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Amazon is a major seller of Treadmills.  Having one of the most efficient fulfillment operations in the world,they can offers some of the best deals for treadmills on the Internet.   In addition,the majority of the models they sell come with free shipping.  The brands they offer include popular names like,Sole, Smooth, Horizon, ProForm, LifeSpan, Precor, Nautilus,  Weslo, and Schwinn. In fact, with a number of brands, Amazon is the sole online outlet.

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Amazon Treadmill Customer Reviews

In addition to the discount prices, what makes Amazon an excellent resource for treadmills is their customer reviews.   In fact, I would say they have the best treadmill customer reviews on the Internet.  Often these testimonials give you insight into the products far beyond the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers.

Personally, my reviews are derived from testing the products and often going to the manufacturers headquarters and talking to company personal.  However, I find the customer reviews on Amazon help me to understand the pros and cons as defined by customers in a real life situation and I incorporate those perceptions in my reviews.

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