ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

Brand: ProForm
Expert Rating: 4.5 stars

A Curious Machine with Better Alternatives


The ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill was released in late 2016 to expand the Pro series of machines.  The Pro 2000 and Pro 5000 are excellent options with some attractive features, but the Pro 1000 falls a bit short.  It delivers all of the logical specs you’d expect for its price range, but you would likely be better off buying the Power 995i for the same price.

ProForm is constantly adding new machines to their line-up.  In fact, it can be hard to keep track of all of their options.  Overall, this is a reliable company from the same manufacturers as NordicTrack.  They excel in this price range because they are usually able to offer a lot of bang for your buck!

  This model is permanently OUT OF STOCK.  In the meantime, you may want to check out the ProForm Power 995i for around $999.

Top Features on the ProForm PRO 1000

pro1000_consoleiFit Coach Ready:  The ProForm PRO 1000 is equipped with an onboard WiFi adapter so you are ready to go with the interactive iFit Live features.  This program will allow you to track your workout stats, set goals, compete in challenges, and manage your online profile.  Built-in coaching programs can help you better reach your goals while you run along virtual courses through interesting global landscapes.  A unique GoogleMaps sync feature lets you also run familiar routes with simulated inclines.  iFit requires an ongoing subscription fee so it’s important to consider that when purchasing any ProForm machine.

3.0 CHP Motor:  This motor will work well for a moderate runner / jogger, but you may want something more powerful if you are a larger person or plan to do a LOT of running.

20×60” Tread belt:  A pretty standard size for quality treadmills.  Taller runners will definitely need this length.  Don’t be tempted by other cheaper machines with very small tread belts.

pro1000_fan0-12% Incline / 0-12 MPH Quick Control:  The console is familiar- looking and the controls are easy to navigate on this machine.  In fact, the classic console design is our favorite feature about the PRO 1000.

22 Workout Apps:  We can’t really complain with this many workout apps to use, but you should know that the PRO 2000 has 32 workout apps for $300 more.  (This is just one of the many upgrades on the PRO 2000 model.)

ProShox Cushioning:  Again, this is the standard cushioning for most of ProForm’s machines.  It will do a good job of protecting your joints and is a definite improvement over running outside.

CoolAire Workout Fan:  The fan has two speed settings.

pro1000_foldingFolding Design:  This machine folds up for easier storage and cleaning.  The built-in shock does a great job of assisting with the lift.

1.9” Rollers:  Larger rollers reduce wear and tear on the tread-belt.  For comparison’s sake, the PRO 2000 has 2.5” rollers.

Integrated Tablet Holder / iPod Dock:  You’ll be able to connect your smart devices to this treadmill for entertainment while you run.

Warranty:  Lifetime Frame and Motor, 3 year parts, and 1 year labor.  All of the other models in the ProForm PRO line-up have a stronger 5 yr Parts / 2 yr Labor warranty.

Our Review — ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill

It’s hard for us to get too excited about the ProForm PRO 1000.  Sure, it’s a fine machine with some nice features.  There isn’t really enough to justify buying this over some of the other ProForm options.


ProForm Power 995i Console Design

Compared to the ProForm PRO 2000The ProForm PRO 2000 will cost you about $300 more depending on sales.  For this additional cost, you will get 10 additional workout apps, larger 22×60” tread belt, larger 7” display, better 15% incline / -3% decline, larger 3.5 CHP motor, better warranty for 5 yr parts / 2 yr labor, and larger 2.5” rollers.  These improvements definitely warrant spending the additional money if you are able.

Compared to the ProForm Power 995iThe Power 995i is also sold for $999, but has several features that outperform the PRO 1000.  They include:  8 additional workout apps, better 15% incline, and a larger 2.5” rollers.  The Power 995i also has a very different Round Watts LED Display that shows you the power output of your workout in different ‘zones.’

Check out a comparison chart for all ProForm machines here to find which machine is best for you!

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