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ProForm Power 1295 i Treadmill Review

Expert Rating:4 stars

The ProForm Power 1295 i Treadmill is ON SALE!


7” Smart HD Touchscreen to Enhance a Popular Model

proform_power1295iMeet the big brother of ProForm’s hot selling Power 995i.  The 2017 ProForm Power 1295i was created to kick things up one more notch.  The top feature on the Power 1295i is the addition of a 7” Smart HD touchscreen that allows you to enjoy the features of iFit Live directly on your treadmill console.

ProForm is part of the monster fitness company called Icon Fitness.  They are the same creators of NordicTrack machines along with several other brands.  Since Icon Fitness is the number one producer of fitness equipment in the world, they are often able to offer higher spec machines at a lower price.


WEEKEND SALE ENDS MONDAY: The ProForm Power 1295i Treadmill!  This machine is currently priced at $2,499. This machine comes with No Interest for 6 to 12 months pending approval, Free Shipping, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  

This price is a bit high, so check out the Power 995i instead.Shop now at

What’s Different about the Power 1295i?

There are several things that elevate the ProForm Power 1295i over the popular ProForm Power 995i.  When on sale, the Power 1295i will cost only $300 more than the 995i and include the following features:

proform_power1295i_motorStronger Motor:  The ProForm Power 1295i comes with a more powerful 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus motor vs. the 3.0 CHP of the 995i.  This motor will work well for any type of exercise.

7” Smart HD Touchscreen with iFit Live: A touchscreen makes a world of difference in the quality of your workout if you’re planning to use iFit Live.  Using this feature, you will be able to view virtual exercise courses directly on your treadmill console.   You can swipe through your workout stats and create customized running routes using the GoogleMaps sync feature.  Your machine will adjust incline as you run to mimic the real running incline.  Track your workouts, set goals, and compete in challenges using your online account.  An iFit Live machine that does not have a built-in touchscreen needs an external smart device (if you own one) and possibly an additional WiFi module purchase to link the devices.


Additional Workout Apps:  The Power 1295i has 34 Workout Apps to keep your exercise sessions interesting.  This is four more than the 995i.

Enhanced Warranty:  This machine comes with a Lifetime Frame and Motor warranty, along with a 5-year warranty on parts and 2-year warranty on labor.

Other Features on the ProForm Power 1295i:

proform_power1295i_console20×60” Deck Size: This size deck will work well for most users.  Anyone who is over 6-foot should definitely be looking at the 60” deck lengths.  Some other machines from ProForm have a 22” width if you’re looking for a bit more space.

0-12MPH and 15% Digital Incline Quick Controls:  This machine can quickly change incline angle and speed to provide a sweaty butt-busting workout.

Folding Design:  The Power 1295i uses ProForm’s SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist to fold up when not in use.  This feature is handy for both saving space and for easier cleaning.  The lifting assistance massively helps with the lift effort.

EKG Heart Rate Monitor:  Track the intensity of your workout by keeping tabs on your heartrate.

Fan:  Yes, this machine has a fan.  Did you know this is actually the #1 feature our readers ask about?

proform_power1295i_folding350 lb Weight Capacity:  Companies tend to overestimate what their machines can handle.  We’d put the weight limit at around 310 lbs.  If you are heavier than this, you may need to look at a higher-priced option.

Integrated Tablet Holder / iPod Compatible: Use your smart devices easily with the Power 1295i.

ProShox Cushioning:  This is standard cushioning on most of ProForm’s machines.  It’s nothing mind-blowing, but comfortable for running.

Our Review — ProForm Power 1295i

Ok, you gotta admit, the 7” HD Touchscreen on this machine is pretty sweet.  It’s a great enhancement on the popular Power 995i model.  ProForm did a good job of creating a new machine that is one step up in quality and specs.  When not on sale, this machine is priced at $2,499…too much to spend!  When priced here, we would instead recommend you buy the ProForm PRO 5000 for higher specs and a lower price.  Luckily, ProForm has told us that they plan to drop the price to $1,299 in the coming months.  Keep your eyes open for this price drop and then you’ll be getting a great deal with the Power 1295i!

Go to to learn more.

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