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Image Advanced 1400

Expert Rating:2.5 stars

Some Pretty Good Qualities for an Inexpensive Treadmill

Image Advanced 1400 Treadmill Review and RatingAn Icon Fitness product, the Image Advanced 1400 treadmill rates highly among treadmills that are priced under $1,000.  For an inexpensive machine, the Image 1400 has some pretty good qualities.  Nevertheless, it IS a lower end treadmill, and, thereby, has its share of shortcomings, as well.

The Image Advanced 1400 treadmill is more than likely sufficient for a number of prospective users.  Such users would include individuals who are just beginning an exercise program or individuals who exercise only occasionally.  Individuals who are of average height or under and who weigh less than 250 pounds might find the Image 1400 adequate for walking. 

NOTE:  The Image Advanced 1400 is built by Icon Fitness, which also makes ProForm and NordicTrack.  We recommend you take a look at the ProForm 520 ZN, ZT6, or Performance 400i at a similar price.  These machines are going to be higher quality with a stronger warranty.

Advanced athletes, on the other hand, would do better to go with a more expensive, higher end treadmill model…one that can withstand lots of hard pounding, day after day.  People who have a longer stride might be happier with a treadmill that has a larger treadbelt.  Households with multiple users would be better off in the long run spending a little more money on a more durable treadmill than the Image Advanced 1400.

What features can be found on the Image Advanced 1400 treadmill?

ifit technologyOne of the nicest features that come on the Image Advanced 1400 treadmill is the iFit technology.  The iFit combines the technology of your treadmill with special CDs, MP3s, and videos made by certified personal trainers.  It’s sort of like having your very own personal trainer right there to guide you through your workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Additional Image 1400 features include:

  • Image Advanced 1400 console2.25 continuous HP motor – The motor is promoted as commercial quality.  However, a motor this size isn’t really commercial grade.  It is good enough to handle walkers efficiently, but runners would be better off with a more powerful, durable motor.
  • Heart rate monitor with built-in sensors on the handle grips – A heart rate monitor is a nice feature to have if you want to achieve and maintain a certain heart rate during workouts.  A wireless heart rate monitor is preferable, but this one is better than none.
  • 19” x 55” treadbelt – This is a decent size treadbelt for a treadmill in this price range, however the standard width is 20″.  It should be adequate for most walkers and light joggers of average height or less.  It may not be suitable for taller people or those with longer strides.
  • Backlit display – The 180 degree viewing angle of the display makes it easier for users of all heights to monitor the progress of their workout sessions.  In addition to displaying speed, distance, calories burned, etc., it has a 5 x 7 workout matrix that shows your workout graphically.
  • Cooling fan – The fan is located in the console and provides a gentle breeze for cooler, more comfortable workouts.
  • Workout programs include 6 personal trainer workouts, 2 heart rate workouts, and 2 learn workouts.  It’s nice to have variety, so you don’t end up doing the same exercise routines everyday.  By changing up your routines, you challenge your body more and tend to stay more motivated. The heart rate programs are not that practical since you have to hold on to stationary bars while you walk.
  • 0% to 10% incline – Even though this treadmill isn’t really great for running, the incline is a wonderful feature for increasing the intensity of your workouts.  Walking at an incline raises the heart rate and burns calories more efficiently than merely walking on a flat surface.

Our Review – The Image Advanced 1400 Treadmill

I don’t recommend the Image Advanced 1400 treadmill for runners and regular joggers.  It simply is not going to be sturdy enough or durable enough to stand up to that kind of abuse.  Nonetheless, for beginners, walkers, and occasional users, this is a decent treadmill in its price category.  If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a treadmill, this might be one to consider.  Just be aware of its limitations.

The Image 1400 is backed by a 12-year motor warranty, which isn’t too bad.  The 1-year parts and labor warranty, however, suggests that the parts used in this machine are not of the highest quality.  The machine may require maintenance if used regularly.  You may want to opt for an extended warranty plan.

Customer Review

I just received my treadmill a week ago. Its so easy to set up and the manual is straight forward. Its very sturdy and set well on the floor. Im 5ft4″ so the running space is perfect for me. If your looking for a nice strong treadmill, this is the way to go.

The reviews say this is the best treadmill in the $800 range. I have had it for about 5 months now and I am getting more and more frustrated with it. If you are planning to use this machine to run daily do NOT buy this one. The belt is not wide and long enough to comfortably run on it. I would say only if you are walking or not running very often on it, you may be okay with this product and not experience the problems that I am having. And if you are looking for a walking treadmill you can find a cheaper one. This is not worth the money I paid for.

I did extensive research on treadmills including funcationality and features before deciding on this model.

It was rated pretty high for a mid range (price and function).

I see only 3 drawbacks so far with this model so far:

1. You’re plugging along at 3.5mph in manual mode and for some reason the speed slows down but the machine is still registering at 3.5 mph. I expect this while in one of the programs as the machine is designed to due but not in manual mode.
2. You cannot scroll to see your progress like the models at the gym; you just wait patiently until it comes around on the display.
3. You cannot get an accurate heart rate while walking/running by grabbing the hand rails. You must step on the side bars to measure accurately while wasting a minute or so of your workout.

Overall it’s a good machine; comfortable, just big enough, and effective, but it’s hard getting used to if you’ve grown accustomed to the models at the gym.

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