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HealthRider H20t Treadmill

Expert Rating:1 star

90 Day Motor Warranty = Don’t Bother

HealthRider comes from the same makers as NordicTrack and often they can offer comparable quality.  In this particular instance though, we do NOT recommend this machine.  For $1000, you will be purchasing a machine with only a 90 DAY MOTOR WARRANTY.  That means they really only expect the motor to last you for less than a year.  After that, they don’t have confidence it will perform.

Really, you can get a machine for even less money from a company like ProForm or Horizon with a much higher quality motor and longer warranty.  For example, you may want to check out the best-selling Horizon T101 usually priced around $650.  It has a lifetime motor warranty!

Note: We definitely recommend you check out the Horizon T101 for a higher quality motor and longer warranty.

Features on the HealthRider H20t Treadmill:

  • H20t treadmillSpaceSaver Design – Folding is a handy feature to have. Usually folding machines cost a bit more than non-folding machines.
  • LCD Window Display – It’s an easy-to-read display with your basic stats like speed, distance, calories, and time.
  • Weight Capacity – It is only listed at 250 lbs, but companies tend to exaggerate this value. We’d place the limit at closer to 200 lbs.  This machine is not going to handle heavier individuals or the abuse of running.
  • 2.0 HP Drive System – Use the H20T for walking and some light jogging. A 90 day motor guarantee is useless.  We’ve heard from several HealthRider customers with broken machines that were out of warranty.  Don’t waste your money.
  • 6 Workout Apps – Again, for comparison, a similarly priced ProForm machine would have iFit Coach capability.

Our Review of the HealthRider H20t Treadmill

Once you read the 90 day motor warranty, you might as well move on from this review.  It’s just not worth the $1000.  We’d recommend you check out another machine like the ProForm Performance 400i or the Horizon T101.  You’ll get better quality and save a few hundred bucks.

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