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How to Run in the Winter Without Freezing to Death

You might have thought that the apocalyptic year 2020 was over, but January 2021 welcomed us with a polar vortex. Spring is coming, but it’s not quite here yet.  Parts of the country are still seeing frigid temperatures.

Running During the Polar Vortex

cold tempsBut, it’s 2021, and you’re determined to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions this year. And nothing is going to stop you, not even a polar vortex. Obviously, the cold winter months aren’t a problem if you run inside on your treadmill. But, if you like to run outside and get some fresh air, it’s best to be prepared.

And running in low temperatures calls for extra prep time. Anthony J. Yeung from Esquire says “temperatures in the 30s and below tend to lock up your body and turn your extremities into icicles, causing stiff joints and tightened muscles, so cold weather running requires special preparation.” (3)

So, if you do decide to brave the cold and run outside during these cold winter months, here’s five helpful tips to help you prepare for running in the cold. Continue reading

Don’t Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolutions Just Yet

A few years ago, in 2016, I set the goal to do push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups every day, for a whole year. I started doing just 5 push-ups and sit-ups, and just 2 or 3 pull-ups every day for the first couple weeks. Then, slowly, I started adding more and more – every week I increased the amount by just a little bit.

push upBy summer, I was up to about 15-25 reps every day, so I decided to change it up a little bit and add more sets. I worked up to doing 3 sets every night, and kept increasing the amount just a little bit.

Of course, there were lots of days when I wasn’t super motivated and didn’t want to do any. But I told myself that I would just do a couple, even if I didn’t do all of the sets. At first, there were days that I missed, because I forgot or because I was too tired, but after a few months, I got into the habit of doing my push-up, sit-up, and pull-up routine every night before going to bed.

By the end of the year, I achieved my goal and was able to do almost 50 push-ups and sit-ups and around 25 pull-ups.   Continue reading

Find Out Which Stretches Do More Harm than Good

It’s Monday morning, and you’re determined to start your week right with a quick morning run. You wake up, lace up your running shoes, take a quick sip of water, and head out the door.

But before you start your run, you should stretch, right?

Well, not so fast. Although many people believe that stretching before you run is absolutely essential to preventing injuries – that’s not completely true.

Some experts even say that certain types of stretching might even be bad for you. Physical therapist Jason Gromelski says “static stretching before exercise can cause damage to the tissue.” (1) To best take care of your body, he suggests replacing static stretching with dynamic stretching before a run. Continue reading

Running and Jogging are the Key to Lasting Mental Health

Are you sick of the pandemic yet?  Is it making you feel totally down in the dumps?

Mental health has been making headlines more and more the past couple of years – and now more than ever, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

According to one study, “COVID-19 has tripled the rate of depression in US adults.” (1) Before the pandemic, only 8.5% of adults reported symptoms of depression. Now, that number has increased to 27.8%.

This increase is huge – and it means that a huge number of people are facing mental health problems like depression and anxiety. The authors of the study noted that this time, with COVID-19, the “rise is much higher than after previous major traumatic events” like the 9/11 terrorist attack and the Ebola outbreaks. (1)

As we continue dealing with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, mental health continues to decline. Now, more than ever, depression and anxiety are health concerns that can dominate our lives. Continue reading

Don’t Miss Out on Your Annual Turkey Trot or Christmas Canter

Thanksgiving is the most popular day for a race in America. Each year, over a million people sign up for Thanksgiving Day races across the country. In 2018, “more than 1.17 million runners registered to run, jog, trot or walk” in Turkey Trots all over the nation (1).

Image Source: NBC News

Perhaps you were one of them?

It’s no surprise either – thanksgiving is a great day to run. The colors of the leaves are changing, the fall temperature is nice and cool, and with everyone out of school and off from work, it’s a great family activity as well. Not to mention, the more you run in the morning, the more turkey you can eat in the afternoon!

But this year, with large gatherings cancelled because of the pandemic, races are changing. Instead of the traditional race with hundreds of runners and volunteers cheering you on, races are going virtual.

If you missed your annual Turkey Trot, here’s a great way to get yourself in gear for the rest of the holiday season. Continue reading

Run Your Way to a Younger Feeling You 

Have you ever seen people who have clearly run all their life?  They show up to a race with silver hair, lean muscles, and all the confidence in the world.  Then, they take off like a rocket and seem to maintain their pace like they were channeling an inner “energizer bunny.” 


Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill – Read our full review here.

Well, some people really do just run all their lives.  And we’re learning that this habit may actually be doing their body a world of good.

That’s because running doesn’t just have physical, mental and emotional benefits.  It may actually help you SLOW your aging process.  If that’s not a great reason to power up your at-home treadmill, we don’t know what is!

Continue reading

Find Out Which Companies are Shipping the Fastest


In the era of COVID-19, your fitness routine has probably changed a lot. Your 15-minute drive to the gym has morphed into a 30-second walk to your living room. Your sweaty, loud, and energetic spin instructor is now behind a screen on your TV, tablet, or phone.

And your fitness center that had rows and rows of workout machines, barbells, and fitness equipment is now…a yoga mat and some dumbbells.

And since it looks like the virus is here for the long haul (or at least for another few months), you’ve realized that you need to step up your workout game. With the New Year approaching, right now you have another opportunity to change up your fitness plan, set new goals, and get back into shape.

But of course, you need the right equipment – and now is the time to invest in a quality treadmill. Continue reading


DASH Your Way to a Healthy Heart 

Believe it or not, you can help your heart in just 8 weeks.


Eat your fruits and veggies!

We talk a lot about exercise and the benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system. But what you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine compared data on individuals that followed a diet that included lots of fruits and vegetables, including those following a DASH diet, against a typical American diet. Continue reading

Is the AirRunner Worth the Price Tag?

Assault Fitness AirRunner

Based out of Southern California, Assault Fitness is a brand usually heard of in the CrossFit community. Assault Fitness is a division of a larger fitness equipment company that you may have heard of, LifeCORE Fitness.  In recent years, Assault Fitness has started to make their way into becoming a more common household name.

Most of their popularity is from rage over their Assault AirRunner machine from members in the CrossFit community who have at-home gyms for their training. The Assault AirRunner is a curved treadmill designed for really intense workouts. On their website, Assault Fitness mentions that the AirRunner is designed for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

One of the most interesting things about the AirRunner is that it’s completely motor-less. Yes… you read that right. The Assault AirRunner runs completely off the power of your own two feet, it’s self-propelled. Talk about a kick-butt workout.

Here’s another thing about the Assault Fitness AirRunner that you should know right off the bat: it has a price tag of $3,699. Continue reading

Do Those 10,000 Steps Per Day Actually Do Any Good? 

Do you find yourself checking your step count throughout the day?  It might be on your FitBit, Apple Watch, iPhone or any one of the other devices you strap to your body.

step trackerAs the hours go by, you take the stairs, walk the extra block, or go to the coffee shop a little farther away. All in the hopes of reaching that magical 10,000 mark!

As this routine goes on, day after day, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Why 10,000?”

Probably not.  You just do what you’re supposed to do, congratulation yourself when you get there and then get ready to start from step zero when the next day starts.

However, new research is turning everything we know about step counts on its head. But don’t worry.  We’re not going to tell you that the number of steps needs to be increased…

In fact, this new research performed at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that you could see results at just 4,400 steps!

So what prompted this change in the global understanding of daily steps? Continue reading