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HealthRider H80t Treadmill

Expert Rating:2.5 stars

Plastic Parts That Fail Quickly

The HealthRider H80 has all of the major components that count.  It has a fairly powerful 3.0 CHP motor that will handle running, a 60” tread belt, and a warranty to support several years of use.  Still, we’ve heard from customers that the little things on this machine like the plastic parts are not what they should be.  Many complained of broken parts upon delivery and disappointing customer service.

Note: We recommend you check out the HealthRider H190t instead.  Or, you may want to check out a machine from Yowza Fitness.

Features on the HealthRider H80:

  • h80t treadmill3.0 CHP Endura Commercial Plus Motor – This is a decently powerful motor and it is backed up by a lifetime warranty. It will work well for walking and running.
  • 20×60” Deck – This is a great size for almost any user.
  • Warranty – Lifetime Frame and Motor, 3 years Parts, and 1 year Labor. A reasonable warranty.
  • Technology – This machine has 20 built in workout apps and also supports iFit Live. iFit is a fitness tracking platform that lets you set goals, track workouts, and create custom courses using the synced GoogleMaps.  You can receive audio coaching from Jillian Michaels while you work towards your goals.  Be aware that this machine is only “compatible” so you will need to purchase an additional module for around $100 to take advantage of these features.  Plus, iFit Live requires an ongoing subscription.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – The H80 comes with dual grip heart rate monitoring but several customer reviews complained that the pulse readout is inaccurate. That’s not usually an end-all feature for most customers though.

Our Review of the HealthRider H80 Treadmill

The powerful motor and large running surface on this machine are worth a look.  However, you would be better off checking out the HealthRider H190t or H110t models instead.  Or, better yet, we would happily recommend other brands like Yowza or NordicTrack. You can get a MUCH better machine for the same pricing.

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