ProForm Sport 9.0 S - Treadmill Review

Brand: ProForm
Expert Rating: 3 stars

The ProForm Sport 9.0 S Treadmill is ON SALE!


A Commercial Plus Motor To Keep You Going

ProformSport9.0The ProForm Sport 9.0 S takes the things you love about the ProForm Sport Series one step further with a larger motor and enhanced digital display.  This model has a 7″ backlit display,larger 2.5″ rollers, 20×60″ running surface, and a 3.0 CHP motor that is covered by a lifetime warranty.  As with all ProForm Sport treadmills, the Sport 9.0 S is iFit enabled so you can enjoy running simulated routes through exciting locations around the globe.

The ProForm Sport 9.0 S comes from the company Icon, which also produces NordicTrack and LifeSpan treadmills.  Icon is the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment so they are often able to offer better spec machines for a lower price.

  This model has been permanently DISCONTINUED. 

Instead, check out the ProForm Sport 6.0 or ProForm Power 995i.

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ProForm Sport 9.0 S Treadmill Features

20″x 60″ Treadbelt — Just like other Sport models, this machine features a fantastic 60″ deck that is perfect for taller individuals.

2.5″ Rollers – This is another area that the Sport 9.0 S excels over the other Sport models.  It has larger 2.5″ rollers that reduce the wear and tear on the treadbelt.

7″ Backlit Display – The workout stats are displayed directly in front of you so you can easily see your progress.  You can watch your mileage, speed, calorie burn, time, and heart rate.

SpaceSaver Design- This treadmill folds up for easy storage.  It has EasyLift Assist so you won’t break your back trying to raise the running deck.

CoolAire Workout Fan – This fan comes with two speed settings, so it does a nice job of keeping you cool during your run.

iFit Enabled — Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run through the streets of London?  This technology allows you to download a Google Maps route or create your own.  The deck of the treadmill will raise and lower automatically to match the real-life terrain.  You can manage your iFit account online to track your progress towards fitness goals.  The only problem with iFit is that it does require an additional cost for a monthly subscription. Some of the competitor brands offer similar workout tracking programs for free.

Integrated Tablet Holder – This device shelf provides a safe and secure place to rest your tablet while you work out.

0-15% Incline – This machine is great if you like doing hill work.  Incline on your treadmill can help you vary your workout and exercise those glute muscles!

ProShox Cushioning – ProForm states that a comfortable run is their “No. 1 goal.” Cushioning is preset throughout the deck area to protect your joints while you work out.

3.0 Continuous Duty HP Motor — This is the largest motor you will find at this price range.  It will easily handle the strains of running or the stress of steep incline training.  There is a reason that it comes with a lifetime warranty – there are rarely any service issues.

Speakers with iPod/MP3 Input — ProForm has some of the best sound systems built into fitness equipment. It won’t match your home entertainment system, but it’s pretty good!

30 Workout Programs — The ProForm Sport 9.0 S has 30 preset workout programs designed by certified professional instructors.  These workouts help relieve some of the monotony common with treadmill workouts.

Warranty — The Sport 9.0 S comes with a lifetime frame and motor, 3 years parts, and 1 year labor.  Learn why a warranty is important here.

ProForm Sport 9.0 S Recommendation

The ProForm Sport 9.0 S has several features which elevate it above the other Sport models.  It has a larger 3.0 CHP motor which can easily handle running and incline work.  This, along with the larger 2.5″ rollers, enhanced console and spacious 20×60″ running surface make this a winner.  The ProForm Sport 9.0 S is iFit Live enabled so you can enjoy unique workouts and fitness tracking. Check out the other treadmills in the ProForm Sport series.  Each one offers slightly different features at various pricing.

We also recommend you check out the ProForm Power 995i or our other Best Buy Treadmills.

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