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HealthRider H30t

Expert Rating:2 stars

Should Cost WAY Less

This machine is made by the same parent company (Icon Fitness) that brings you NordicTrack and ProForm machines.  Just to give you an idea, ProForm offers a Performance 400i for only $599.  This machine has lower specs and a price that is almost three times that amount when last we checked.

HealthRider can deliver some quality machines, but this particular machine is not worth the price.  It features a folding design, 2.0 CHP motor, and a 5×7” display screen.

Note: We also recommend you check out the ProForm Performance 400i for better specs and a much lower pricetag.

Features on the HealthRider H30t Treadmill

  • H30t treadmillUpper Body Resistance Bands – This is one feature that really surprised us as you don’t see it very often. There are integrated upper-body resistance bands on this machine.  The idea is that you can engage your upper body while you’re walking or jogging.
  • SpaceSaver Design – Folding is a convenient feature for cleaning and storage.
  • 5×7” Screen – Nothing too special here.
  • 2.0 CHP Motor – This is a pretty low powered motor so this machine would really be best for walkers. You might be able to get away with some light jogging, but don’t expect to do sprints or long runs.  The motor only has a 5 year warranty so don’t expect this machine to last long-term.
  • Warranty – 5 years frame, 5 years motor, 90 day parts and labor. Let me rephrase this warranty language for you: “Don’t expect the frame or motor to last longer than 5 years.  If parts start breaking after 3 months, don’t come to us for help.”  Many customers we heard from complained of broke plastic components.
  • Weight Capacity – The machine is only listed to handle 250 lbs. Since companies usually overestimate this value, we’d put this at closer to 200 lbs for a limit.

Our Review of the HealthRider H30t Treadmill

Although this brand sometimes has quality close to NordicTrack, this machine does not follow that rule.  The specs are too low and the machine is overpriced.  You’d be much better off buying a machine like the ProForm Performance 400i for $599 or the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 for $1499.

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