Star Trac

Some of the Best Treadmills on the Planet

Star Trac Treadmill reviewStar Trac builds some of the best treadmills on the planet. They are commercial grade for the home. If you got the money and you want a killer running machine,this brand is a top contender.

The fact is, store many of the Star Trac treadmills are an overkill for home use. But then again,so is a Humvee for driving around town. But if you’ve got the money and you want the best, this brand rates with True, Precor and Landice.

star trac treadmill consoleSo what are you getting for your money? A treadmill equipped with highest quality components and electronics. In addition, the Star Trac treadmills are built like a tank. In fact, some of their models weigh over 400 lbs. It is also one of the more attractive designs for a treadmill. The design flows well from the console to the deck.

Some of the features worth noting are the shock absorption. It properly absorbs the impact, while providing a sturdy push-off.

You’ll find Star Trac uses the highest quality motors, and they generally run quieter than most home treadmills. Several of their treadmills are equipped with huge 5 HP continuous duty motors. These are the kinds of motors you’ll find in health clubs, where the treadmills are used for 10 or more hours a day.

Speaking of large, they utilize 3″ rollers. Once again, these are bigger than normal. The benefits they offer are less strain on revolving parts, like bearings, and they tend to further reduce the noise level.

Of course, one of the most impressive features of a Star Trac treadmill is their durability. These machines are about as low maintenance as you can get. That is why they offer some of the most extensive warranties in the industry. Their treadmills come with a 10-year parts, and 3-year labor warranty. You don’t provide this type of coverage unless you know there will seldom be service issues.

Our Review – Star Trac Treadmills

If you are a competitive runner, or just have too much money this is the treadmill to consider. If there are any drawbacks, it is the cost. And the fact that these treadmill tend to be an overkill for the home. There are some decent running treadmills starting at around $2,000, however, they are not a Star Trac Treadmill.

Customer Review

Star Trac P-TR – The machine runs smoothly and does not create much noise, so when I get that late night, or early morning need to run, I can without waking up the family.