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Treadmills Are Extremely Dangerous for Young Children

A month ago, a small child died in a tragic treadmill accident involving a Peloton Tread+. Since then, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has begun an investigation and issued multiple statements and warnings about the dangers of Peloton’s Tread+.

After such a heart-breaking and traumatic incident – an incident that could have occurred in anyone’s home – many parents are left wondering, are treadmills safe to have at home? Are my children safe in my home gym? How can I keep my children safe around my new fitness equipment?

Peloton Tread+

Peloton Tread+

Now more than ever, because of the pandemic and gym closures, families are deciding to invest in fitness equipment and add it to their home. Curious children can want to touch or play with the “new toys,” and parents need to be away of the potential dangers.  

Treadmills are not intended to be used by children and are extremely dangerous for small children. Accidents like burns, broken bones, and head trauma can occur when children are left unsupervised around treadmills. Continue reading

Learn How to Stay Safe on Your Treadmill


Treadmills can be wonderful tools to help us stay active, slim down, and meet our fitness goals. They can also be the cause of twisted ankles, concussions, and even death. So what should you do so you are avoiding treadmill injuries in your daily workout? We consulted with experts from Johnson Fitness, maker of Horizon treadmills, to find the top tips for overall treadmill safety. Read on to learn how you can remain safe next time you hit the treadmill for a high speed, sweat-inducing, and calorie-burning workout!

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