someone who has battled knee injuries, I know that not everyone can punch up the speed beyond level five on many treadmill models. The products and tools below will help you get more out of a walking workout on your treadmill so you can enjoy more of the cardio and weight loss benefits of running while staying within your body’s own limits.

Walking Workout Tool Tip #1 – Hand Weights

Elipticals are great machines working out the upper body along with the legs, but we’re going to assume since you’re reading about treadmill walking workouts that you use a treadmill. One way to get more out of treadmill walking workouts is to use hand weights that get your upper body, especially the biceps and shoulders, into the workout more. You could coordinate some curls into the walk (one of the benefits of going slowly) or just let your arms move naturally. Either way you’ll burn more calories and tone your upper body more with this highly effective walking workout tool.

Walking Workout Tool Tip #2 – Weighted Vest

For some people, weight is the reason they have trouble running and would rather walk their way to fitness. Obviously adding more weight to their torso might be the wrong way to go. But for others, it is the speed and jarring motion of running that bothers us. Adding weight doesn’t cause pain my knee like running does, so a weighted vest is the perfect way for me to get more out of a walking workout even though I’m going slower.

Walking Workout Tool Tip #3 – Walking Fitness DVD

Many people think that all fitness DVDs are push, push, push until you’re ready to pass out. While some are (such as the P90X system), there are plenty of walking workout videos specifically designed for people who have trouble running, including those with knee injuries like mine, or people who want a softer, yet effective, workout on their treadmill. Debbie Rocker has some of the best walking for fitness videos out there, and most of them work as well for treadmill workouts as they do for outdoor walks.

With the right equipment and the right attitude your walking treadmill workout can be just as effective as a running workout. Even those of us whose body’s might not be as nimble and pain free as they used to be can continue to put our treadmills to good use and stay in better shape as a result!

Guest author Everett S. writes about health and fitness topics on his website First Page Fitness and several other health-related websites.

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