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2017_toptreadmillsIf you are looking for a great budget treadmill to help you get into shape, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve compiled this list of our Top 10 Treadmills Under $1,000.  We rated machines based on the following criteria: stability, durability, warranty, features, programming, and company reputation.

Many of the budget machines out on the market are made of VERY cheap components that will break easily.  Don’t waste your money…seriously!  We chose the machines below because they give you the most bang for your buck.  They are from reputable companies with quality components.  Unlike many other treadmill review websites, our team has actually visited the factories and tested the machines!

Without farther ado…here is our 2017 list of the top 10 treadmills available for less than $1,000!
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brad_beforeafterPart 2:  7 Steps to Help You Lose Weight After Middle Age

Brad was tired of his growing belly.  In the last months and years, his leather belt was being cinched on larger and larger holes.  He wasn’t overly out of shape – 5’10” and 180 lbs – but he no longer felt proud of the body staring back at him in the mirror.  It was December of 2015. Brad was about to embark on a 10-month journey that would see him use 7 steps to radically transform his mindset and body.

Losing weight is a particular challenge for people like Brad over the age of 40 years.  In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the medical reasons why middle-aged men and women gain weight.  A common condition known as somatopause explains how your body reduces its production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and makes you pack on the pounds.

For Brad, this condition caused him to gain weight around his mid-section.  He shared, “I knew I needed to make a change before my belly became any larger.”  Here are seven steps that Brad used to transform his life.

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Part 1:  The True Reason Why We Experience the “Middle-Aged Spread”

pizza-1327877-639x721-1Remember the good ol’ days?  You could scarf down an entire pepperoni pizza and 6-pack of beer.  Your waist line stayed lean and defined.

Slowly, as the years ticked by, the scale dial crept up and up.  You needed to buy bigger and bigger belts to encircle your growing mass.  When you decided to lose weight, the pounds stubbornly refused to vacate your body.  As your frustration mounted, you began to question the cause of your torment!

It’s called the ‘middle-aged spread.’

And lucky for you, this inconvenient occurrence is NOT due entirely to your poor diet and exercise habits.

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Variable Response Cushioning on the Horizon Elite T7.

Variable Response Cushioning on the Horizon Elite T7.

There are several options for treadmill shock absorption across the major brands.  It’s important to find a machine with the right level of cushioning to match your running style.  Quality shock absorption will help protect your joints and save you from a great deal of pain over the long term.

Elastomer Shock Absorption

Most models out there are going to use elastomer shock absorption with rubber grommets positioned underneath the running surface.
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Learn What Size Treadmill Deck You Need and How to Choose a Quality Tread Belt

ultimate deckA fantastic treadmill will do you little good if it is the wrong size.  Recommended treadmill sizes vary depending with your intended type of exercise and height.  Plus, you should take into consideration the type of tread belt on your machine.  Read on for a guide on treadmill deck sizes and tread belts.


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Is a Higher Horse Power Motor Always Better?

matrix_acmotorWhen you begin a search for your new treadmill, the motor is going to be one of the most important things to consider.  The listed horse power doesn’t always tell the whole story.  Some top companies have lower horsepower motors that are better performing.  On the other hand, some companies have exaggerated ratings on their motors.  Let’s break it down…

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Get Awesome Results With Very Short Workouts on Your Treadmill

proform_520zniIt’s likely that you’ve heard the term “HIIT” at some point within the fitness world.  This stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a type of workout based on something called the Tabata Protocol.  This type of training was coined by Izumi Tabata many years ago.  It’s a highly effective method for exercising and recent technological developments make it easier than ever to complete HIIT on your treadmill.

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2016 Sole Fitness Treadmills Now Come With Workout Stat Tracking and Bluetooth Technology!

s77-sole-treadmillNordicTrack has iFit.  Yowza has MyLiveLight, and Horizon has ViaFit.  It was about time that Sole joined in the techno game.  So… we’re happy to report that they’ve done just that!  Sole Fitness just finished rolling out their new 2016 line up complete with new Bluetooth Technology and a compatible smart app.

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What Should You Pay for a Treadmill?

Written by Fred Waters


The good news is that the quality of treadmills has vastly improved over the years, and of course, since all the manufacturing has moved to Asia, the prices have dropped. Precor and Icon Fitness are some of the few companies that still manufacturer in the U.S.A.
So what should you pay for a running treadmill? And I am talking about a treadmill where the user will run in excess of 6 mph. We’ll it depends on a couple of factors.

  • Your Weight
  • Hours Per Week of Usage
  • Number of Users

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Treadmill Must-Haves:  A Sufficiently Powerful Motor

Written By Fred Waters

a sufficiently powerful motorTreadmill motors are rated by their continuous duty horsepower, not peak horsepower.  The continuous duty rating is the horsepower the treadmill motor can run at without much effort.  For runners you want a treadmill that is at least 3.0 continuous duty HP.  That will provide you with a motor that will run effortlessly at higher speeds.  It should also be relatively quiet.  The exception would be for individuals over 300 lbs., who may need a higher horsepower.  Practically all treadmill motors at this level come with a lifetime motor warranty.

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