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Weslo Treadmills Ratings and Reviews

Last Updated on September 14, 2017 by Brook Norris, Fitness Guru

The Bargain Brand From Icon Health and Fitness

Weslo Treadmill ReviewWeslo treadmills are the bargain brand from Icon Health and Fitness. In addition to Welso,Icon makes the NordicTrack, ProForm, Reebok, Gold’s Gym and Image treadmills. Of all the treadmills built by Icon, Weslo is the lowest priced. Their treadmills range from manual models at $99 to motorized versions up to $300.

These treadmills are not built for serious users. They are designed primarily for walking. The decks are small and the motors on their motorized versions have low horsepower, both peak and continuous. These are not running machine and there are definite weight limits to these treadmills.

Their treadbelt sizes are very small, between 16″-17″ wide. And their length are between 47″-50″. That is a very confined space to try and exercise within.

The shock absorption is very basic. You will find that the deck has a kind of bounce to it when you impact it. That can be detrimental since it sends a reverse shock to the rest of your body.

So you get what you pay for, but if you are uncertain if regular exercise is for you, and if you are concerned you will spend money for an overpriced clothes hanger, then you may want to try a Weslo treadmill. Our recommendation is if you can afford it go with a treadmill starting at the $799 range.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Quite often the extent of a warranty reflects the quality of the treadmill, Weslo has very limited warranty coverage. Theys come with a 90 day warranty that covers defects, materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse or commercial use. For further coverage extended warranties are also available. You’ll see the option to add extended coverage during your checkout process. This should cost an additional $100 for a year coverage, but it would be recommended.

Our Review – Weslo Treadmills

Weslo treadmills are built for casual use. This means infrequent walking. If you are looking for a treadmill for daily workouts and for running we suggest you consider some of the other Icon brands like NordicTrack and ProForm.

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4 thoughts on “Weslo”


    I know someone who has a Weslo Grand Cadence 860 treadmill that was hardly used and they are selling it for $200 obo I would like to know approximately the original price


    1. administrator Post author

      Hi Jane, those machines are typically $300 range new. In fact, on our review we mention not to purchase them due to subpar quality.


  2. Debbie Floyd

    I stupidly purchased a Weslo Cadence R52 treadmill with a two year extended warranty from WalMart. The treadmill lasted 4 months. Weslo customer service sent me a new motor and informed me any other parts would not be covered under the warranty. This is after multiple emails with Weslo customer service spanning a time of about 2 months. The Walmart extended warranty is a joke and Weslo Customer Service is a joke!
    DO NOT Purchase a Weslo treadmill. $319. Wasted. I must now pay some to dispose of this piece of crap. Buyer Beware!


  3. judy padovani

    I have a Weslo Cadence R 52. It is about seven years old. It had been used infrequently up until a year ago.
    It has been working pretty well
    until a month ago. After twenty minutes it suddenly stopped. Now it might
    go for 10 minutes. I tried turning the switch on and then would reset it. It works for a few minutes and stops.
    I checked the voltage and amp requirements on surge control.. They were ok.
    Tried calling Weslo customer service. They will NOT HELP unless I give them a registration no. Do not have a registration no. as my daughter purchased it.
    I have the serial no. and model no. Apparently they do not want to back up their product.
    Also I had to lift up the platform VERY HEAVY to view the serial no. I will not purchase another Weslo treadmill again.


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